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Old Speckled Hen November 12, 2005

Andrew Long - 3:53 EST

I SUPPOSE NAMING MY COLUMN FOR A BOTTLE OF BEER isn't exactly the classiest way I could go, but hey - I could have called it Molson Export, and that would simply never do, on account of drinking Molson Ex is rather similar to drinking antifreeze, and with none of the benefits found therein.

In any event, rest assured, I am not drunk; merely paying homage to a delightful brand name. And if you can't pay homage to delightful brand names, well, then how will you ever have the courage to welcome brave corporate logos into your life?

In related news, be sure to check my livejournal if you wish to see a delightful bit of bad scriptwriting.

JD... No, not the old host

Hey Cast,

So I just looked at the new FFXII photos you guys put up. In the first one listed it shows a selection screen with Wait and Active mode. Normal, normal. What caught my eye, was that the modes each had characters assigned to them and special titles that I'm assuming are locations. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but is FFXII planning on having to playable storylines? I hadn't heard about such a thing, but I suppose S-E could do something similar to Star Ocean 2.

-- Kalledon --


I'm not quite sure what you mean; however, I did read an article earlier today over at 1-UP, which seems to surmise that the game employs a mission-style setup, akin to FFT or FFX-2. I guess that sort of makes sense when you consider FFXII is set in the FFT world, and that Development Division 4 is familiar with such things. Even so, I can't help but be very, very afraid. Whatever the case, you'll have your chance to find out when DQVIII ships early next week, so you won't have to hold your breath for too long.

Personally, the preview they posted does not make me happy at all. I'll likely buy FFXII, but I am not really looking forward to it very much.

To who?

To Sensei.

I guess my hardcore moments are the fact that i've managed to sit through all 4 Silent Hills, maybe screamed, but still sat through it.

To more serious hardcore moments, beating the Giant Slime at the bottom of the Ancient Dungeon in Lufia 2 comes to mind. Compltely passing all 4 MarioKarts in one weekend from the start is another one, oh and actually managing to pass Ephemeral Fantasia is the final, without any help.

Lastly I guess a question.

Since the new DS Pokemon game is going to contain new pokemon, are these pokemon going to be able to be transfered to the new gamecube pokemon game coming out soon.

Anywho thanks.


Hmm. Well, your feats of strength are all entirely alien to me, but I guess you deserve some kudos, even if the MarioKart one doesn't sound too too difficult to me. Now, your Pokémon query. I'm not quite sure which GC title you refer to, as the only recent Pokémon for the 'Cube was XD, which is a full-scale RPG. While it has over 400 Pokémon to choose from, it does not boast any connectivity with the DS games, since as far as I am aware, the DS does not boast any connectivity with the GC.

What has been said about Pokémon Diamond/Pearl is that the games will have data transfer capabilities with certain GBA titles, so it is there that you may be able to find the trades you are so dearly looking for.

Stealing, stealing, since no one wrote to me

Hi Matt

Dragon Quest 8 is a must have for me,Thank you for telling me about the game. I have just buy Dragon warrior 7 yesterday.and it is a good game. So I just wanted ask if Dragon warrior 7 is a long game or short

By:Ragnar Mørkøre


Ah, Ragnar, I fear you are in for a nasty shock. While DQVIII looks fairly awesome, I fear VII is a different creature entirely. DQVII has unfortunate pacing, to say the least; it requires you to unveil the world map piece by piece, a process that is continuously intercut with annoying stretches where you putter around in your little fishing village, doing jack-all for 20 or 30 minutes. I assume it gets better after a while, but regrettably, I lost interest quite early on, so I can't really say from personal experience how long the game is. I can, however, say that from what I heard, you're looking at something in the neighbourhood of at least 100 hours, so don't make any large wagers on finishing it before you pick up VIII.

Ah, the joys of crappy manufacture

I have never done this so if these are the wrong kinds of questions sorry. I own X-men legends 2 and I have a brand new copy, but its my 3rd one. When I play the game it freezes in the exact same part of the game and there is no way around it. Do you know why this could happen? Also it will do it on two different PS2s. It gets me and my roomate pissed off and just looking for some help. Thanks Bud


Hmm. I did some rooting around over at the GameFAQs message board, and there are a couple of threads on such glitchery. Most of these glitches seem to involve items, so you should read this and related threads to see if any of the suggested remedies there work. Sadly, it appears that this game does have its share of problems, so while nobody I know has suffered from them, you might just be out of luck if it continues to happen.

You might also consider bringing it back to where you bought it and checking to see if the same problem occurs on their hardware. I know you've tried another PS2, but if the spot in the game is fairly early on, if they check another copy of the disc that hasn't been in your PS2, perhaps you can determine whether or not it's your unit that's doing the damage, as was the case once with my Xbox and Panzer Dragoon Orta (poor Blockbuster... I helped them to that massive loss they took by destroying three copies of that game.)

Unfit for Print

how do u get all the chips for the blizzerd part


Did somebody spill moron all over my inbox while I wasn't looking? I suppose I shouldn't overuse this, but...

Slightly reheated letterage

So there’s gonna be 3 versions of FFIV now: the FF2 SNES version, the FF4 PSX version, and now FF4 Advance. (Hey, that means I’ll own every version released in America! Cool!) And they’ll all have a different translation, apparently. As much as you don’t want them to let go of the Virus sound, there is also ONE THING that they should save from FF2 and FF4PSX:


I will be so disappointed if they don’t keep this line in. And I’m sure plenty others will be, too. Please, just like when FF4PSX was released, get confirmation or SOMETHING that Tellah is going to give Edward (Gilbert?) the tongue lashing he deserves.

Believe me, if I had any means of doing so, I would. I doubt they'd do up a whole new translation, though; besides, Square Enix USA prolly knows its readers tastes well enough not to mess with tradition, and if there's anything traditional or classic, shall we say, about RPGs, that line is it.

I wonder if they’ll be doing a new translation of FF6, and if they’ll be using the original names (Terra – Tina; Cyan – Cayenne; Sabin – Mash) as well. Oh well, we’ll find out in ’06. I don’t remember if it was you or Matt that brought this up, but I’ll be ticked if they don’t use Kefka’s laugh. (Which also begs the question: What the HELL is his character portrait going to look like?!)

Anyway, here’s to you, Mr. Castomel.

Bucket (Hey, doesn’t Phoenix Wright count as an RPG?!)


I forget who it was that brought it up too, but we both agree upon that point, so I don't suppose it matters. I would really rather they kept the translated names, to be honest; I'm used to them at this point, and even if they did give Cyan a last name based upon a MS Word font, I still see no reason to make changes. Only elitist wanks name characters junk like "Tina" and "Aerith."

q u i c k i e s

hi Can you tell me all you know about grandia3.

ANDREW:While I am loathe to turn away new writers, I must suggest that you RTFGP. I'll leave you to sort out that acronym while providing you with a handy link to do so.

There we are, backlog purged. That means I need new letters, so... Hmm. Guess I need a new topic. While I extend my usual Sunday free-for-all offer, I will also provide the following topic for your rumination: FFXII! I am worried! Are you? Is there anything you can possibly say to set my mind at ease? I crave consolation!
Andrew Long smells the taint of tri-Ace, he does.

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