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Mule October 22, 2005

Andrew Long - 3:12 EST

HEE HEE HEE... Mule.

Anglo or not I would appreciate not being referred to as "cowgirl" anytime soon

Yo Andrew!

Me again this time with not much of a question buy yah still ranting...

No not really, I recently bougth BOF dragon quarter and since you talk about it so much i decided yah where the one to ask for some tips on the game.

1. How does exactly works the SOL sistem? i cant get the hang of it...

There are a couple things you should remember about SOL. One, if your D-Counter gets too high, you should make a beeline back to town, jam all your weapons in a locker and whatever you do, don't use that group experience. Then restart. Two, upon restarting, you should have access to more plot events, as your D-Ranking will presumably have increased.

2. And that give up thing... I restarted the game several times coz I didnt knew too much about it... I tried it and Im wondering exactly whats de use of it besides being able to save the game?

See above.

3. Any advice a sensei in Dragon Quartering as yourself would like to share?

Yeah, never ever use the Dragon abilities until the final boss. Before that you should just save up your attacks and then lash out when your AP counter is at max.


What do you think about all those fan translated games on the net I can think that maybe a game like the translation of front mission might be worth to play the game(yes tru piracy) but what about the Shin Megami Tensei games could they be that good?

"El Cruz"
As always forgive my engrish in not an anglo.


What, you don't like Atlus's job? Tomm Hulett will be most unamused, as will I, since Atlus usually does a pretty bang-up job when localizing stuff. In the event you are referring to unlocalized SMTs, well, I cannot in good conscience offer an opinion since piracy is BAD. But in theory I suppose anything could be good!

Oh, you poor aussies

Hey Andrew

Those FF III screens just about make buying the DS worthwhile, its a pity i'll have to wait another half a year after its North American release to play it. Anyway school as just finished, without a muck up day due to legalalities (Although a fire was started in a locker) and I need somthing to help break up the long hours of study for the big exam's. Remember I live in PAL land. Is there a releases date for RPG Maker in the PAL region? Finally what was your opinion, if you have one, of these games. Ephemeral Fantasia, Dark Cloud, Lufia 1, FF 5, Suduki, and Secret of Mana (my very first RPG).

P.S. Australian Rules Football is the greatest football sport in the world!


Well, let's see... RPGMaker 3 is regrettably not slated for any sort of PAL release at this point, so it looks as though you'll have to import that along with your NDS. On the upside, I have many and varied opinions to offer on the games you have listed.. Except for EF, DC, Lufia, and Sudeki. So really, I have two opinions to offer, and while they are varied, it's not at all as exciting as that word may otherwise imply. Nevertheless, opinions they are and so I shall now divulge them. Now. FF V is mediocre and gets really boring the third time through the exact same world map, even if they do mix up the landmarks some. It's the logical stepping stone between FFIV and FFVI, right enough, but it's not really anything I have any interest in replaying. The Job System is done better in FFT, and the submarinering in both Kefka's words and FFVII.

Secret of Mana, meanwhile, is a most excellent game. I wholeheartedly enjoy it.

P.S. - Lies! Hockey is ALL! Also, I was reading an article today going over the scientific basis for the munchies, an article written in Australia. When blitzed in Australia, are you in fact required to go through two packets of Tim Tams, three packets of Twisties and a litre of iced coffee? Because were I in your shoes, I would dissolve with laughter trying to read that sentence out before I ever managed to succumb to ravenous drug-induced hunger.

Aww.. sympathy <3

Aww, I haven't seen FFVII:AC either. I find downloading large files like that impossible what with my 56k POS that cuts out every 5 hours or so.

So far Squeenix has FFVII A (Advent Children) B (Before Crisis) C (Crisis Core) and D (Dirge of Cerebus). Can't you just see them milking it for all 26 letters of the alphabet?



I applaud your inability to download!

Now, the Squeenix question: I could, though I imagine they'd have rather more difficulty with letters like X and Q... Still, I suppose Final Fantasy VII: Xylophone Crusade isn't out of the question entirely, since Square Enix has shown a remarkable propensity for milking the FF name for cashues.

Indignant replierance


First, in reply to your comment on Friday no I did not steal Advent Children. There is this thing called importing and it makes magical things fly across the ocean and into the hands of deprived people in jolly old blighty. But anyway...

Bah, fine. I guess it's conceivable. But I've got my eye on you, mister, and if you slip up even once... WHAMMO! Right in the kisser!

This random threat has been brought to you by the letter 7.

Concerning Final Fantasy III, the new images are indeed beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I mighty just buy a DS. However, my concern is time. Square isn't exactly known for making games quickly. I mean, look at Final Fantasy XII. Unlike the other ports, they're completely re-vamping the game. How long is it going to take them to release it? And how many games can they make a one time? You start to wonder how stressed their staff must be...

~El Webmonkey.
P.S. Do you like chocolate milk?


The thing with FFIIIDS is, it's already taken them forever and a half. The remake was first announced back in 2001, when it was slated to appear on the WSC. In the end, though, that particular scheme was scrapped for a GBA redo, and then that went by the wayside when S-E decided to go 3D. The upshot of this all is, they've probably had the script, music, and mechanics in place for quite some time, and so I doubt that there's all that much time remaining before release (although I suppose the art could conceivably take a while; FFIII was pretty extensive for an NES game.)

In any event, Yes. I do like chocolate milk, though not nearly so much as I should by all rights.

Unfit for Print

Where are you exuming those quotes in your header from?



Well, Tical, our story starts in 1925, when Sir Evan Chillwater the 3rd was expeditioning in the Sahara. He came across a lowly tomb, which contained a mysterious treasure trove of mystical sayings. Puzzled by these quips, which ranged from "You spoony bard!" to "Ones without the triforce can't get past.", Chillwater endeavoured to return them to Britain, but was mauled by a ravening pack of feral hamsters, as was the style at the time.

Fast forward to World War II, and a young pilot named Billy Watkins, under attack by Rommel's fierce Desert Snipers, crashlands in the desert. Stumbling upon the remains of Chillwater's eviscerated encampment, he retrieved the treasure trove of quotes and staggered his way through the desert, sneaking past Nazi encampments disguised as a tiger.

From there he flew to Switzerland, where he deposited the quotes in a Swiss bank account, but upon marrying a Japanese girl who was only in it for his money, he lost the quotes and was some years later marooned near Fiji and died there. The quotes, thus in possession of the Japanese girl, were where they needed to be for inclusion in the video games of today, and when she gave birth to her son, Hironobu Sakaguchi, the cycle was complete.

Or maybe we just pull them from games, you putz.


And that, my friends, was today. For tomorrow, I leave the topic open to you, but I advise that you write about something, unlike the last time I did this. Everything will be printed, in any event, and as a special bonus offer, I resolve to be friendly no matter what you say! What could be next? A fabulous prize*? Only time will tell!
Andrew Long is ever so mysterious!

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*Prize is not fabulous


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