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Oh reedars you are soooo dum! October 15, 2005

aolhax0r84 - 12:1222 EST

U had UR chances btain geniuses and now that chances are past! I, Aolhax0r 84 hasve returned to hax this column because ANDREW could not be bothered to come by because non you of could right letters or something. It's matters not - the omporntant think is that i am the le33t st hax0r that hsas evar haxed and so it is ti e for me once again tio hack tohis calumn. NOW, you may hotuice a few things; first of all, I have mayn spaces in my typins coz whe nI bought this keyb0ard the spacebar decided to get smacked into the side of the buodling as I was running from the computar store.

YOU would think that a keybodr would be more duerable, but surrpisngly, no! MY spacembart is no plonger working write so I have too watch out for spaces be cause they cree pup at the most weird and anno0yign moments! THERE'S ONE NOW! Can u imagine how annoying that gets with porn? IT IS A TRAVESTY OF KEYBOARDING.

SO, my little chickandees, what shall I hax today? I think I shall answer teh some questoins you eid send, and then hopes that ther ewill be more for tomorrow. SO LET US GO!

PS Capslock is an excellent trickery for the capitlizang fo worsd, and it will make any dialogue sound immediately better, leik when ottars yell at each oither. THANK YOU FOR YOURE TEEcHINGS OTTERLANDSAMA!

WJAT LOMD Dear Home Owner, After culmination of the review we are keen to give to you what follows, Your existing mortgage meets the criteria to get more than a 3.2 lessened tariff! ------------------------------------------------------------------ !! U.S MORTGAGE RATES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER !! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hundreds of thousands of home owners have re-financed this month alone! So why not you? Go HERE to make that change. If you prefer to be left out of this one-time offer go here.Dear Home Owner, After culmination of the review we are keen to give to you what follows, Your existing mortgage meets the criteria to get more than a 3.2 lessened tariff! ------------------------------------------------------------------ !! U.S MORTGAGE RATES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER !! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hundreds of thousands of home owners have re-financed this month alone! So why not you? Go HERE to make that change. If you prefer to be left out of this one-time offer go here Umm I think i hit cpoy 2 many times ^^;:::::;;

Dear Home Owner,

er culmination of the review we are keen to give to you what follows, Your existing mortgage meets the criteria to get more than a 3.2 lessened tariff!


dreds of thousands of home owners have re-financed this month alone! So why not you? Go HERE to make that change. If you prefer to be left out of this one-time offer go here.


I PREFER FOUR CERTAIN TO BE LEFT OUT OF YOURE STUPID OFFER so u can go lscuk on a lemon you assmonkeys.

hehe ass monkeys..

Hi Andrew (Did i get it right?)

NO you did not. My naem is Steven Kalon and I live at 14 Seventeenth Line, New Caladonia. no postal code for u though cuz I haev to be street smatr.

After a sudden splurge (where I picked up Civ 2, Settler's 2 and Sim City 2000 for under $20.00 Australian, Settler's 5 for less then $80 and series 2 and 3 of Family Guy), I felt dissapointed that there were no rpg's out that I really wanted to buy. Apart from Pokemon XD which is coming out in November what are the outlooks for rpg's in the PAL region. By the way I'll state here that I liked FFIX better then FFVIII but have only passed FFVIII. Is it likely that games such as Lufia 2 and Terranigma will be available on the New Revolution, 'cause I know that certain companies would be unhappy to say the least of there gamesn being used as such, and some of theses companies are now no more.

Hey PAL(haha) it Appaers you haev bin shut out in THRE sistems like the NIntendo DS, whihc I find to my liking because I am nntt in EUROPE where ppl cannot get games that are any godo. U may also ot find any Gamecube or Xbox titles upcoming, so LOL! BUT! They're is Hope. If U have a PS2, than you will see for gaumes: Maiaki Kingomd, which may or may bot be about Lajaral, my favoerit caharacter i nany game evar who I WNAT TO BE LIEK( Ilove you laharal <3) and Dragon Questoin VIII, which is about silimes (did you see this sites SLIME PARAED from E3? It was OF DA HOOK!) and then some other crap gaems but there is also a TALES game for the GbA . U should Get the Micor oif you know what's good fur you. Im gonna get a l336t shawun Desomnd faceplate with him smiling .

POH i forget that u asked about the revolutoin so I an coming from teh bottom of teh column to answar you. I thik that anything taht had a translatin from the SNES days will maek it becauz nIntendo had a pretty tigt control on Publishing, whic h from hwat I her makes it pretty hard to goa aginst thier wishes wich I thikn would be to cash in.

P.S. Play Terranigma, it is technically the sequal to Soul Blazer but since i've played both Terranigma is defintly far superior. It's an action RPG system with a great create the world story (meeting Columbus in Bloody Mary of Spain's castle is pretty cool, as is helping to event electricity, telephone and Mc Donald's), and there are plenty of twists, weapons memorable boss's and such. I HIGHLY recommend it!


Bye Andy.


MY NAEM IS NOT ANDY SO DIE ! Hm m m Ther goes teh spaec bar again . It's out of contorl. Also mr. smraty pants, How do you event a mCdolnads? I tried to get into one this oen time biut becuz i;d been smoking outside they though I was a NEgative Infleunce and threatened to call the pareking Lot security if I didnt leafe so I had to leaev but I showed them I wnet back and spit on their DRIVE THUR window which must have ben bad for clenaing off. In teh end I wont be goin back to that McDonaeld's again.


CAn u say COntorversy?

Whoa, turned out Megaman Legend topic stirred some discussion... so, i think it's not fun for the NPC who started the topic didn't return and finish his doing [heheh]....

well, i have to say, i agree with some of your opinion [or was it the official definition?]. If we want to categorize a Role Playing Game (RPG).. we might ended up in a brutal bloodbath of discussion, debates, and romantic-candlelights-dinner [what the...]. Okay, enough with the intro.

HEY! ud better not be comieng on to me because I dont go in for theta. WHERE DOES THE BIBEL SAY ADAM AND STEVE

What makes an RPG an RPG? --> if we stick to the precise abbreviation, it would cause a problem. Okay, maybe in the early days in RPG, people didn't give a damn about storyline in action games.. they just build levels and bosses waiting their asses to be kicked. And suddenly, out of nowhere, the first RPG borned (can anyone tell me what was it?) gives a new approach to play a game... you can't just smash your joypad rapidly if you want to beat the boss. you have to sit down, think, and plan... you have to experience the story, you can't just go to point A-B and mission accomplished. You had to converse, search, and battle to get something (eventhough it was silly and insignificant goal.. but you can't progress the story).. that's why the title of Role Playing Game was given.. you are dictated by the storyline and its grandscheme...

how you're being dictated?, my guess are: by building status and by the currecies (money or anything to make you grow stronger).

I am beign dictated by the guideance counselor who feels I haev A good future ahead of me in Woodworking. I can then becaome a cabinet makar in the Skalr Peppler Plant whic hosunds kind of liek that Spell strago has in Final Fnatasty VI whear he die and every one in the party gets Healed. any Way, tehn I can say "haha sory buckaroo 4-7 weeks ."

That's why you can never feel enough when playing RPG... there's always needs to advance the story and find out what happens next.. those elements sometimes lacked in contemporary RPG.

Anyway, back to RPG category.... i thinks it's too naive in these days if we try to categoryze RPG.. we'll have ****(insert genre)-RPG hybrids.. maybe in couple years in the future, we'll have simulation-RPG or racing-RPG.. we just have Space Shooting-RPG, right? it's a brand new chapter in RPG. with the technology, developer have more and more access to enrich their game with storytelling. That's why now we can't diferentiate which one is the traditional RPG and which one is the modern RPG.

HEY you no whut whato uld maek a good RPG game? A cansino RPG where u level up by beating teh system. Then yu could ahve moevs liek "TWENTY ONE, BLAKCJOHN" and thro cards at teh dealer and Win.

As for Megaman Legend, I still considered it an RPG because i was mesmerized by the gameplay (at that time) that enables me to roam freely, return to previously-visited-dungeon hoping to accumulate enough money to make me stronger, and interact with NPC's.... It makes me feel that I AM Megaman... that's the point.. I Took Role As Megaman and follow the story as he unfold his mysterious past.... at least in my imagination..

So, one advice to, prepare a lot of space in your site because the category will broadens.... maybe in the future you'll have to recruit more staff to fill th QnA [in my humble opinion heheh]

Un Cordial Saludo


Umm I hardely have even eingouh eletters for ONe eprson so I dont think Ill ned a ny more for now.

Jeremy? I wounder if it is teh Duek of Ottarland?

Hi there!

Just a few thoughts towards the "RPGness" of a given title. I think one line in your answers yesterday was pretty intriguing and perhaps why hammering a one word label on a game isn't always an easy thing. "Non-real-time fighting? Please.. -maybe 10 years ago-"

I wiel haev u kno that I didnt do that particuler coloumn so you can stop with ur secrets and LIES!

We've come a long way in the last 10 years. I don't know exactly how many companies out there make RPGs, but I'm willing to bet it's a lot higher than 10 years ago. This increases the number of titles being produced. There are clones out there but generally each one brings at least a little something different than other games available. So, with the sheer number of games out there it's natural for some of them to have RPG staple A but doesn't have B. I guess I'm just trying to say the more you have of something, the harder it is catagorize it into yes/no piles, especially when these things vary as much as RPGs do.

I kno! Yesx and no piles are teh bane of my exitsance beczuse I envar have time to do my hoemwork so I maek two piels and pslit it in to Yes And no because some of my teachors know that I need extra tiem so I can get it I f i ask DAMMIT I HATE YOU SPAEC BAR!

Really, the same kind of thing happens in other mediums too. How many bands out there get lazilly (sp?) slapped with the 'rock' label. Rock bands don't all have the same characteristics. Comedy movies? Depending on who you ask, that's anything from slapstick to a romantic comedy. Do all movies with humor get the 'comedy' label?

Well relly I mean ur always going to haev ppl who arent into somtghing calling it soemthing else. Look at Dance Music - Every one calls it Techno when in fact what peopl call Techno is liek seventeen differente genres with NOTICEABLe disticntcions. But. Coemady is not all joekses and laughing - if u wer to taek Shakespear it would be a play where Not everyone DIES at thie end. whereas Tragedy is everything else. I learned that from Mistar Anderson my Tenth Graed teachar who I thikn lieks to smoke pot and listen to Pink Floyd whihch is kidn of cool if yo uask me sicn e other Englsi hteachers at my school Are more knowne for forced smiels and faileurs to graduate from High school *Not that I can talk!ROFLLFOL! ..Becuaz I an only 17 stupides. 1984 Is the year that my broether was boren abnd I haxed his avcocount to get here. Or mayb e I am George Orwell! HAHAHAH! spookies isnt' it but hell beat me up if he finds out so SHH)

Well I'm starting to get a little less focused here, so I guess I should ask a question and be on my way. When games offer you bonus dungeons and bosses, do you put the time in to complete these? Or do you just forget it and move on to something else? Many games out there give you incentive to keep playing after you've won - Disgaea, Chrono Trigger and Fire Emblem are just a couple examples. How thoroughly do you 'complete' your games?


WROGN TOUGH GUY the answer is FLASE!

12)a (LOL)

RFOL that is sooo ofunyn !


I liek to get all teh way doen because then I can laugh at my brother whose name for youre informaiton is Tyler becauz he always jnust rushes through. Now,. it all depends on teh gaem, off course. i would nevar bother to get extra carp in games liek Final Fnatasy IXXI becauz it is to boring. BUt my mom always said that I shoud finish wat I start so usully I will get everyting including in crap gaems liek Onimusha Tactics. what is with taht game any way? It has like all the battels oin a row and then the story is stupidar then stupid. I wanted to throw my GBS itno the Laek btu then I reembembverd I had some othar games to play so I didnt but byo would it have maed a good splash but money is precious

ACk my eyes! U maed them bleed....... UNFit for PRINT

Hey man I dont know much about you but i just need to ask a question about animal Crossing for the Gamecube. OK im tryin to get the golden axe but what keeps comin up from the well is the phrase of him sayin that things fare well, by and large and i was wonderin if you could tell me what exactly i need to do.



OKay first of all do not evar use pink text on a black backrougnd again. It is bad for my eys which are baed alrday cuz I have to wear a specila eye patch wich would make me look like a parite but its flesh colred so insted I look like a dork. LAZY EYE? I haev no lazy ieye I have a lazy optomatrist and I totly watn to get rid of this tnhing , or at least colour it LACK!


So anyway, Anderw will come baeck tomorrow and I haev had fun hax9ng this colum. I hoep u liekd it and untl next time, I remain the 13373$7 of tehm ALL!
Andrew Long will return.

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