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Mmm.. Big Bear Meat October 1, 2005

Andrew Long - 19:30 EST

YOU KNOW, they never tell you about stuff like this when you play World of Warcraft. Sure, they let you get your big bear meats and stringy wolf meats and crisp spider meats, but they never tell you about the serious health hazards involved in their consumption. I for one think that Blizzard should be taken to account for this travesty of a situation and be made to make the public aware of the risks involved in eating these many wild meats.

Also, would it kill you guys to send the odd letter now and again? I could talk to myself, but I trust you will find it to be more frightening than particularly readable.


Good to have you back Andrew

I'm personally psyched that "Seiken Densetsu" is coming back, and on the DS no less. That would be great for multiplayer functionality. Since it already has the subtitle "Children of Mana," I assume that an American release is likely, no? Next, I think you forgot to include Mistwalker in the list of companies comprised of ex-Square employees (or is there a reason that it doesn't count?). Now for the questions. Including its upcoming release on GBA, how many versions are there of "Final Fantasy IV", and which one is the best one? Also, I've been thinking about "Animal Crossing: Wild World" lately, about how it will let you live in your own house in online towns and communities and interact with other players (you can even "type" on the touch screen), NPC's, and perform missions and favors. I wonder, could it be considered an MMORPG, kind of like "Second Life" and "There"? I know it doesn't have monster slaying and dungeon crawling, and its player housing probably won't be at the scale of a PC MMORPG, yet it still makes me wonder. Could this game be the step in the right direction for a company to create a true MMORPG for the DS? They can use the same technology that powers "Animal Crossing: Wild World" and create gameplay that is more like that of an MMORPG, complete with owning property, fighting monsters, grouping up, collecting loot, creating items, communicating by "typing", getting and completeing missions, leveling up, exploring the world and all that good stuff. Do you think this is feasible, or am I just thinking too much about it?



Okay, rather than chopping your letter into little pieces, I shall answer in sequence, so to cases: a subtitle does not necessarily a localization make. While it may sound perfectly lovely in English, it probably doesn't sound half bad in Japanese, either. Next, I did indeed forget, and for that I must apologize, for it's a pretty obvious one to think of, in retrospect. Onto the first of your questions: to the best of my knowledge, there have been a total of four versions announced, for the SNES, PSX, WSC, and now GBA, respectively. As to which is the best, well... I haven't played either the third or the fourth, and PSX ports of SNES games tend to add irritations like load times, so if you ask me, you're best off sticking with the original cool. I suppose Animal Crossing: WW could theoretically be considered as such but for the purposes of this site, no, no it isn't. As for whether it's a good idea, I'm sure it would be possible to make an entertaining game of it, but wouldn't that be straying a bit from what made the original Animal Crossing so enjoyable? I mean, you'd be effectively changing the entire focus of the series.

Damn straight not Andy

Hey Andrew (not andy)

Why do you think Chrono Trigger is so great? I set a task upon one of my friends to beat it, and he absolutely loved it, and he's NOT an rpg fan by any means. I know why I love it, the characters and the music are amazing...but I think for me it could be nostalgia. I played it for 4 years and it was the first game I was totally obsessed with.

As long as we're asking whys, why the hell won't Square-Enix make a third chrono? I've asked you this I think every time I send in a question, but I like hearing your answers



Why is it great? Because of everything about it. The story, the graphics (for their time), the music, the gameplay... it is very rare in the RPG world that you see a game so complete, but CT is one of them. As long as we're talking about it, I think it's pretty obvious that they must have had some planning done in that direction and then abandoned those plans, either for reasons unknown or because what they had really wasn't the basis for a good game. In retrospect, for instance, I would rather CC had never been made.

Price check on prune juice, Bob

Hey Cast, My advice to a fellow Canadian re: sore throat in progress is to drink a bottle of Buckley's original throughout the course of the day. Maybe its just a placebo effect, but I find when I have the first inklings of a throat problem coming on, it does wonders. And I don't mind the taste at all, being a bigger fan of minty things than banana or bitter cherry ones.

A'ight then. Here's my Q's, all separate but decidedly related. Given past history in the "console wars" do you foresee a holiday price drop on the PSP, DS or both? I'd like to pick one up, but I feel as though one may be coming in time for holiday cheer. In conjunction with this, would it be even more worth my while to wait till like Jan.-Feb. for more games, and if so, which games? I'm a bit more interested in a PSP, but the DS seems to have a more rapidly expanding RPG library.

Also, on a side note, your sig pic reminds me of something you might see on a mushroom trip. Ahhh, mushroom trips....



Thanks for the advice, ndhl. Fortunately, my throat problems bloomed into half a cold and some serious aches and pains, leading me to believe that there are too many damned sick people in Toronto.

As to the matter of console wars, the DS has already seen its price drop, and that move came strictly as a means of putting the screws to Sony. As such, I don't think they'd hack another $50 off the price just yet, although I'm sure it'll get there by next year. The PSP, meanwhile, would certainly benefit in terms of sales from such a drop, but whether or not Sony will commit to it is another thing entirely; it's not as though its sales are exactly hurting. So yes, wait it out, much as I am likely to ask for a PSP for Christmas ^^

Finally, you may be interested to know that while I am uncertain of the status of the pic in my signature, some of its sister brothers and pictures, were in fact the results of one of those little trips you mentioned; however, I now refrain from that particular substance after a truly unpleasant experience in which, convinced that I neither wanted to be doing something or doing nothing (and for the rest of my life, no less, underscoring how deleterious an effect psilocybin has on quantum perception) I decided that the only way to escape this imaginary and terrifying conundrum was to run from my house about 2 kilometres to the waterfront, and then halfway back. No, it wasn't safe, pleasant or particularly good exercise; my eyes teared up from the icy cold wind. Fortunately, a one-legged Jamaican man brought me out of it with his random kindness, which I managed to purchase for the low price of a dollar. The walk home was considerably more enjoyable thereafter, and I stayed up till five watching Barton Fink in my friend's room, which despite being in the basement was easily the coziest in the house. For the uninitiated, in that circumstance, cozy is a very good thing. In conclusion, never again, even if ordered.

Oooold letters, smokes and beer, if you're 14 you can find them here

It is truly great that you finally got back. I've missed seeing the creative methods of offing Jack Thompson. Truly, I have. So in celebration I'm giving you a question. Because you can never have enough questions!

Nope, although I find it remarkably easy to have too few. JERKS!

Basically, I really have to wonder about Sony's decision to delay the release of Advent Children in North America. Are they nuts or something? Because personally, I'd prefer to cash in on nostalgia and rabid fandom now as opposed to later, especially if I had just gone through a succession of fiscal quarters in the red. Please say they are not delaying it so that they can hire some two-bit actor to do a cringe-worthy voiceover. Yes, there is a certain satisfaction from hearing something in English, but having to read subtitles would undoubtedly be offset by the comfort that they tend to hire real actors for this kind of stuff in Japan. But yeah. Why?
And because you said you missed multi-part questions, I'll throw in a second question, free of charge! What are your thoughts on the Revolution? Certainly, it's different, and the reactions from those who have actually used it seems to fairly good. Still, it just looks so awkward.

P.S.- As for my favorite battle music, while I'd like to give the nod to something from FF7, I'm afraid it would simply be nostalgia speaking. Instead, I give the nod to the final boss music from Ocarina of Time. It just screamed "This is the final boss."


Yeah, I'd personally rather see subtitles, although that does preclude the possibility of having Mr. T voice the part of Mr. T, I mean, Barret. Dubs are almost never good, especially for straight-to-DVD releases, and in this case, letting it wait has resulted in it leaking to the internet, which will doubtless cost the company thousands of dollars in lost revenue (although I suppose you could make the argument that it will also provide advertising of sorts).

As for the Revolution, I was highly skeptical at E3, seeing as how Nintendo didn't actually show us anything real, but since then I have grown fonder of the Revolution, since for one thing it ensures the Phantom will never ever succeed(not that the Phantom needed the Revolution to do that, but one more nail in the coffin never hurts!) The controller, while it looks weird, also sounds like it's actually quite well-designed, which would be a welcome change from the finger-cramping GC model that was forever limiting the amount of time I could play GC games without growing irritated. As such, I am cautiously optimistic.

Unfit for Print

i cant find the tomb that teaches fayt inferial light. and im stuck at gabrial in the maze of tribulations. i cant beat him.


That's super, Ryan! You keep right at it, sport, and some day you'll be able to play with all the big boys! Isn't he adorable, folks?


Soah, in case you didn't notice the last two times I said it, SEND ME SOME BLASTED LETTERS YOU LAZYBONES! That is all.
Andrew Long is a caterpillar in your buttermilk.

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