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Andrew Long - December 17, 2004 -00:45 EST(Eastern Standard Time)

IT IS PROBABLY A BAD SIGN that I involuntarily clicked upon the World of Warcraft icon on my desktop while steeling myself to avoid World of Warcraft for the next few hours, and an even worse one that to further distract myself, I went in search of the AYB video for no apparent reason, but I suppose whatever it takes is worthwhile, especially since the nostalgia has now worn off and I properly hate that song once again.

Today, it seems, is the day of people taking issue with my vague, half-formed opinions, and as such, I will leave you with this, a vague, half-formed introduction. Incidentally, there is nothing quite so fine as rolling a bunch of crud into a giant ball and having it thrown into space. However, I yearn for more levels.


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The kupomogli LJ

Mommy, Where Do Chocobos Come From?

Are you kidding? Of course it is!

I don't remember anyone mentioning this, but "I am interested in this." is what Alucard says to the Librarian in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

I can almost hear the annoying "Thank you!" of the Librarian in response.
R. Bemrose

Well, since Jake seems to have randomly posted this particular quote after Zach's was guessed eight zillion times, I have no official idea of where it came from, but operating on the theory that it sounds right (especially the librarian bit), I will present you with this pound sign as a deposit on your tilde: #

Bucket Mouse: endlessly amusing me with name alone for one year and counting

Chrono Crusade is an anime series by GONZO (who did Full Metal Panic and Blue Submarine No. 6.) Its original title was "Chrno Crusade" (pronounced the same as Chrono) but ADV released it with the better looking name Chrono. It deals with Satanists and demon summoning in 1920's America. (And there's a spoof of Dragon Warrior in one episode.)

Hee. Thanks for sharing, Bucket Mouse.

One quick question before I sign off: Is it a definite that America's getting Harvest Moon: FoMT For Girls?

Bucket Mouse

I certainly hope so, because it's been a long twelve years since Chess For Girls was released, and the girls of America need a pinkified version of something to keep them busy, because my sources tell me they "just wanna have fun." At any rate, the expected release date is, from what I gather, next month, so you won't have long to wait.

Spines, and their tinglydingling

Which RPG ever released had the best plot twist in your opinion?

The trouble with RPG plot twists is that you can generally see them coming from a mile away. For whatever reason, developers don't seem to be content to let us figure things out for ourselves, and as a result, the paths to shocking turns of events always seem to be littered with entirely too many bits of dark laughter or sinister music or a character who "just doesn't like that guy", where "that guy" must become evil within hours or face certain death by kittens. And of course, if Golbez has only been defeated three times, it's a sure sign there's trouble a-brewing. At any rate, for lack of a better choice, I totally didn't see the whole twist with all those decrepit churchies in FFX, and if the orphanage in FFVIII hadn't been so darned contrived, it might have qualified. Sadly, there are few other RPGs I can think of that even contain actual twists, so we're left with these dribs and drabs.

Starting rumours is fun! Especially when you spell it Canadian style!

hi first time mailer here recently final fantasy I and II have just came out for the game boy advance and roomer has it that #3 will be out for the DS. my question is, is their any thing out about #4?

Nope, not a word. Given the halfassness of the PSX remake, that would probably entail some actual work for Square Enix, and if some sort of graphical upgrade, if on the sprites if nothing else, is not attempted, then I don't even think there's much point. That's not to say that I don't love FFIV to death for its nostalgic goodness, but I just don't think its current look would translate very well to a handheld. And apparently, neither does Square Enix!


Dear whoever gets this letter,

A few weeks ago, I recall RPGamer uploading two Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movies, but the next day, they were gone. I thought that I was going crazy at first, but I had something else on my mind at the time, so I just let it go. Fast forward to Monday Dec. 13, RPGamer uploaded four FFVII:AC movies, and today, they are gone. And this time, I am sure of their existence. If you happen to know what is going on, an explanation would set my mind at ease.

The movies from a few weeks ago are still up, but the one from the 11th was never posted on our server. We linked to Square Enix's server, which you can still find from the appropriate news article, and if you can't find it there, I do believe there are several bittorrents in circulation currently that you can track down. Not that I would know anything about such things, of course.

I also noticed that RPGamer doesn't have many reviews for Xbox RPGs like Sudeki, Fable, Otogi, Arx Fatalis, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It is because the staff reviewers don't have Xboxes, or is it some other reason?

While only myself and a couple of other staff members have access to Xboxes, at least one of those games you mentioned has a review: KotOR received a favourable nod from Joseph Witham, and may have received the same from me had I not grown bored with and abandoned it.

Finally, do you think that Animal Crossing should be covered by RPGamer? It DID win the 2002 Role-Playing Game of the Year at the 2002 AIAS Awards, afterall.

Many games pick up random and erroneous RPG awards from various organizations, but you have to remember, many video game awards are handed out by people whose experience in the genre is limited to a day or two of Diablo and some Quest For Glory ten years ago, so I don't tend to take their definitions of games very seriously, and while I hear Animal Crossing is a very worthwhile game, it does not sound precisely like an RPG to me, but more like a simulation game. As the majority of my fellow senior staff members are of the same opinion, it stays out, even though several of us do own it. Basically, if we covered every game that won game of the year, Metroid, Devil May Cry, and any number of other borderline games would end up in our coverage, and we prefer to focus on the more traditional genre, which is why you won't see any Mystical Ninja Goemon on our pages either. Now, please be a nice little rabbit and don't mention the Legend of Zelda, mmmkay?

Another multiparter

Hey guys, great page, blah blah blah...

Just a few queries/ideas for the readers to ponder, mainly about Square-Enix related games etc...

1. Now that S-E has opened the door to sequels to the FF series (FFX-2, FFVII:AC) what do you think they should put on the cards next? I personally would like to see a follow up to FFVI, it is my favourite of the FF series. Imagine some of the classic parts, like the multi-party battle in the mountains of Narshe, or the Opera House scene, revisited in 3D?! Bring back Kefka!!!

There's a name for what you're talking about: the Star Wars Special Edition DVD Set. I'm perfectly happy reliving my favorite FFVI moments by replaying FFVI, and given how horrible the sequels that have been released and revealed thus far are and seem likely to be, I'd be just as happy if FFVI was quietly left to die in a nice, secluded corner somewhere. At any rate, you're not talking about a sequel, you're talking about a remake, and it's still not something I'd really want to see any more.

2. What other games in the S-E back catalogue should be getting a sequel? Give me a new Mana to play with, and I'll be a happy boy. Imagine, maybe an online game with a character development system akin to Seiken Densetsu 3? That'd be sweet!!!

Sweet like lemons... I hate Seiken Densetsu III ^^

3. How long is it going to take Namco to release the entire Xenosaga series? I just finished Episode 1, but I'm not happy considering it only took me five nights (Long nights admittedly) to complete. If Namco takes as long between Episodes 2 and 3 as they did between 1 and 2, I will be very disappointed if Episode 2 only takes a couple of weeks to finish.

When your game consists mainly of FMV, it takes a fair amount of time to produce that FMV, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Episode III. That said, I'm sure there is some overlap in the development process, and III is most likely underway already.

4. Is it just me, or is the Legacy of Kain series starting to *smurf!* anyone else? I loved Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, liked Blood Omen II and Soul Reaver II, and I mildly enjoyed Defiance, so what's next? The story doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and they are loosing touch with the original plot. If the next one doesn't end the series I'll scream (Although if it does I'll probably be disappointed that it's over). Incidentally, how does "Legacy of Kain - Redeption" sound for a final part?

OK, I'm done ranting now.

Tynny (AKA Gabbiani, The Elusive Vagrant)

It sounds like somebody has finally caught on to the horror of crappily tacked-on sequels, though how you managed to plough your way blissfully through half of S-E's library before you came to that conclusion is an impressive mystery.


Well, okay. Apparently all those letters I'd heard so much about were in a different part of the inbox, so maybe they'll turn up tomorrow. For tomorrow, I know this isn't exactly part of our site's coverage, but I'd be happy to discuss the awesomeness that is Katamari Damacy, as well as any incidental WoW queries you might have. Beyond that, it's up to your imagination. Limit wisely!
Andrew Long needs a little finesse; sometimes he needs a lot.




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