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Andrew Long - December 10, 2004 - 03:39 EST

REGRETTABLY, there is no story behind this title, other than its obvious source of origin; I just can't think of anything better to call this, so here we are. It seems that my grumbliness from yesterday has earned me some admonishings from various sources, so I guess we may as well get on with things; I'm not getting any more scolded with my delaying tactics, and heaven knows I could use a good scolding every so often. I am, after all, incorrigigigible.


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Mommy, Where Do Chocobos Come From?

Because you're FAT!

I have a question. Why, why, WHY does the internet hate me? This is the 4th videogame buying list that I have read this year. It's also the 4th one that's left off Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II. *sigh*. Why did you leave it off? Why does EVERYONE leave it off? It's fun! It's STAR WARS! It's an RPG! And it's the sequel to the 2003 game of the year! Why must everyone hate greatness?

I don't hate greatness; I just like other greatness more. KotOR 2 was originally in my top 5, but it got bumped for the Zelda II remake, because that game is my favorite NES title and a GBA version would be wicked. As to why it's not on the main list, I couldn't really tell you... I asked Zach to stick it on there, for what it's worth, but I guess he ran out of time or space.

The initiate speaks

Hi. I'm a first time writer but a semi-short term reader. I've been reading this column for (maybe?) a year, and I'd quickly just like to say that you guys are awesome. [/flattery] I've thought about writing before, but today you (Andrew) seemed especially bitter about not having new mail, so I'm giving you new mail. (Hooray!)

Here is my question: is the Hello Kitty MMORPG a sign that the world is shortly going to end? Or is it going to be The Sims with Hello Kitty ruling with an iron fist? I jest not; this is from the official site: "For example, in Hello Kitty World, Hello Kitty reigns supreme as the overseer of the land." Now I have images of giant posters of HELLO KITTY IS WATCHING YOU pasted all over cities.

So an advance thank you for reading/posting/answering my letter... if you answer my letter... if you don't I'll be sad. *sniff*

Secret of Mana series fangirl

Wow. Just... wow. You have done us all a service by bringing this shocking situation to light, and I must regrettably agree that such an MMORPG is surely a sign of bad things to come. All I get is this horrible image of that level from SSMB with a big Hello Kitty head with a frown shooting lightning bolts at everything. How unnerving!

I think it's your civic duty to write our MMORPGamer columnist and inform him of this dire situation. Hopefully he will be able to direct you to take appropriate steps. If that doesn't work, however, there's one other thing that might. You see, there was a turtle by the name of Bert, and Bert the turtle was very alert. When danger threatened him, he never got hurt, cuz he knew what to do: DUCK AND COVER!

Ah, nuts

Dear Andrew,

I sent you about Tales of Symphonia before and you replied

'The better question is, what does someone who can barely string together a sentence in English care if a version in that language is ever released? '

I understand my English ain't good.But I'll try my best this time.

Mr. Andrew is Tales Of Symphonia ever going to be released in an English version? If you have played the game who is the main protagonist?Male or female? (I don't like female heroes.FFX-2 is a let down)

Okay, so now I feel like a big jerk, cuz apparently English isn't even your first language. To clear things up, then, I understood your question just fine; I was just dancing around answering it, because you're probably not going to like my answer. Basically, the chances of said PS2 release are pretty minimal, because ToS, while it sold reasonably well on the GC, vanished pretty quickly once the big guns of summer came out to play, and if a PS2 release were going to happen, it would have already. I say this because Namco's every waking moment will be consumed by the upcoming big ball of poo that everyone loves for some reason, Xenosaga II.

It also makes pasta!

I was on IGN and came across that RPG Maker XP was coming to PS2 on the 16th in japan. Any chance we get it? also, on the site I saw a sweet picture for the game....3D and all!!!

Well, we got the last few RPGMakers, so there's a decent likelihood of this one coming over, I'd say. Bear in mind, though, that is just pure speculation, because like I always say, if we know something about a game's release, you'll see it on index before you'll see me whispering it here.

A super-clarification


According to Hiroki Kikuta's own English profile, he was one of the founders (and CEO) of Sacnoth, which created Koudelka... and presumably created the two Shadow Hearts games as well. Whether or not he did the music to Koudelka, I can't confirm.

I'm not sure if Kikuta is still at Sacnoth or not, though. There is a dead link labeled "My company" on Kikuta's official site, though.

Ah. Thanks for clearing that up, my friend.

As long as I'm writing, I might as well include this as well: Working Designs translates games. The decision to port Lunar 6 zillion times was made by Game Arts/Studio Alex, not Working Designs. Working Designs only translated 4 of the Lunars: The original Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD), Lunar: Eternal Blue (Sega CD), Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PS), and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (PS). Of those, two of them were the originals, and two of them were remakes. Lunar Legends was translated by UBISoft.

Now, I enjoyed almost all the Working Designs games that I've played. They were: Lunar, Lunar 2, Popful Mail, Alundra, and Lunar 2's remake. The only one I didn't enjoy that much was Lunar's PS remake... because of some of the plot changes instituted by Game Arts.

R. Bemrose

I know WD does translations only; I just question their choices. Certainly, I guess they were the logical choice to bring over that awful, awful remake, but I have nothing but disdain for the Lunar series in general, and don't get me started on Alundra...To be fair, though, I have heard good things about the Arc collection, and obviously, the jury can't exactly be in on Growlanser yet. Anyhow, I know there are budgetary considerations and the whole cachet of bringing over obscure games to consider, but I just really wish WD would pick... better games to translate.


Dear Casty,

I believe you were a wee bit harsh on the person asking if the PS2 port for ToS will ever be released anywhere other than Japan. I was looking forward to seeing an answer to that question, instead of me actually doing any 'work' (clicking with the mouse a few times) to check the Release Dates section or all of the news on the game. In any case, I can answer that question! I just checked, and no word of a NA of PAL or any release of ToS for the PS2 is known. As for whether it is likely there might be one in the future, I have no idea.

Have you seen the 'plot twist' in Star Ocean 3, Casty? It's probably one of the worst I have ever seen. WIthout giving anything away, all I can say is that it makes you feel like everything you have done up to that point (and everything done in the first two Star Oceans) was completely pointless. I have never been let down so badly in ANY game.

Oh, and it is just me, or are RPGs getting suckier as every year goes by? Just kidding. Hey Casty, what's worst, getting another letter talking about how RPGs are getting suckier and only care about graphics, or being called Drew-Dawg? you deserve both, you heartless fiend.

-Brendan Mesick

Oh, you'll pay... And are you sure about that? A certain game with cerulean skies and verdant turf caused me an awful lot of horrible letdown right at the end, and I can't imagine anything getting worse than that, personally. Then again, CT was one of my favorites, so there was a certain emotional attachment there.

Further clarification

Hiroki Kikuta jumped ship after Koudelka. SH's main composer was actually Yoshitaka Hirota, with Mitsuda contributing a few songs in both of SH's installments. SH:C actually had an entire slew of composers contributing to it, including Ryo Fukuda, Kenji Ito, and Tomoko Kobayashi. I wonder if any portion of the "useless information" you learn comes from the column...or

Rock on!

Thanks for sharing, Sqrfrk. I have no idea what that last bit is supposed to mean, but I assure you, I hardly ever visit


That made me smile. ^____________^
--The Irken Child fully agrees with you.

Which is partly why the Irken Child is so awesome ^_^


And that, as they say, is Saturday, and so let's see if we can't make Sunday more of the same, hmm?
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