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Beautiful Day

Andrew Long - December 3, 2004 - 3:18 EFT(Eastern FUNK Time)

TO MANY, IT IS JUST ANOTHER ORDINARY THURSDAY, but to me, it is so much more, for at last, the jerk stores who run the NHL and its player union are done playing chicken and might just get half a season out of their childish buffoonery. I know I'm probably getting my hopes up for nothing, but any hint of hockey is a-ok by me.

It never fails to amaze me how very many people purchase Final Fantasy remakes. I should admit at this point that I myself have bitten twice - once on the execrable Final Fantasy Anthology and again on the relatively shiny Final Fantasy Origins, but I will not buy that GBA compilation and I refuse to purchase FFC on the grounds that tuinte owns it and I am playing through his copy as we speak, which is really a rather specious argument when you think about it.

So really, I have no real point, other than lots of people buy Square Enix games for some reason. Also, MistWalker has finally gotten its act together and stolen Uematsu like we all knew it would. Huzzah!


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Really, he knows!

A return to the topic of Shadow run...

As delighted as I am with your general comments and witty sarcasm, I do realize it is an rpg, a book series long running, several older video games, a card game similar to MTG and the like, as well as a table top like dnd or gurps, i do believe there's actually a comic book of it as well, and probably quite a few online spoofs or comics of it or based on it's premise. What I simply meant was, why hasn't any one capitalized on it lately, with all the new graphics, systems, portable or not, all the new rpgs, all the new boundary's being "broken", older system remakes of games, why hasn't a company taken this lil beaut of a gem and decided to create a wonderful, and knowingly, CG filled, 3d now aged system version of the game, even a point and clicker mouse pc game, reminiscent of diablo like controls and visuals would be something, and probably a delight, if only for the setting and story line. So, sorry for a second letter, just felt it nice to clear that up, and probably make my self look like more the fool, oh well. I mean it's not that hard for a company to envision a MMORPG of shadow run, deckers and hacking any one? Probably more higher appealing then matrix online, though shadow run does have a matrix it's self. Again, I apologize for the second letter, and await more nifty commentary and perhaps several puns.


Well, I can't really give you an answer on that, but if I had to guess, it's because fanboys(girls?) such as yourself have a distressing tendency to wax eloquent about the greatness of 3D graphics and diablo-like controls before the fact, but once things actually proceed forth to the cold, harsh light of reality, there always seems to be a remarkable amount of wailing over the utter asstastic sellout that has occurred with your most cherished RPG/book series/old video game/card game similar to MTG and the like / tabletop RPG/GURPS(Okay, I'll level with you, I'd be ashamed enough to like something called GURPS to bother bitching about future iterations of its content). Now, I'm no big-city developer, but speaking personally, if I had a delightful and beloved series, I'd probably aim to steer clear of that mess, unless somebody waved giant bags of cash in my face.

So there's your answer - wait for the evil empire at EA to pick up on the notion! Then they'll throw giant bags of money at whoever currently owns the property, cram 3 years of development into a month and turn out a substandard piece of crap that you'll surely cherish forever!

Mmm.. deliciously unspecific

Can you recommend any good multiplayer console RPG's other than Tales of Symphonia and Lord of the Rings: The Third Age?

Why sure! Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu III, Final Fantasy VI... I could go on, but I suspect you mean newer RPGs, so to you I say: GameCube is the wave of the future! Four Swords is teh awesome, and Crystal Chronicles, while not exactly good, per se, certainly rates better than paperweight in my books. Also, you seem to have a computer, so don't be so quick to dismiss its usefulness! There's a wide variety of addictive timesinks out there just waiting for you to surrender your free will and life to them. Just do me proud and don't get FFXI.

The time ghost: using her mother's email to ask the questions that need asking

This is totally off topic and I probably should already know this, but ten sites of info won't beat it in my head. Is there ANY site to legally download or purchase video game soundtracks in the US? Specifically having Mario sound tracks in stock. I desperately search for a paper Mario 2(unlikely I know) and SMRPG.

Now as for Baiten Kaitos I hardly know it fully. I only read the review from E3 but it is on my wish list, which I am putting together as we speak. That is why I would like to know more about obtaining video game sound tracks. Back to baiten kaitos, is it just me or are there a lot of games coming out that have a card battle system? Not that I mind, I kinda like it.

Now I must get back to my futile search for the prized soundtrack.

Kit cloud, the time ghost

I fear your music search will likely be in vain; Animenation is a good place to start, and upon a cursory check, I do see that they have a "History of Mario" soundtrack, but Nintendo hasn't really jumped into the OST market full-on yet, so all you're likely to find is Metroid and Wind Waker on there.

I'm not too sure about the "lot of games" thing, either. If anything, I'd say there are a lot of games tending towards action-style combat systems rather than cards, because beyond Baten Kaitos, the only other games I can think of with card battle systems are a) those that are based upon actual card games, and b)one of the numerous PSO remakes. I wish you luck in finding your soundtrack!

An unspeakably evil good/bad remnant


Well, first off, any word on a next-gen Shining Force 3/Shining the Holy Ark compilation? Or some sort of Best of Camelot disc? I believe this was answered in a previous column, but I'm too lazy to check.

I will admit that Shining in the Darkness was fun, and I will further admit that it is possible to enjoy maybe one of the other Shining games, but... A Best of Camelot disc? BEST OF CAMELOT? Do you see what you're asking here? That's like asking RJ Reynolds to release a "Best Cigarettes of the 1950s" boxed set, or Dr. Jack Van Impe to package up his TV harangues and sell them along with the other hilarious B-movies starring Kurt Cameron he hawks. In summary, you have broken my brain. For shame!

I suppose to make this a typical letter, I need to state an obnoxious off the wall opinion, then justify the letter with the good/bad theme, so...

nope, got nothing. But, yeah, Wheel of Time, good or bad? I say good, regardless of PoD and CoT. And how do you think WoT would fare as an RPG? There was an attempt at an FPS a couple years back, if I'm not mistaken, which seemed a bit unusual, looking at the source material. -chappypants

Wow, here I thought there wasn't anything you could possibly do to top your previous query, and you go and ask me about Wheel of Time. To avoid sounding too much like I'm going to go into a rant in Klingon, BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD. Wheel of Time is the most derivative, poorly written, uncreative drivel I've ever subjected myself to, and I marvel each time Robert Jordan manages to further bloat his already horribly distended crapfest of a magnum opus. There are few books that are so bad that I can't bring myself to finish reading them, but sad to say, the second volume of WoT was one of them. I'm sorry, but one part LotR, a pinch of Terry Brooks and a dash of Dune, mixed with a little bit of lame garbage about the devil growing on a string and a few werewolves to spice things up does not excite me in any way, and the sluggish romance and unlikeable characters do even less for me. Painful reams of worthless description are no fun unless it's George R. R. Martin doing the describing, and I will be happy if I die having never come into contact, or even the same room, with an unreadable Robert Jordan novel again. And the binding was lousy! So no, I think it'd make a terrible RPG.

Note to readers: Casto's least favorite fantasy author = Robert Jordan. That is all.

Hi Goog or Andrew,

Just a quick question. I've been trying to think of a really good definition for an RPG but i haven't been able to think of a really good one. If I think of a good one, i'm going to put it in my research paper which is about how RPG's are beneficial to society. It's really cheesy, but it's really interesting because a lot of the information i've found actually proves it! There's this one study by NASA actually that shows that Video Games, especially RPG's, improve decision making skills, sensory motor skills, and in some cases they cure ADHD. It's rather an interesting study. Of course, not every study is true and there's most likely some falsehood to it, but a research paper is just that, a paper based off of research, and so the NASA report goes in.

Anyway, i was going to define what an RPG is since my "target audience" is the bunch of people that are spouting how video games caused Columbine so i wanted to show them how RPG's are not all that violent and i was hoping to do so by defining what an RPG is. I have some ideas about how i want to define RPGs and i wanted to know how you define RPGs? Not really defining action RPGs or MMORPGs. I mean how would you define a regular RPG such as a Final Fantasy or a Dragon Quest RPG?



Ah, this old chestnut. I really can't say what makes an RPG, because conceivably, an RPG is whatever the publisher tells you is an RPG. If you're asking strictly based upon the old NES standard, however, it is a game that takes the mathematical precepts of what roughly equates to Dungeons & Dragons and has a computer / console do the math for you, in fights as well as in character development, both of which are prerequisite. An epic quest of some description is also handy, if only to get the ball rolling and give you some reason to be bashing in skeleton heads.

Hmm.. perhaps I let my spiteful rage get the better of me too often...


I was just wondering when Y's VI is coming out, and whether you think it ill be any good, and worth the money. Also, do you know when Final fantasy advent children is coming out, because I remember hearing last year it would be ready for summer 2004. Also, will growlanser actually be release tomorrow, or will it suffer yet another delay.
PS I decided to buy breath of Fire for now because it is cheaper.

bad news. Growlanser Generations, as the title goes, has suffered yet another delay. On the upside, that day is now today, so really, timewarping your letter has kind of taken care of things. As far as FFVII:AC goes, the second we know anything about a release date (see Growlanswer story above) it goes on index. Herego, FFVII:AC will be out when S-E decides it will be out, and Ys is still listed as Winter 2004, for what that's worth.


And that is all for today. Tomorrow, I regret to inform you that I have beaten Final Fantasy II, so if you're burning to ask questions about it, I'm your man. I guess Growlanser is fair game too, if Working Designs actually manages to meet a deadline for once. Most importantly, though, MistWalker is showing signs of becoming super-great. Any thoughts?
Andrew Long requests that you never ever mention Robert Jordan in his presence.



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