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A Whole Week? But I Want it Now!

Andrew Long - October 23rd, 2004 - 22:48 EDT

IT'S NOT THAT I WANT IT TO BE DARK an hour earlier, mind you; it's just that I wanted there to be an extra hour tonight, dammit!


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Mommy, Where Do Chocobos Come From?

Oh, a pirate's life
Is a wonderful life
A roamin' over the sea
Somethingsomething -
D'you think Hook would have
Shot the French pirate
Had Peter Pan been made
In the 90s?

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Read the first word of each Book in numerical order, then the second, third, and so on. The resulting message will give you a hint about the bosses you'll meet inside.

Speaking of SO3, I finished the game in Galaxy, and have enough trophies to unlock the music test, which is the only milestone I really wanted. How worth it do you think it is to go through Universe and/or 4D?

- Leaper

Thanks for sharing, Leaper. I think going through the game again is as worth it as how much spare time you have. If you're like me, for instance, and haven't touched any of Paper Mario, SH2, PB, or SO3, then you'd probably be better served playing something else, assuming you don't currently want to have SO3's children.

A snappy comeback

Hey, Andrew

I thought I chime in on your comeback Q. Keeping on the topic of FF, there are two instances in my mind where they screwed up completely and some fixin was needed, well actually three. Numero uno is FFVI, yep that FFVI I for one did not enjoy it at all, I know I'm in the minority on this one. FFIV was much better: story, characters, gameplay, even graphics were better in FFIV. To me it didn't really do too much to improve upon it. Perhaps I should play FFVI again though, it's been a while. Square needed FFVII to fix the probs in FFVI. Second time was with FFIX, too much like FFVI for my liking. While FFIX was certainly an improvment upon FFVI it was nothing compared to FFVII and FFVIII (Which kicked ass by the way!). FFX was a fantastic way to get me back into the series, I just hope they don't screw up FFXII, after the blunder of making FFXI online.

Good Day!

Hmm.. That is a unique perspective, and I honestly don't know too many people who weren't impressed with VI who had also played IV. I think you should really replay FFIV, actually, for a couple of reasons: first, FFVI, objectively, has higher quality graphics. This is not to suggest that the artistic styles aren't debateable; it's just that if you look at parts of FFIV, it wouldn't look out of place on an NES, whereas FFVI had much higher-quality sprites and generally advanced graphics for its time.

As for FFIX, though, I will agree: it was a definite letdown after the fact, although I did enjoy it for the first little while. Then it dragged out to three discs, and then to four discs. Four discs is too long for any game to be particularly good, and it's only through some miracle of fate that FFVIII managed to be fairly reasonable.

Yes, the Shining is in fact on

Hiya there, whoever. Yesterday when heading home from work I decided to stop by my video game store and check out the used games. Browsing around I only found games of vague interest considering my very tight budget. Then, all of a sudden, there it was; the most hyped and hard to come by rpg not in my current possesion: Shadow Hearts(if you think it's hard to find in north america, you haven't been to europe. I've seen it once before in my life and that time i think it wasn't a pal version). And it was cheap too. Though just barely outside my cash supply. I told them to hold it for me while I went home to find something to trade in. I went home, found a game to trade in, traded it in, went home with a smile on my face, put the disc into my ps2, turned it on, looked puzzled for a while, opened the disc tray and found a scratch the size of my index finger on the disc. I tried to wipe the disc clean, but that was doomed to fail. Whatcha gonna do, the store had already closed.

The next day, that is today, I went back to the store and told them. They thought it was really weird that they hadn't noticed themselves. Then they told me something I was totally clueless about. You probably knew this already and I'm gonna look like fool. They told me they had machines that could effectively make disc readable again. You can imagine joy found when I realized I would be able to play the game before it became abandonware or having to dish out a fortune on ebay for it. I'll get it next week, and I'm happy.

Thanks for letting me rant.
Carl Greder

What a nice story, and what a happy ending! I sure am glad you managed to get your disc working, at least assuming they DO get your disc working. Next time though, try and tack on a question or two... Else I just have to sit here making small talk with myself, and all talk and no answer make Casto somethingsomething, and somethingsomething can never be good.

Spicy Old Topics

Hi Cast, just wanted to drop my thoughts on a couple of things:

1)Rating systems for video games, much like movies and music, are utterly useless. Anybody who thinks that they can accurately judge a game based on a faulty rating, or that kids won't be able to get their hands on more "mature" games because of these ratings, is kidding themselves. No matter what, if the kids want to play a game their parents don't like, they'll find a way.

I concur... I always kind of wonder what would happen if people told their kids that smoking was cool.

2)Final Fantasy III is an awesome game, but if it means shelling out bucks for ANOTHER new handheld system from Nintendo just to play it then, well, thanks but no thanks. Seriously, Final Fantasy 7 was the last game that I bought the system just to play it, and I intend to keep it that way. Not that I'd suggest people go out and get a ROM and translation patch for the game or anything like that, because I would never in a million years take part in illicit activities such as that. Because I wouldn't suggest that.

Of course you wouldn't! And really, that's a perfectly logical standpoint, since I wouldn't buy a system unless there are at least four or five good games I can play for it. I made THAT mistake with the Genesis back in the day, and I won't make it again.

3)You're one sexy mofo.

I got to go, I got to FIND HER!

Robust Stu

Man.. How did I develop this animal magnetism? It must be the chest toupee...


"Let us explain.
Kikko punch
The power of the punch which
Comes form Kikkoman's unnecessarily-built
Body is far more than what you imagine.
In addition,since Kikkoman is always using
His gloves for brewingsoysauce,you'd be
Itchy when you get punched by him!"

a) You need to have that be a quote on the front page
b) Am I the only one who swears that there's been a Konami hero on Suikoden or Contra, or something who could be described like that?

That quote is far too long for index, and yes, I do believe you are the only one who swears that, because I have no idea what you mean by "a Konami hero".

Hmm... How did I forget to print this?


Curious as to why people are amazed when Nintendo games turn out to be good (such as the incredible Paper Mario 2, as stated in your last column)? They're probably reading Game Informer. That magazine gave it a 6 point something-or-other, and they justified that response on the GameSpot forums by stating that they graded it not on how much the reviewers themselves liked it, but on how well they think that the game reached its target market. (In comparison, EGM gave the game three 9.0's and Game of the Month.) Game Informer claims the game is too "kiddy" and therefore not really worth playing; well, if it's too "kiddy", what business do they have rating SMB Advance 4 (SMB3) a 10?

Which I guess brings me to a subjective question I'd like to ask your opinion of: do you find it ethical that GI rates games based on what they think the "target market" will think, rather than what they, the reviewer, thinks? Who are they to say who the target market is anyway? Seems to me as if they are intentionally giving popular MARIO games low scores, I make the clarification of Mario games on the fact that they've given Zelda games and others such as GTA extremely high scores in the past, whereas Mario Party has consistently received 2's and 3's.

Sorry to rant about a magazine that lately has been going down the tube anyway, but as a former Game Stop employee (the company that owns Game Informer magazine), I know of many people who sadly use GI as their only source of game information, which contributes to Nintendo's sad reputation they've been receiving as of late of being only for kids.

Thanks for reading my incessantly rantful (is that a word?) letter as I have no one else to rant to :),

Sarah F

In response to your one and only question, it sure is now! As to the anti-Mario bias, well - Nintendo hasn't really kept pace with the serialization of other popular series, and the reverence people used to show towards a new Mario title has largely disappated thanks to the market being flooded with other popular titles, coupled with a much less central presence for Mario.

On the upside, Mario RPGs have never come out more frequently, and if they continue to be of such high quality, Game Informer notwithstanding, none of that will end up mattering.

Dear Dr. Claw,

I'd been wondering where you'd disappeared to! I mean, those imposters Rupert Everett and Tony Martin don't hold a candle to the real you!

R. Bemrose

Yes, you pitiful fool! Now, I want you to take these pineapple bombs and load them into the volcano so that we can give Gadget an... explosive welcome. And you! Eliminate Gadget!


And so, as today pretty much expires, we are brought to tomorrow. I have noticed you guys haven't been sending as many letters of late, and I guess I need to remind you again: I need letters to live. As such, tomorrow any of the topics from the last couple of weeks, along with whatever's kicking around on index, will be fair game, and I'll print a whole lot of it. Since I'm cutting into Google's lettergetting time, you should also send some letters for him! At any rate, that is all for tonight. Time to finish watching The Shining... HERE'S JOHNNY!

All work and no play make Andrew Long a dull boy. All work and no play make Andrew a dull boy.



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