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Such Great Heights

Andrew Long - October 4th, 2004 - 00:37 EDT

I RESOLVED TO EAT A RIDICULOUS NUMBER of chicken wings tonight, not quite realizing the proportions of the task I had set out for myself, and being a foolish, foolish person, I ate a cheeseburger beforehand. Despite all these things being against me, however, I did manage to down 30 wings before I felt utterly toxic, and so I come before you now bloated with chicken and feeling deep misgivings about my foolish course of action.

I am regrettably not bloated with mail, however, so we'll have to make do with what we've got.


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The kupomogli LJ

Mommy, Where Do Chocobos Come From?

Well, there SHOULD be
A hockey season starting
Right about now
But instead, all I have to warm me
Through the long, cruel winter
Is my bitter, bitter rage

Carbuncle: now with cyan email font x.x

::pounces out of your mailbag::


Yes, Final Fantasy is much like Law and Order, if for no other reason than they both like to fart off so many spin-offs. The difference is that the FF series is actually GOOD WATCHING. "Elevator Inspectors Unit"... frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if it were real.

Well, it's real insofar as it was once a Mad TV sketch. On an unrelated note, I actually enjoy Law & Order, you bastards!

Now, the topic... the horrific delay of game releases! I can't remember the last game I got that didn't have its release date changed or pushed back at some point. I tried getting Armored Core: Nexus (I know, not an RPG, rar) for my brother for his birthday in September, it was originally supposed to be released in the SPRING, right? I know game companies can't predict the future, but come ON, it got pushed back MULTIPLE times, right?

Now, we still lack a concrete release date for FFXII, and DW8 is now slated for FALL of 2005... weren't they saying winter before? I swear, if this gets pushed back to 2007, there is going to be heck to pay. The sad thing is, it wouldn't be too surprising. We can only wait and see.

Law and Order: RPGamers Unit!

Yes, the disturbing trend of continually tossing DW8 to the winds is getting to me. I know DW7 didn't exactly meet with universal acclaim in North America, but, well, DW7 freaking sucked, so that's hardly surprising. If you ask me, it would have made more sense to hold DW7 back in Japan and give us the remake of DW4, which I hear is a much better game. DW7 was fun enough when you actually got to do anything, but the pacing was so godforsakenly terrible, it didn't make enough difference to save it from stinking in the end. At least DW8 looks purty!

A clarification... to the EXTREME!


I don't really have a question, but I wanted to respond to Victor's inquiry (though I imagine Goog will already field this as he knows this also to my best knowledge)...

There's no real point in him getting the International version of FF7 if he has the US release. The Japanese release of FF7 was followed by the US release, which added things like Ruby Weapon that weren't there before and gave the game its English script. However, since they'd made additions to FF7, they took the US version of FF7 and plugged the Japanese script back into it and released that in Japan, and that was called the International version.

Unless you're a stickler for the original Japanese script, there's nothing you'll gain by playing the International version that isn't already in your US version. Also, the International version is Japan-regioned, so you'll need a Japanese PSX/PS2/modchip/whatever to address that.

I can understand wanting the original Japanese script, but if you are looking for subtitles that means you don't know the language to benefit, and any given subtitle translation would probably be equivalent or inferior to the existing US script. (Shrugs)


Thanks for sharing, Ismail. So, to reitirate: Victor, don't waste your time!

Music? Who said anything about music?

I recently got the new Darren Hayes album, and I've been listening to it non-stop. It's overriden my addiction to video game music! I'm not panicking; on the contrary, I'm enjoying it immensely. (For those who don't know, Darren was one half of Savage Garden.)

Anyway, my question: if you could pick one album that is infinitely better than anything that your favourite game music composer could create, which one would it be?

As you may have noticed from my constant quoting of their lyrics, I am an avowed fan of the sometime group the Postal Service, who released a couple of CDs over the past couple of years before remorphing into their various component bands, so far as I can determine. They have a sound that agrees with me for some reason, possibly because it achieves a delightful balance between rock and electronic that makes me happy.

On the other hand, I am certain Scar will murder me if I do not hype the dubious musical stylings of Nightwish. There, I said it... I'm not sold on Nightwish! SO SUE ME!

Baldur's Gate: now with My Little Pony action figures!

As much as I love Japanese RPGs, I'm afraid this question comes from the States... or possibly Canada... What is the deal with the rumored Baldur's Gate 3? Despite my misgivings about my favorite series being screwed up, I must know about this supposed prequel. Any info at all would be nice, as well as the name of the developer that's been kept under wraps.


So far as I can tell, there hasn't been much in the way of concrete information released on BGIII. Back in 2001, there were rumours floating about that it was going to be in 3D, and somewhat later, it was rumoured that Interplay picked up the rights to publish it, but with various figments of various peoples' imaginations being all I could find for details (release in July 2004? Riiiiiight...) I don't think you'll be seeing it for a while yet. I do, however, think that you'll be seeing it, since where there's this much smoke, there's probably fire.

Disgruntled Goat

Hey Andrew,

I will also be angry if DQ8 doesnt get a North American release date; but my question iswhy? How can Square-Enix release games like Fullmetal Alchemist in America, based on an anime that hardly anyone outside Japan knows of, as well as Unlimited Saga and Drakengard, which speak for themselves, and not any of the recent Dragon Quests, with the series clearly having a higher fan base? Im also a bit pissed about Tales of Destiny 2 (not the one released in NA, called Tales of Eternia in Japan) not coming here, but I have a slight hunch that Namco Hometek will come to their senses soon, given the decent sales for Symphonia, and the higher user base of the PS2. Id like your thoughts on all this.

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

All I can think of with the Dragon Quest thing is that Square Enix doesn't think the North American market will be large enough to bring it over, though how Unlimited Saga is any more qualified to sell more copies is indeed anyone's guess. Tales of Destiny 2, on the other hand, I'm not terribly concerned about myself, simply because something about it just makes me suspect that there's a reason it's the only game in the series North America hasn't received.

You forgot about Poland,
damn it! You forgot about Poland!!

Now look, I just don't think a coalition with two nations, Britain and Australia or not, is a real coalition! Oops, did I go and forget... what's the country called again? Oh, well.

Stop being a jerk Andrew.
There already enough of them in real life and playing counterstrike.

Difference being, they're unprovoked. I had cause... CAUSE!


Apologies again for the sliding schedule of doom. I really will try and clean my act up next week, and I know Google will make up for it with a great week. On that note, I leave you in his capable hands, with the following musing to take you on your way: there have been a fair number of properties you wouldn't think to be terribly conducive that are being converted into RPGs of late. Do you think this signals another boom period for the genre, or is it just indicative of companies cashing in on the online gaming trend? I know if I could cash in, I would get all the money I could and then buy myself a creamsicle stand and give creamsicles away to everyone!
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