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This Best Be Holiday Hangover

Andrew Long - November 28 '03- 02:28 Eastern Daylight-Savings Time

OKAY GUYS, YOU CAN STOP hiding now. I know there have to be more than four people reading this column, or at least, more than four that I haven't alienated. I'm not asking much here - just a few letters so that I can attempt to instill some entertainment value into this anorexic little column. I can't speak for the weekend guy, who has been known to avoid printing questions he's seen six zillion times, which is understandable since if I was at that stage I'd probably vaporize said questions as well. I am not, however, at that stage, and will still willingly answer questions like "when is FF12 comin pls I need to no" with only the slightest of facial tics.

Oh, well. The show must go on, even if you want to abbreviate it so you can get back to devouring pie and yams and pie. On that note, I guess we'll breeze through this wee googaw.



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Of Pain and Furries

Without the Internet, furries would still exist -- we just wouldn't know about them. Damn you, Internet.

Oh, and ask HarlockHero how Paine is pronounced "Pine" in Japanese, yet they say "Pain" in the English version. Or better yet, how Gilbert is somehow pronounced "Edward" here in America. Those wacky Japanese and their funky alphabet.

-- LordBrian

As you wish. Hey Harlock, how is Paine pronounced "Pine" in Japanese and yet "Pain" in the English version. Better yet, how is Gilbert somehow pronounced "Edward" in America? Wait... It's because Gilbert sounds dopey, whereas Edward just sounds lame. And no offense to the Eds of this world; I just like my RPG characters with wacky names like Andromachinorithalune. Only when all five vowels have entered a name is it worthy.


hi andrew

i was wondering about final fantasy the movie and the upcoming ff games. Dnt u think they are making 2 many games at once? Ff tactics advance is brilliant and they made a good decision 2 make it for the game boy advance. and im looking forward to ff chrystal chronicals that sounds good. I hope they make them all the same quality as all 10 games so far.

First S-E is making too many games, then the four or five just released pretty much simultaneously are all "brilliant"? I don't quite understand... You say you're a fan of the stuff that has already exploded forth from the bowels of Final Fantasy whoredom, so why do you suppose things would change (at least, in your estimation) within the space of a year or so? If anything, Square Enix has more people they can throw at games now, so I would think there's a better chance of the next wave of FF inundation will be of higher quality. So no, I think Square Enix is making a reasonable number of games for the size of the company, and there's about as much a chance of the next FF glut sucking as there is for any such wave. Since Square has yet to turn out a total stinker in the series, I wouldn't worry.

The Shrouded backlog ends


I'm sorry to say that I haven't had currant cake either. I don't even know what the hell they look like. Speaking of such, let us bless our blessings, shall we? ....nah, not right now.. I have another scheme that I'm scheming. Oh yes, it IS very big. More details on that later... Do I still have to vote between you and tui? I'm kinda split 50/50. Oh well, I'll just have to ask my wife, right snookum?? Nothing happened in Sweden!!! Why are all you staring at us??!?! -__-....... We REALLY need a name for our super, top-secret organization, BAH! Our next plan includes stealing escalators, loading them in ferries,, wait, I don't want to give the rest away! Toon in later, kiddies, when we'll discuss the meaning of dropping children off the sides of horses.

You'll kiss the bloody moons, that you will,

O' Shrouded One

How exactly does one steal an escalator? Also, please to be never uttering the word "snookum" in this column again ^_^

A little bit Unfit for Print

why don't square-enix have ff10&ff12 in pc version?

Because Square Enix hates you and wants you to die. Alternately, because the PC version of FFVIII did terribly and FFXII hasn't been released yet.


So now it comes to the critical point, wherein the flaw is expressed and the choice is made: do you want just one more piece of sweet, delicious pumpkin pie? I know I would. Since that isn't a good topic, however, let's just talk about FFX-2. I hear it's quite the addictive game. For now, play nice with Google and hopefully, we'll have a little more to talk about on Wednesday.
Andrew Long looks to the mirror, where you will see a sad man. That is all.



Sad because you deny me sweet, sweet letters...

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