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There's Nothing Like the Morning After

Andrew Long - November 21 '03- 01:22 Eastern Daylight-Savings Time

CREEPY... THIS IS THE EXACT SAME TIME I STARTED ON WEDNESDAY, and this is the exact same sweatshirt I was wearing, which probably means I'm a disgusting slob! Anyhow, we're not here to discuss my descent into slovenly behaviour; the real issue at hand is tuinte and his evil slander for which he must die. Actually, I'm pretty sure nobody cares about that either, so I guess we'll move onto today's real topic... Losing your virginity.

HEY! You see what I mean about this guy? Here I am, running this nice sanitary little column and whammo, suddenly he wants to turn me into Sue Johanson, the delightful old lady from hereabouts who takes a gleeful sort of pleasure in saying the words "cock ring" as many times as possible in any given sentence. Since I'm reasonably certain that's the first time those two words have ever appeared in this column there is clearly no resemblance whatsoever between our styles and yet, and yet, Mr. Harnest expects me to solicit stories of sexual unglory? The nerve!

Handily, I received none. Whether or not that says something about you guys is anyone's guess, but I certainly wouldn't send such a story to a frigging videogame site. With the indignant rage portion of today's column safely under our belts, let us now proceed to this scraggly little clutch of letters, which suggest to me that I really need to punch tui in the brain for suggesting this topic.

Wait, rudy's supposed to be here. Oh. He is. Well then, I guess this wraps everything up in a neat little PACKAGE.

rudyxx - November 21 '03- 02:52 Eastern Daylight-Savings Time

So over the past 3 weeks i've bought over 20 new games and out of all of them I've only played 3: Final Fantasy XI, Harvest Moon on GBA, and Mario and Luigi. I've only played Harvest Moon for ~6 hours because the chocobo quest in FFXI takes about that much time and Mario & Luigi I played for about 2 hours before i went into work on wednesday... So I've pretty much just played FFXI. And on that note I'd like to point out that I'm not spoiled and if someone doesn't send me video games I probably won't notice cause of all these others laying in the floor. But then again I lost the internet on Thanksgiving and won't get it back until New Years so maybe I will notice.... :\



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L - 3-2 to Edmonton ;_;
tuinte wasn't kidding
The Leafs are sucking
But that doesn't matter
He still must pay
Don't be thinking he won't pay!

Yes, yes.... We're not perfect, you win

Whoever it was that was hosting yesterday (he or she kept changing names) was thoroughly unentertaining, made no sense, and failed to answer any question he did not spend a page on. So all around, it was nice that he kept the status quo. But he failed to insert hidden text, which was disappointing.

Penny Arcade posted info on FF12 before RPGamer did. Well, they posted a link to another page. has all the scoops. You also don't have the trailer movies for FF7:AC. And you don't have an ISO image of FF10-2 for me to download. I am disappointed.

Um, I should have a question. Since this is a Q&A column and all. Erm. Uh. Oh, I've got one! How about this: what question should I ask?


I have a question for you, actually: are you bitter at me for not hiring you the last time you applied? :) Also, check your chronology; we had the information up at around 4 AM, whereas that post on PA looks pretty 6 AMish to me. As for the other files and the lack thereof: Here's a mailto: Talk to someone who can do something about it. Oh, tuinte has this to say:

Have you ever kissed a girl?

I belive from what I'm told SquareEnix asked everyone to take those videos down and only put certain images up. Needless to say a lot of places didn't feel like listening to them.

Scheming 101


We share a deep bond. Barbara senses it too... ......??? What am I talking about again? Oh yes, randomness. ONWARD!! Our next plan will include adventures in Hong Kong, Denmark, and conclude with Sweden as our next targ..I mean honeymoon trip. Ooo, the excitement is just brewing! I....actually bought FFX-2. I know! I'm sorry, even after all your harping and reasons to avoid it at all costs. If you really wanna know, the non-linear gameplay is quite excellent. *insert Andrew's deadly stares directed towards me* U-uh, okay. You can point that death laser away from me now... Save that for our next mission, eh? Tonight I'll draw out the plans.

Fun times await us,

O' Shrouded One

I'm so freaking confused...when you say barbara do you mean like barbara the elephant?

Don't let it get to you, man. While we are plotting your grisly demise, you don't have to worry at the details, which I'm thinking might be equally grisly. Now, rudy, if you could just plan yourself a car ride past the Texas Book Depository, I'll give you some candy when you reach the grassy knoll. Sweet sweet candy! Oh, and I'll probably end up getting FFX-2 myself because despite my whining, I am a slavish Square fanboy at heart.

Could it be... a question?

So hey there,

So I was wondering, is there someone from Vagrant Story working on FFXII? I was looking at some pictures and movies from the FFXII Press Release and at some point in the movie, the main guy (forgot is name... Van?) looks op and suddenly it felt like I was watching Vagrant Story, but then really cool and new.

I got the movies from, the site is Belgium and I'm not, from Holland actually (No i don't some weed everyday, only in weekends). So for those who can't reed, the movies are marked in yellow 'Deel 1' (part 1, really bad shot) and 'Deel 2' (part 2, damn fine)....

So yeah.... thats about it.


All right! Now we have two links for the movies, and a third in the message boards. Which is very bad, you Square Enix disobeying nogoodniks. To answer your question about VS, I'm afraid the answer is a big yes. Development Team 4 or whatever their official moniker is was responsible for the horror that was Vagrant Story, and yet they were also responsible for the goodness and sunshine that was Final Fantasy Tactics and the resounding mediocrity that is FFTA. With this kind of record, I can't even begin to predict what FFXII is gonna be like, but I am rather distressed that Nobuo Uematsu is only doing the theme song. Oh, well.. I'll just kid myself and hope that the reason he isn't is because FFXIII is already under development (actually, I think it is) and he's producing a super fantastic soundtrack of wonder to make my soul shiver and my heart thrill with excitement.

On that note, I think I need to get out more.

You know I find it unfair that I go to the trouble of sending someone else a game to get my chance here and no one ever bothers to talk about what I want to talk about. So from this point forwards, seeing as how no one bothers to listen to me I'm not listening to anyone else. And yes the crops I have grown in harvest moon are a little lacking and I havn't bothered to upgrade my waterpale, but it's not entirely my fault. I'd like to wait until it starts raining again to give the thing up for a day.

If it's any consolation, that skinflint never sent me Valkyrie Profile, so in a way, you're an American hero.

Because hours upon hours on MSN just isn't enough contact

Hey Andrew and Rudy,

I have to say, that Tuite(how do you pronounce that), didn't leave an invisible thing, and it made me very sad.

Anyways, I had a dream that I was Ryu and I was fighting an enemy, and I couldn't really get hurt much, but then I tried doing the max possible amount of attacks, and I couldn't take off damage who I was fighting. I think maybe this is because of that time Cupid killed me because he kept using blizzard every single turn, and I didn't really have max AP so I couldnt do a +60% combo on him. I also had a dream of drowning the other day, which really sucks, especially because I can't swim.

So anyways, I have to get a job within two weeks or my parents are kicking me out of the house, which really sucks, more than having a dream that I was drowning.

A question for Rudy, actually quite a few, since you've played 90% of RPG's, you must have played that stupid Hydlide for NES right? Where the last boss is impossible to beat where you take hardly any damage compared to him killing you in two hits. Also do you have BoF2 for the SNES? I'll trade you a copy of FF4 for the SNES for it, unless you already have FF4 for it, then nevermind. And if you have any of those SNES things, I only use them for the good games I have, but some games even though I don't like them as much I'd want them for, even though the ones I don't have any for I leave them in their boxes if I have boxes, so I can use the things for others. If you do I could buy them.

Well, I'm going to play BoF5 and finish the game, and then I'm going to delete my character and restart a new one, and finish the game without restarting. I know it's possible, I just didn't know how I would kill the regents easier until after I wasted 50% of my D-Counter to kill one, but screw that, next time I'll do it, with nothing but MedKits, Tonics, and ability raising items in my inventory(6 Pages of MedKits, whichever ones give 200hp back, 30 Tonics, and the rest of the page filled with ability raising items).

-andrew- -kupomogli-

This one time I played this game called Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage for the Dreamcast and that night I had nightmares of running through rooms pressing colored buttons and wondering around aimlessly. THANKS FOR RUINING MY DAY.

So, come crawling back with a real question?

My dad needs a game to play. I would like you to recommend at least one based on the following requirements. 1) It should be fairly story-based. So pretty much all non-RPGs are ruled out, as are RPGs that are not story-driven, like Neverwinter or something. 2) The story should not be confusing. This is a man who pauses movies every five mintues and says, "What just happened?" And makes us explain what we think just happened to him, and then goes back and rewinds it to see it again anyway. So if the plot is too confusing, he will not enjoy the game. FF7, Xenogears, and FF Tactics are out. 3) He's really bad at games in general, and especially at figuring new systems out. I don't think he could understand a true tactical RPG system. He barely understands FF9's ability system. So the battle system, etc. should not be too complex. The more traditional, the better. 4) This is the hard part. He likes good graphics. He says he doesn't feel like the game is as real if it doesn't look as real. SNES is right out. FF7 is about the limit. So he's already played FF9, and he wants to play another game. I'm planning on giving him FF8 or FF10, but I was wondering if you could think of any other games that match his preferences. Preferably at least halfway decent ones.

Xenosaga? The plot might get a tad convoluted, but from what you've said it sounds about right, and if he likes it you can inflict Xenogears on him, and wait for all the pretentiously-named sequels you could ever want.

So I was watering my flowers the other day when the thought occured to me, "Why am I watering these things when I'm moving next week?" And so in turn I went inside and played Final Fantasy XI where I proceeded to buy flowerpots and seeds and try to start my own garden in this game. Then the thought occured to me, "Why am I making a garden when I won't get to play the game again for like another 2 months?" So I went and killed a dragon and all was well again.

What do flowers have to do with anything? The man asked for game advice you doorknob!

Sha la la la la la la la la la la Unfit for Print!

i was wondering if squaresoft is going to make make another final fantasy movie with original charaters like sephiroth,cloud,squall,ultimicia,yuna,maester seymour and tidus and also could you send me a (one winged angel) song in mp3 format please reply back thank you for your time.

First, they already announced Advent Children. Second, original characters are characters that never appeared anywhere before. Third, we are not an mp3 clearinghouse. If you're gung ho about finding this mp3 I'm reasonably certain there's about a thousand ways to get it online, and I'm probably the worst of them seeing as how I won't give it to you.


About 2 months ago or maybe a little longer I got to the last dugeon of Star Ocean 3. Now it's rather diffucult and I'm rather lazy so I havn't been able to make it beyond that point. I'm like supposed to go kill these 3 different boss like creatures and I generally can kill 2 of the 3 but then somehow I always die.

And it's not like I'm all that low a level or anything. I think I've gotten that ninja chick up to level 90 or something and everyone else i normaly use is like level 70 or so. So I should have no problem killing all the stuff but I'm freaking retarded and keep dying...that or by the time I get to the third one I'm so tired of fighting monsters I just don't care anymore and suicide all my characters.

So what... is this rebellion against all the people who didn't ask you questions? Or do you just enjoy making no sense at all...

Who's hosting tomorrow?


This is getting old fast....

I belive I am not hosting tomorrow and that makes children sad and nuns cry.

How do you pronounce Ashe? Ash-ay? Ash? Ash-ee? Ah-she? Ah-shay? What?

- Feep

Ash-u. If I had to guess, at any rate... I mean, from my nominal knowledge of Japanese characters there are two letters "ah" and "tsu" that would probably have formed the name ash, so ah-tsu = ashu. And now, to sit back and watch all you wacky video-game and anime-inspired Japanese majors fume in outrage over my obvious lack of understanding of the language they so dearly love. It's okay, I laugh at you all the time so you should get a day in the sun.

I sure do love pokemon. More so the anime than the game. I'm really sad that Misty left the show a few weeks ago...and while the new girl is kinda cute and all she's really annoying.

You make me sick...

...well, I just had to ask...

...what do you think about the music in the trailers for Xeonsaga Ep. II? A welcome change from Mitsuda or a strange mutation?

I refuse to download Gamespot spyware so I really couldn't tell you.

I like when I know absolutely nothing about a game before I play it. That way I can't be dissapointed at the fact that it's nothing like what I thought it was gonna be...cause I never bothered to think what the game could be about. That and a little fairy told me that downloading is the devil and that if you download anything you can't pass go or collect any of your $200.


And so ends my little experiment with games for hosting. Since rudy has proven to be deucedly ungameable and since Google has a chain of his own up and running that should continue nicely, I hereby discontinue this one forever. For next week, I guess we should discuss that Xenosaga 2 trailer that quickie was all abuzz about. What are you looking forward to more: FFXII, XS2, or neither? Do let's talk, it'll be ever so much fun and fraught with ever so many possibilities for romantic misunderstandings!

Damn, my teeth aren't nearly bad enough for this...

I haven't actually been reading any of the past like 3 or 4 weeks worth of Q&A's so I have no clue if anyone ever said they were gonna send me any games or not....If not I still want Lunar 2 (Sega CD) and Rhapsody (PSX) a good bit. Or if all else fails I also want a complete set of Triple Triad cards from FFVIII..... But I don't think anyone is sending me anything. Thanks for ruining my christmas! :'(
Andrew Long may have ruined rudy's Christmas, but has a killer Easter in store for him.
rudyxxhates everyone for not sending him fun video games for him to enjoy and hopes everyone in the world trips on beyond the beyond and dies.



you can also slip on quest 64 and i'll be equally satisfied if you want.

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