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Um I want ff1 1 now October 29 '03- 04:38 Eastern Standard Time

OKAY SO I AM MAJORLY PISSED bcuz honestly I went to RPGamor and it sed that FFXI which is going to be the best game ever because it's the highest number in teh series which is totally teh best wat of telling how good a game is because if you remember FFVII back in teh day it was the hiest number in the series and it was totally the best which means that ev ery latest game is the best for me and I think you too. So I hax0red this column so I could tell you all about it so there!

So what I am saying is that I went to EB which is ELecttronics Boutique and not the other typer of EB which is Eternal Blue which I think is some sort of lunar game but I'm not positive because Lunar isn't one of my faverit series on account of it doesn't have enough FMV which si teh only part oif RPGs worth seing if you ask me. At EB (Not Eternal Blue mind you because I couldn't really go into a game now could I no, I didnt think so you stupids) I went up to the clerk guy and I tottly don't like talking to ppl much cuz I'm kind of shy IRL but I had to aks him cuz my dad was too busy bying RAinbow SIX or soemthing so I was on my won and I said "Is FFXI in today because I wasnt to be l33t on PlayOnline and get a farm and then become a Ninja who shoots corn at all the Evlaan or whatever they call them" and then the guy looked at be sort of funny and said that the game wouldn't be out till tHursday.

Well, I was having none of that so I demanded to sp33k to his managr and then his manager came out oand told me I have to leave because I was CReating A Distiurbance which I didn't think I was but apparently I was and so Then I had to go outside where I sat on the curb looking dejecetd for a little bit before I realized I hand't had lunch yet so I went home and poped in so me patties and put on some hat souce and watched Judge Milyan tell this fat woman her stupid dog's rectum had been cut or something. It was totally wack but I had to watcfh it because there woere only saop operas on everywhere else which kind of sucked because I don't like soap operas because my mother always teells me to wathc meanngngful tv like this super documentary that was on tonight about Einstine and it said he had almost discovered a WUnified Field Theory Or somethng but then he died and they kept his brain for Science and some spooky music came oun and then my dad changed the channel cuz it was too weirdd.

Um, anyway, I guess I';ll asnwer some letters now cuz I't s kind of late and I should go to bed but I'm afraid of teh dark.



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YO! Kupmodgli is teh best! and here is his letter

Hey Andrew,

The quote that's on the main RPGamer page

"Say, Fuzzy Pickles"

is from EarthBound, where that one old guy always comes down at multiple portions of the game, and takes a picture of your travels, telling your characters to say something each time.

Also, since you have a gameboy player/gameboy advance, I don't know which, but you play gameboy advance games. Have you ever played the original DBZ Legacy of Goku? Because the second one is pretty good, as it tells the story really well, leaving off the stupid parts, and the fact that you have to wait about 15 episodes, and during those 15 episodes it's only been 5-10 minutes time has passed on the show, which thats alot of talking in 5-10 minutes, as that's all they ever do, and I'm just wondering if the first one is just as good, or any good for that matter.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Hey man I kno you told me to tell everyone that you already saw Google's calum were he gave away the answer but I'm feelign super0nice tonight so I'll give you a tidle anyway: ` Dam i need a better shift key that was suposed to be a tilde but itnstaed ti was just a little symbol that isn't really one.

As for DBZ, I love the cartoon because Goku is the greatest when he totally yels and goes super sayien and then tehy fignt in the sky which makes me wish I had super saiyen powers because thenm I coudl fly and shot down airpleanes with my hands which would be probably htre coolest thing except maybe for being able t o have a pool full of chocolate milk which I bet JGoku could do if he wanted to and anyway, I was saying that I haven't played a DBZ game but I have seen them I and I bet they're cool. You should try it out!1


whoa andrew-

yeah, first off i'd like to start off by saying the maple leafs are freaking awesome, bout time they start turning upthe heat. i may be in the detroit area, and i support the wings, but its about the leafs buddy. hasek sucks IMO, and the wings are retarded for not trusting joseph (quality goaltender, see 2002 playoff run to East finals), and would go for leafs over wings in any series, anyways, on to gaming questions- seeing as i am a poor college-type student, would it be worth it to shell the 50 some bucks to buy disgaea? i only read positive things about it, and im very tight with money, that could be spent on useful things... such as... beer. in response to the halloween costume thing-my friends suggest i be the homestar i think im going to be. its better then the pansy ass hippy wanna be thing my roommates gf is making him be. yeah anyways. LEAFS FOR 2004 CUP! (might be optimism to the fullest, but i got faith in the leafs this year)


U should nevar let ur gf decide your costume because htis one year I totally wanted to be a pirate but instead she made me be Captain Horatio Hornblower who is a sea captain from a book but it's just not the same as being a real honest to goodness pirate and besides he's britis hand most pirates are from the ocaen where they ride around on boats and steal gold from sharks. AS for hockey, I have to agree, and I think TIe Domi will score 60 goals this year because he's due and he did ti back in Junior Hockey with the Peterborough BPetes which are a pretty swell hockey team except for they 're always playing against my hometown tema the Oshawa Generals who might bot have a stadium to much longer thans to The Economy, or luxury boxes. As for Cujo he'll get his chance tomorrow and then we'll see how Hasek lkikes sitting on the bench FOREVER!

And defintealy by Disgaea; - I mean I was just playing it for two hours and I was lvling my prinnys and tehy wer eall "PRINNY DOOD!" and I was saying it allong with them because I want to be a prinny one day because I hear they have the souls of murderers strapped inside and one time back in grade two I hkilled this bunch of ants that were taking sand from my driveway and putting it near the curb which I don't remember why I cared about but I guess it was important enough to kill the mfor so I get to be a prinny DOOD after all LOL

I AM LAHARL!hehehehe

I've never been good at the whole costume thing for Halloween. So, I do the same thing every year now - I'm in my regular clothes & tell people I'm a serial killer - most of us look like normal people! I liked your "boobie inspector," but I know I'd just get conked in the head!

My internet was down for a couple of days thanks to the snow showers & brisk winds we've been having here, so I'd like to comment on a couple of older topics.

FFXI - I'm with Alloy. I'm not big on MMORPGs. I don't play well with others, & I'm cheap.

Disgaea - best game in AGES!!! I'm over 10 hours into the game & just finished Episode 1. Too busy messing with the Dark Assembly & Item World.

If you could be any person from an RPG, who would you be? I'd be Aeris. That way, when I die (we all must someday), I know I'd have legions of people who will not rest until they get someone/find some way to resurrect me (even if it takes years).


Hey man I wasn't the boobie inspector my mom taught me to respect girls so I totally don't even look at htem which is because I shouldn't and even though I think about them all the time it woudln't be right to look at htem so I woucln't be a booby inspector. In stead I was beetlejuice who is a funny cartoon from 1990 if you dont know and I had this crazy face paint on that keept coming off which sucked because it got all over everything includieng my mouth whenever I would drink anything which whas bad news.

I totally agree abut Disgaea which is so much fun when you play in teh item world and get all the bonus points and knock out all those no godo item generals back into wherever they come from which I hear is like this circle of hell which si more eveil then the one that Laharal is one,

I would be Laharal because then I could be in the COOLEST GAME OF 2003!

ahahaHA he sadi tha t Bart doesn't liek teh Internet!!

I'm going to be Donnie Darko for Halloween. If you don't know who that is, well, you should see the move Donnie Darko. You don't know what that is either? Well, to sum up it's about a time travelling 6'2" bunny rabbit named frank who needs donnie's help to save the world. You know, your classic storyline. Anyways, great movie, smart movie, makes you think, and a fun costume (even if no one will get it...) until next time


Milhouse: We gotta spread this stuff around. Let's put it on the Internet!
Bart: No! We have to reach people whose opinions actually matter!

Aol haxoR984
Hey mistar dDonny Darkoo I saw that movei the night before New Year's Day last yeart and then I had some bad Taco Bell or somethign or maybe it was a mosquito or anyway I got Norwalk virus and I was puking the hwole day and that song from the movie "Fnd it kinda funny / find it kinda sad/ the dream's in which Im diyng /are the best I'e ever had" was running through my head the whole day which I spent puking if I didn't mention before and let me tell you that was no fun at all bec ause I didn't get to do anything for New Year's Eve except feel horrible and wish that the sng woudl stop playing in my ehad which it has because I can't even remember to how the tune goes which is probably good cuz I hbet it would make me sick again.

Anyhow mr. smartypants, even I have seen your movie, so I think you should find another movie ^_~


I <3 FF7^^^

Hail. A long time ago a hilarious FF7 review parody was posted on this site. It did a great job knocking fun at those who took their love of a game into ranting, rabid fanaticism. I realize it would now be much dated (as you no longer have to hear how FF7 "is the greatest work of modern literature" on a regular basis), but where can I find this joke review?

Keep doing what you're doing,

-Mad Mage

LOL I know Jake Alely totally thought that FF7 was only a FIVE but I mean even if he really thinks that FF7 is at least an 10/10 because it's hte best game evar exdcept for FFXI which is going to be the new best game ever once I get to play it which I just know I'll get to play it I think on Friday or maybe Thursday if my calendar is mixed up but it isn't because it's got this leather sofa on it whic hmeans I got it from work where I might get to sell things one day if I can ever stop getting in trouble for falling asleep. Um anyway, I wrote a bettar review for FF7 which you can find here: _traget=blnak" and I think it's probably a more objective reveiw to be honest.

Um this is Unfit For PRint or sometihgn

I want RPG Maker 3d to computer. It is possible?

I want RPG Maker 3d to computer. It is possible?

OMG why did u aske twice it was the same question you brain idiot. I dun know ift it 's possible or not but I think u should be more careful with your typing because it looks pretty stupid to tpye something twice to type spomething twice. Also, why was tehre so much space between the questions I mean If you Are going ot make me read it twice at least put it like backtoback or side by side or at least DON"T DO IT AT ALL LOL

YOU '84

I feel all special now. I actually got my letter snipped!! Wooohoo!!! Ok, next time I wont put in anything that might make people angry... Unless I feel more cynical..
Thou art courageous,
O' Shrouded One

Hey man you don't make me agnry if that makes you feel any better :Dd


So um that's all teh leters I have for now and I guess that means this is the end. But NEVER FEAR! Tomorrow Mr. Ruddyxx who is I hear almost five feet tall will be coh-ost ing and he hasn't told what game he wants so eh better tell tomorrow so that ppl know what to send him because honestly I think he wants to do Q&A forevar which I guess would be okay but not for me because then I'd never get to again which I bet will happen anywy because my haxing account will get caught for sure if I try again. Um let's go with Haloween some more and hear about your best trick or treating advnetures like this one time I was ewearing a costume all covered wiht pins and buttons and they kept falling off beut we got lost of candy until my friend kicked down an ELECTION sign and the funny thign is the SAME election sigm is up again this year lool so mnake sure you send more letters so I never have to come back agin (wink wink)!
aolhax0r84 is teh l3373st hax0rs to evar hax.



LOL I bet nobody will see this hidden text if I put it not in hiddne colors !

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