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Wet Wet Water August 16, 2005

Andrew Long - 19:57 EST

SO ANYWAY, I have a big surprise in store for you guys that will be announced soon. Stay tuned to find out what it is! I'm now done with all the applications for Q&A, so your new host should be introduced to you by Monday, if all goes well. Anyhow, let us move on to this clutch of open-topic goodness.

Sunrise, Sunset...

My question has to do with the recent trend of battle systems in new RPGs. What ever happened to the simple turn-based battle system? It seems like RPGs are trying to add more and more action elements. I heard FF12 is even going to have action elements in it's battle system. Do you know how much action is in the FF12 battle system? Do you see this evil trend continuing?


I can tell you what happened to it... It became obsolete, because like many other gaming conventions, the turn-based battle system is a function of both older conventions and to a lesser degree, system limitations. As soon as it became conceivable to have a real-time battle system, the turn-based system's days were numbered, and beyond that, how many titles do you really think could get away with using a turn-based setup without being called obsolete or excessively old-fashioned? There are very few turn-based systems these days because at this point, the basic perception is that a turn-based system is the very least effort you can put into a game, and with gamers whining vociferously every time a game ships with such austere mechanics, it makes sense for developers to tweak and play with the format.

As for FFXII's battle system, IGN indicates it is still much the same as it was in the demo that was playable at E3 2003, so it's not precisely action, but it's not precisely turn-based, either. In any event, yes, I see the trend continuing because any games that don't involve some sort of twist on conventional turn-based action are going to face a tough uphill battle in winning support.

Many parts into one letter

I have multiple questions.

1. What's the deal with those ytmnd sites?

Your guess is as good as mine, compadre. I don't usually seek them out, but every so often, a good one pops up, and that one there was good enough, and near and dear to my own campaign to stamp out voice-acting forever, that I felt it deserved a hyping.

2. What did you think was the best RPG of 2004? I thought Tales of Symphonia was the best.

I'm gonna have to disagree with you there and go with Shadow Hearts: Covenant. While ToS certainly had its moments, in addition to a well-executed battle system, it also came saddled with a laughable plotline. Because of that serious shortcoming, I have to give the nod to Covenant, which, in addition to the rich atmosphere, excellent gameplay, and tightly constructed soundtrack, also had a most satisfying storyline.

3. Who did that guy think he was, insulting Zelda games? Blasphemy!


Believe it or not, not everyone likes every Zelda game. It's crazy, I know, but it happens.

Feel? You need to listen better ^_^

Hey Whats up Andrew,

I've never sent an e-mail before, but after seeing the title for your last Q&A colum I had to speak up.

"Now, Bear my Artic Blassst!" ( I always thought it was feel, but eh.) is from the tremendous Shining Force 3 for the Sega Saturn. This used to be a running joke between all my friends and I. Common, that had to be the worst bit of voice acting I've ever heard in a game. Who could be afraid of a wizard that sounds like Charles Nelson Reily! Also, how about the voice-over when you die? That had to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard. It sounds like they hired that guy who played Corky on Life Goes On to say"Is dis de end?" Wow.....

Yeah, I was blown away by its awfulness. It's almost like you can see them standing around in a circle, bored, chainsmoking as they tiredly read lines out of the game's script while glaring sidelong at each other. It's compellingly terrible, and it cracked me up.

Ok Question...... hm..... Well, since I'm on the topic of voice acting. What are your views on hollywood talent pretty much being gone from games for the forseeable future? Personally I don't think it is that big of a deal (especially in the RPG market), but it is always cool to be playing a game and recognize a big time actor. (My fav. was Chris Walken in True Crime. He's always one to bring a bit of hilarity, even when he doesn't try!)

Peace out,
Blade Cuttingham
"The Best there is, was, and ever will be"


Eh, it's not a total vanishment. Oblivion, for instance, is going to have plenty of big name talent, including the incomparable Patrick Stewart, among others. I suspect that there will always be a few games out there willing to shell out the big bucks for big-name actors, although obviously, the failure of the SAG and the Voice Actor's association will continue to be a fairly large sticking point.


With the release of the tech trailer for the PS3 using a remade Final Fantasy 7 , do you think they have a remake in mind for the game?


Wow! It took three months, but someone was finally foolish enough to ask this question! So, what does this honour win you? DEATH! That's right, cold, hard death is on its way to your home right now, in the form of a spiky brick which I will launch through your front window forthwith. I hope you enjoy your sojourn with eternity! <3

Unfit for Print

Do u kno where i can find the blk bomb in megaman battle network 4 red sun


If you can't take the time to make this into a real letter, I can't find the time to answer you. Learn how to speak proper English, you twit.


So for tomorrow, let's talk about sex, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good things, and the bad things, that may be. Actually, let's just talk about the DS price drop. Buy one last week and feeling bitter? Does this make you more likely to buy one now? Looking forward to Nintendogs? I crave your questions and comments!
Andrew Long is feeling salty, but also pepasome.

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