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You Get Five Learnpoints! July 2, 2005

Andrew Long - 2:38 EST

SO ANYWAY, playing capture the flag in the dark in a cow pasture really does lead to busted ankles. Fortunately, those ankles were not mine.


Okay, two-parter here.

1: I'm a big fan of the Xeno series. Have been ever since Xenogears when it first came out. Anyways, I just finished Xenosaga episode 2 and was a bit dissapointed by the length. Anyways, my question is this: Have you heard any news on there being an Xenosaga episode 3 and, if so, will it be longer than 2? 21 hours for a 50$ RPG really isnt what I had in mind when I bought it. (Thats not to say I didnt enjoy it)

Hold up there just a moment. "21 hours for a $50 RPG"? What kind of crazy logic is that? You don't buy a game for the number of hours it takes to complete it, you buy it because you expect it to be worth playing to the tune of $50 of your money. While I certainly would balk at a game that's only three hours long (notwithstanding that one or two of my favorite old-school titles can be breezed through in that space of time) there was ample warning prior to XS2's release that it wouldn't be as long as the first, and good riddance, as far as I'm concerned. 100-hour games are all very nice, but they take forever to get to the point and I don't particularly feel like waiting forever most times. In my case, I'm happy as a clam with games between 20 and 40 hours in length, and the closer to the lower end of that scale, the better (I suppose, though, that you could make an exception for Xenosaga, since the "gameplay" tends to consist of watching various movies for half the time).

2: Have you heard any news about a stateside release for Tales of Rebirth?


Yes, yes I have. I'm holding this secret knowledge in reserve because a fortune cookie told me to keep my plans secret for now, and as a senior administrative staff member on a website devoted to distributing news to the public in a timely and efficient manner, I find it to be in my best interests to sit on such information, particularly since it's on the advice of delicious snack treats.

No, I don't

remember when the predator was new and a season's pass cost no more then 30 dollars with a pepsi can? those days were exciting. now i have to stand in line for superman for two hours in the sweltering sun as people who shouldn't be bareing skin bare said skin. the wooden behemoth stands next door, where you can simply walk on and get in. also, they need to bring back the batman stunt spectacular. that was truly incredible. pre-recorded voices of actors as the performers wear giant helmets so you can't see their mouths and realize they are not actually speaking! i think i saw it twice! bah to six flags.

DJ Lovering


Shroudie kind of overstated my hatred towards Darien Lake. My sole contact with the theme park is through commercials, which, while highly annoying, have left me feeling no particular emotion towards the park itself. That said, as a general rule, I hate amusement parks like plague. They're smelly, they're hot, they're full of annoying loud people, they're expensive, it takes forever to do anything worth doing, and roller coasters wreck up my stomach, much as I used to enjoy going on them (rode the Skyrider at Canada's Wonderland 17 times in a row one cool October day).

At any rate, I remember the days when admission was $25 with a Coke can, but you still had to stand in ungodly long lines, fat people still wore ugly spandex to deleterious effect (even more so cuz it was the early 90s) and amusement parks still sucked. Except I was young so I could stand a certain level of suckitude in exchange for cheap thrills. Bah to Canada's Wonderland.


Hey there Cast/Goog/Shroudie/other RPGamer staff member,

First off when Castomel made the comment on LttP's zoras being drastically different than OoT's zoras got me to thinking, are those little rock guys ontop of death mountain that turn purple when you hit them the sword the precursor to OoT's Gorons?

You know, they do look similar, but alas - consulting an online bestiary for LttP reveals that the creatures are in fact called "gargoyles", meaning that if they are precursors, they are not so in name.

Secondly my girlfriend is writing/drawing a comic/manga with a rpg story to it and I am helping her with battles and abilities, and I couldn't help having the abilities having a long FFT-styled incantation(ala Life is short!! Bury! Steady Sword) and I was wondering what RPG started those weird funny sounding incantions for spells/abilities?

Arros Raikou


Technically, I would place the blame at Lunar's feet, though I can't quite remember clearly whether or not the original Sega CD Lunar had in-battle voice samples. I do know my memory of Nash going "Check this out!" came from somewhere, however, so I will tentatively lay the blame at its feet until someone contradicts me. Failing that being the one, FFT was probably it, my friend. It was early on in the PSX's development cycle, and I don't remember any SNES or NES RPGs having battlecries, textual or otherwise.


No letters, but hey, it's up, and that's the important part! Sayonara, suckers!
Andrew Long can't say anything nice, so he can't say anything. Really :)

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