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Canada Day July 1, 2005

Andrew Long - 10:15 EST

THIS MORNING BUSINESS IS ALWAYS A LITTLE ALIEN at first, on account of I usually come into morning from the other side. Nevertheless, we shall have to make the best of it, for today is the day that 138 years ago, a bunch of Canadians, seized with... Well, it wasn't exactly patriotic fervour, actually. From what I remember of eighth grade history, the Dominion of Canada came about because there had been a decade of political impasse. In the blue corner, Newspaper magnate George Brown, father of the Globe, later to become the Globe and Mail, and namesake of an ugly college two blocks north of my old neighbourhood. In the red corner, Sir John A. MacDonald, who could shoot lasers from his eyes and breathe railroad track. Anyhow, it fell to these, and other, fathers of confederation to send some mail to England begging their pardon to set us up with some governmental powers to get rid of the stagnant political deadlock (you immediately qualify for an A in grade 8 Canadian history if you can remember this term in conjunction with the "BNA Act", which I believe enabled the fathers of confederation to breed dinosaurs in the Canadian Shield, so if you're 12 years old, heed them well.)

Anyhow, my memory's a little fuzzy, but on the back of this august dream, a British North America ruled by slightly empowered dinosaurs, Canada was born. It brings a tear to my eye... *sniff sniff*

Of Sprites and chocolate

The sweets of Mana mentioned in a recent submission here reminded me that I need to play Secret of Mana again. It's definitely in my top 5 games and I haven't played it in about 5, maybe even 6 years. But I sold my copy for.... let's say chocolates... back when I became addicted to.. yes, chocolate. Now... I'm hungry. I'm off to eat chocolate if I can find it. I guess I have to ask a question, so, is the sprite a girl or boy? Or perhaps is it up to you to decide? Are sprites asexual? NO, because the sprite had a GRANDPA who bestowed the power of Sylphid, the thunder or lightning god (what were they called?) The point is, Secret of Mana is AWESOMEMAX!



According to the game itself, the sprite is male. If you remember the charming vignette where you first meet him, his harsh dwarf overlord refers to him in the masculine form while bilking you out of your hard-earned GP. Now, if you were addicted to chocolate, why oh why would you be selling Secret of Mana? Of all the SNES RPGs, it was the only one to include chocolate as a curative item, so as long as your chocolate habit wasn't becoming chronic, shall we say, you could easily pay tribute to your harsh sugary overlord by buying bar after bar of chocolate for your characters! FOR SHAME!

Good news? I SPIT on your good news!

I was wondering if you had any information on what Sega's Smile Bit R&D been up to? Im a crazy fan of the "Panzer Dragoon" series and was wondering if they were making another game in the series or if its over?

I highly doubt it's really over though, if anyone has played any of the games and kept up with the story then you would know that in the end of Orta on the X-Box that the story actually keeps going on despite what traspires in the ending sequence. I would love to see several more installments of the series, "I.E."( Hopefully On The PS3), can hope or whatever!!

But it would be seriously kewl to hear some good news on the matter, and MUCH appreciated.



Sad tidings, friend. While the Panzer Dragoon saga may live on, Smilebit will not, at least not as Smilebit. Smilebit's now defunct website informs us that "We integrated the corporation smile bit with corporation Sega with July 1st of 2004. We move this sight to corporation Sega. Patronage thank you truly. Furthermore, in the future at inside the corporation Sega R&D headquarters to continue, because software development is done, Extent of continuation support, we ask may."

So there you have it. The tattered remnants of Smilebit will ask may whether or not continuation support can be provided for their, and presumably your, dreams to continue, but for all intents and purposes, the development team is null and void.


You new-school kids are a sad sad bunch


I need to get the flippers from Zora. But when I go up to the waterfall, I get little Zora look-alikes trying to kill me. There is no King Zora. Please help.


Oh NOES! Not little Zora lookalikes! BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! For your information, buster, that's what a Zora looked like back before they gussied them up with fins and the long grey noses. That's right - they were horrible green creatures that shot beams from their mouths and had a red fringe of webby death surrounding their harsh visage - and that's the way we liked it! Herego, if you would like your flippers, you simpering sack of wimpiness, I cordially extend you an invitation to, oh, I don't know - go a little further upstream? King Zora's there, you just haven't gone far enough. Of course, if you've been looking for a giant grey sack of lard sitting on top of an ass-cooling waterfall, that might explain your miserable failure, but them's the breaks, I suppose.

I swear... kids these days...

The Pilkman! The Pilkmeister! The Pilkster! Someone should really get a better nickname! Damn I'm a bitter sack of crap today for no reason at all!

Greetings QnA Guru of the Day,

I have started playing Wild ARMs 3, and I love the opening theme "Advanced Wind." The version in the U.S. release, however, is not included on the Wild ARMs 3 OST. I was wondering if you or any readers out there might know where I can acquire an mp3 of the American version of this song. I know of at least one site which had an mp3 posted, but the link has since been removed, and the site does not seem to be updated anymore.

Any help would be appreciated,



Hmm. Well, as of ten seconds ago, this mp3 is posted on my desktop, but I don't suppose that helps you very much. As an added affront, I can't even recommend mp3s to you, so it looks like it's tough beans for you, my friend. Yes, tough CHECK YOUR EMAIL beans. Incidentally, a REAL WA fan would go for the whistle version! ^_^

Now why would I give away information like that

Q&A host,

My God Bob Saget SUCKS. Congratulations on your accurate portrayal of his god awfulness.

Thanks awfully, although it should be noted in Bob Saget's defense that he is apparently quite the stand-up comic, with a routine that is nothing like his saccharine TV spots, by all accounts.

I love this website and visit it all the time (despite the fact that I rarely have the chance to play video games, let alone RPGs, anymore). Has activity on the site increased with the addition of new features (like MMORPGamer and Currents - or even Jordan's Japandemonium Q&A)?

I honestly have no reliable means of reporting this information myself; the boss has some tracking software that he uses for his own diabolical ends, but I don't personally have access to any statistics that could tell me one way or another. Moreover, quoting direct numbers would probably get me drawn and quartered, so I wouldn't do it even if I did have access to those numbers. Logic, however, dictates that if you add content, you add activity, so I will suggest that yes, the addition of these features has in fact increased our site's traffic.

Also, I have the opportunity to take a writing job similar to yours in the near future and wonder if you have any pointers, warnings or miscellaneous thoughts on the subject at all?



Pointers? Get paid if you can; it will help to keep your motivation up, and although I can do that fine without money, I must confess that a cheque would increase my dedication somewhat. Warnings? Well, make absolutely sure you want to take the position you speak of, because I've seen plenty of people burn out around in the five years or so that I've been on board, so what sounds like a great idea at first doesn't always end up being that way after the fact. Finally, in the miscellaneous thoughts department, I'm really not trying to scare you off. Working for a website can be great fun as long as you keep your priorities straight, remember that as with any job, the best and/or worst part will be the other people you're working with, depending upon how you build or break those relationships, and that any website that supports ninjas over pirates is no website.


I dismissed NOTHING

I believe you quickly dismissed RPGfan's question about a Xenosaga 3.

He was referring to the fact that one of the voice actor's for Xenosaga has reported that he is working on Xenosaga 3 in his blog. This was also reported by IGN. It is no rumor, unless this voice actor is lying through his teeth. Also, I don't think it's silly to believe Xenosaga 3 will be on PS2. The PS3 is still a long time coming and it doesn't make sense to risk the high development costs to build the next installment of a series that is not very popular in neither North America or Japan. In fact, I would say it's more likely going to be on PS2 but I still give it around a 50/50 shot.


Indeed, it would be silly to discount this story, since RPGamer has posted it; and indeed, Shroudie did not discount it. All he said was that the likelihood of the game appearing on the PS2 is not great, a statement I would tend to agree with for a couple of reasons. For one, the PS2 is nearing the end of its life, which is kind of silly since you can still make some pretty decent games for it, but whatever. For another, the Xenosaga series as a whole is suffering from flagging sales and popularity, so if Namco really wants to continue building upon it, it does not make logical sense to dump it on a console that, while widely installed, will nonetheless no longer be in the limelight within a year's time.

All that said, neither of us can really argue from any position of strength until we find out how far along development on Xenosaga 3 is. The fact that they're hiring voice actors suggests that a lot of the work is already done, which would lead me to believe it's heading for the PS2. Then again, perhaps Namco has had the story in the can from the get-go and is getting that out of the way first. It's all speculation, this is all speculation, and arguing about it till we're blue in the face and sending flames will do nothing to make either of us more or less correct. I know rampant discussion is supposed to be my bag here, but let's just wait and see what Namco says, yes?

Perilously close to Unfit for Print


are you going to do a contest where you give away a trip to the Tokyo Game Show 2005. come on. you know you want to. plus it falls on my birthday. andrew. give me a round trip to TGS 2005.



If I was going to give anyone a round trip to TGS 2005 Fall, it would be me, my friend. As it stands, I have neither the resources nor the inclination to create such a contest, so I'm afraid you'll just have to come up with your own means of getting there (and for the love of Christmas, no whorin'!)

Keep on Shinin'

Dear Andrew:

Okay, just to lay it down, Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon was just about everything I've longed for from the Shining Series since I was nine years old, really. I always wanted a story to the original Shining Force for Genesis, but the American version just didn't have it...

Anyway, my question is this: are there any plans to remake Shining Force II for the GameBoy Advance?

A Big Nerd


Not at this point, but Sega's been working through the Shining series like a drunk through a 2-4 in the name of rereleasing as much stuff as possible for the GBA, so I would imagine that your chances of seeing this title on there at some point are fairly robust. But don't take my word for it; here's a tantalizingly random snippet from a German message board that probably means nothing at all!

" The small thing from Shining Force II (GBA) which one gets wennman behind so nem house after-looked (no still no spoiler) comes then..."



Hoping for golf, resigned to fireworks. For tomorrow, a letter I did not post here requested Xenosaga's sales figures vs. Xenosaga II's. Please to obliging be. In other news, can you believe this crazy national anthem has four verses? Both in English AND in French! It's madness, I tell you!
Andrew Long stands on guard for thee.

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