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Feeling Droupy? Try Our Soupy!
May 4th, 2007

Andrew Long - 5:53 EDT

IN WHAT CAN ONLY BE A TERRIBLE sign for my gambling addiction, I just placed fourth in a poker tournament, which netted me some cash. Moolah. Dinero. However you spell it, it's mazoolas in the bank! Except instead of the bank, it's my gambling hole. Which means it will inevitably disappear. Ah, well, at least I still have the soupy (the titular quote appears on the menuboard of a nearby deli)!

Must you persist with this gibberish? Hmm, actually, I guess I DID just say Mazoola....

Waka jawaka, Andrew.

Your fears regarding Camelot are groundless. Aethelred revealed about a month ago (in the forums) that the company has parted ways with Nintendo and is now producing PC golf games in Japan. As I despise golf, there is no chance of my ever playing these.

Dude! Golf is awesome! From the wormburners to the missed shots to the flying golf clubs to the sulphurous cursing, there's nothing better than shooting a 109 on a par-3 course and then swearing about it for days afterwards. Come to think of it, I haven't been yet this year and it's just about time...

As to my RPGs, I have no rules. Looking at my review list would indicate an incredible variety, from the shoot-em-up of Sigma Star Saga to the beat-em-up of Guardian Heroes (with quite a few more traditional types, of course). My reptilian brain needs fodder from time to time. My only rule is: have the game do what it does well.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Shadowrun, so I'll give this: I attempted the Genesis version a few months ago, and put it aside (though I will return). What think you of the SNES version?

Never played it. I do believe, however, that I may have played an Amiga version of this game, though everything online tells me that such a version never existed. Perhaps it was Shadowgate, therefore.

Apparently there was a fundamental misconception that requires resolution. I had thought the insertion of a Monty Python quote was automatically too ridiculous to take seriously (although I did presume your familiarity with the source). It seems I was incorrect. Yes, I was very terse several days ago, and Monty Python was an attempt to alleviate this. The difficulties of rendering vocal tone properly in text are thusly displayed. If you and I are ever in the same space, I offer you a lunch to berate me for my childhood espousal of Sega over Nintendo (which I have long since progressed beyond). JuMeSyn


Lame levity is still lame, however you slice it. As to the Nintendo vs. Sega argument, I had that out a long time ago with my friend Jim, a former Sega fanatic. For three long months he waited for Lunar to come in to our local gameshop, and every day he would come on the bus, sit down, and say "Lunar's comin' tonight... I can feel it in my bones!" Apparently his bones were remarkably lacking in augural ability. Anyhow, now he's on the Nintendo bandwagon too, since Sega came a cropper, so I guess what I'm saying is, I WIN!

Seems somewhat improved


Hello! I'm the one who wrote in last time that you said was from Russia due to my grammer. I don't blame you. It was pretty bad. Anyway, do you think there should be a point to sidequests beyond just getting extra cash/loot,exp.? Sometimes, I like them to be simple "slay-and-go's", as in FFXII's mark hunts. And other times, I want it to at least have some impact on the rest of the game. I give the character quests in Star Ocean 2 for an example of that.



Enh. If sidequests have an impact on the game, at least in terms of story, then they can hardly be classed as such; that said, SO2 is the exception to that rule since there are 80 kajillion endings you can get. I too enjoy the marks, however; they give you a chance to fully explore the game world, while giving you a reason to build your characters to high levels at the same time. That was something that FFX didn't quite have; sure the Brave Advancement stadium (yeah yeah I only know it by the name of the track that plays there) offered something similar, but somehow it lacked the challenge of actually hunting the monsters down and anyway, half the stuff in there was completely impossible.

Hmmm... What's this?

Dear you, If it's a topic you want, mayhaps you'll ponder this: I hear many complaints from people who regularly play rpgs, among them is that they don't much enjoy the twitch gameplay recently being added to their genre of choice. I, however partial I may be to turn-based gameplay, find that incorporating these elements is not a bad thing; it just shouldn't comprise the majority of rpgs in existence (which it doesn't, today). The topic being posited, I suppose, is: If you play loads of rpgs do you also play faster paced games requiring twitch reflexes? My friends and I play Smash Bros. Melee all the time, and I found F-Zero GX to be extremely fun (and challenging). I consider myself to be a heavy rpg user, so I'm wondering what others think.



Hmm... Good topic! Me, I play all sorts of games, and having been a confirmed Quake 3 addict during that game's brief reign as the uber FPS out there, I can affirm that I am indeed a fan of the twitch. I also play a fair bit of SSBM, so I guess that fully qualifies me for whatever it is you define as twitch RPG gaming.

The hills are aliiive... oh lord no

Hey Andrew, I remember a while ago, there was a contest to see who could publicize Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song the best. I imagined dressing up as one of the characters from the game or having my friends participate, and though nothing shaped out, it sounded fun. Has there ever been an RPG giveaway contest that you have participated in, or would have if the conditions were right? What do you think would be a really good original idea for an RPG giveaway contest?

I've never entered one myself, but dude... We give away around a dozen games a year here, so believe me, we have no shortage of crazy schemes for doing it. Just take my counterpart, for instance... He's spent oodles of time making sure that Sock 2 is just so, and there are several games that will be prizes for that particular contest, so I hope you got in on it, as you seem to like that sort of thing.

As for the Lord of the Rings MMORPG, I read somewhere they are trying to stay as true to Tolkien's world as possible -- so true, in fact, that a debate arose on whether to allow marriage between races (except human/elf, since it's mentioned in the series) and gay people. It got so charged they decided to ban marriage altogether. An extreme example, but it shows that every developer has to face such issues when making a licensed MMORPG. Andrew, what's a reasonable limit to place in controlling content in a licensed MMORPG? Should developers control main quests but allow gamers to do anything (short of anarchy) otherwise? Or should they control every aspect of the game to make it as close to the original as possible? Something else - a balancing act perhaps?

- Waterfiend33


Hrm. Good question. So good, in fact, that I think I'll make it tomorrow's topic, alongside the twitchymobob. I think you do have to set limits somewhere; companies have tried in several instances and met with resistance, a la the enforced closet of Blizzard, but at some point one has to remember that however unlikely, there is the possibility that stuff from MMOs can spill over into the real world. Then there's Second Life, which is just wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to begin. It's probably telling that one of the major industries in the game is designing working schlongs for sale to the general public, and having seen a couple of the porno houses that Something Awful wandered through, I can view LotR's bannination of marriage with a certain degree of equanimity. I also approve of their banning of names like 1337elfx0r93.

Unfit for GAH!



...Penner? Astaire? Rogers? You gotta give me more than that. And preferably a few font sizes smaller, yes love?


Well there you have it. Two fresh, delicious topics for your consumption. So get eating! Else I'll switch to gruel for Sunday! Hmhmhmhm.

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