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May 1, 2007

Andrew Long - 1:56 EDT

THIS INTRODUCTION will serve no purpose other than to delay you reading the letters, which normally I like for some reason, but not today! No sir, it's time for brevity, and souls of wit... I hear you can steal those from Chub Toads!

Angry man microwave dinners: A full pound of rage for the truly enraged individual

Things I learned from the last letter's response: You harbor a hatred of Camelot. Elaborate.

Okay. I begrudge them the time I wasted slogging through such crap as Golden Sun and Beyond the Beyond, and while I have not played the Shining Force titles you're so hot and bothered for, I find that in general, Camelot's games involve an excessive quantity of switch logic puzzles that serve no discernable purpose other than to irritate the crap out of the gamer and artificially extend the game's length. These are then compounded by maddening encounter rates, which make the puzzles take even longer to create, which makes the whole sorry mess even more irritating. This setup has occurred in nearly every Camelot game I've ever played, except the ones I like, such as Shining in the Darkness and Shining the Holy Ark. Every Camelot game, meanwhile, is blighted by an old-fashioned, clunky interface, another thing I take issue with. I'm sorry if that kind of crap gameplay is your thing, but I just do not support it in any way, shape, or form. So please, stop getting hot under the collar, I'm not just making generalized statements on the basis of a single game.

It is acceptable to denigrate a company's entire output without playing anything close to all of it. By your standard, because I didn't care for Harmony of Dissonance I can dismiss Konami's output.

Well, at least we agree that HoD isn't all that and a bag of chips.

Something I suspected for a long time is true: lengthy discussions of a single topic belong in editorials. This is why I bounce from topic to topic in Q&A, and you have demonstrated how valid a choice it is. So as not to try your apparent ADD any further, I end with this: "I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!"



Oh, lord. If you're trying to demonstrate your acumen in the field of feckless, morbidly nerdy insults, consider it done. I am uncertain as to how not wanting to respond to eight zillion points in a hundred-page letter constitutes ADD, but hey, I'm all for :o A dog! With a puffy tail! Hee hee hee heee hee hee!


Hey again qna guy,

To address the topic of Super Paper Mario, I thoroughly enjoyed the game's mixture of platforming and rpg elements, yet I seem to long still for the more strategic merits of its turn-based predecessors. My rpg tastes tend to skew more towards turn-based, yet I've always enjoyed genre blending games like Grandia II and III. But games like Xenosaga, Skies of Arcadia, and Dragon Quest will always remain on top for me.

Paper Mario was strategic? o.O Apparently I played an entirely different version, one that had a serious excess of the suck.

As for a about: Do you enjoy when a game has a steep learning curve? I greatly enjoyed Xenosaga Ep. 1 when I first rented it, even though I had to restart because I botched my game in the beginning due to loads of bad decisions. Games like Super Paper Mario have the benefit of being more pick-up-and-play, yet the sense of accomplishment from a game like Xenosaga and its stand-up-and-shout-from-beating-that-hardass-boss-gameplay just seems to trump the accessibility for me.

I've exceeded the hyphen quota,


Eh. I'd rather know what I'm doing from the outset, because if I can't figure out a battle system adequately then I am not likely to finish the game; take Unlimited SaGa, for instance. It took me several hours of gameplay before I figured out what I could and couldn't do, and even now I have no stinking clue as to how to do half the stuff I need to. All in all, I'll take easy to learn, lifetime to master anytime.

Sure thing, giant beer

This is a minor suggestion, that would really help folks who like to bookmark things out. I've noticed that you are changing the SOCK2 pages to have datestamps on them, so as not to lose the history of the contest. That's all well and good, as its nice to be able to go back over what's happened. However, may I suggest that you change it mup just a little, keep the current page as sock2.html, and when you goto put up a new page, rename it with a datestamp then. That way its possible to bookmark the sock2 page, and easily check for updates when people goto work in the mornings. Sorry its not a truly RPG related letter, but I figured I'd send this in and give it a shot.


I have nothing to do with SOCK2; herego, I will smile and nod and bid you good day, and hope that Matt reads this letter once he's back from internet hell.

A quickie, but I'm too lazy to find the template for that :(

A quickie about cats: My aunt just adopted a stray kitten. She’s named him Sawyer after the guy from Lost. I just met him tonight…Quite a handsome little boy.



Thanks for sharing, Bucket.

Mac Attack

Dear Casto Melt (mmm... sorry, I'm thinking about having a turkey melt for lunch),

So it seems as if you've picked up Pokémon Diamond since my last letter. So from one Pokémon virgin to someone who has just recently lost their Pokémon virginity, how was it? Did it hurt a little to start with, but get better as you got into it? Was it a sad disappointment, not living up to your great expectations? Or was it just plain mind-blowing?

I'm usually not someone that gets too caught up on graphics, but these new Pokémon games don't really look up to par for a DS title. Then again, I've not seen them in action. Are they better live than in the videos and screens I've seen? Or does it just not matter once you start trying to catch 'em all?

As I feel like I'm the only one around these parts without one of the new Pokémon titles and you were a newcomer to the series, I'd like your take on it please.

Do share,


Pokémon basically strikes me as a Dragon Warrior without the fuss; that is, the weapons and armor. Battles progress the same way as they do in DW, and characters can learn various spells and level up, so the lack of graphical glory doesn't really bother me that much, because I have no problem with 8-bit games, so why should I care about a DS game that happens not to look quite up to par? In any case the game is horribly addictive and I imagine if I had any online capabilities I wouldn't be doing much else right now. Alas, no wifi for me ;_;


Seriously people... use the topic! Love the topic! BE the topic! Also, buy some topical ointment, my feet are on fire.

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