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Eyes On the Floor... Eyes Always On God's Parquet Floor June 25th, 2005

Andrew Long - 19:51 EST

IT'S DAMN HOT OUT AGAIN, and this makes me angry, or at least sweaty. I'm used to the odd June heatwave hereabouts; the lake and the winds from the south always conspire to turn Toronto into a soupy heckhole for at least one or two weeks every year, pretty much without fail. I just always seem to forget how sticky it can get, which is still, I hear, much less sticky than... oh, the Asian monsoon season, or the odd steamy night in New Orleans. Nevertheless, I am at heart a whiner, so to wit: meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!

The dastardly monkey rides again


Remember how Klax and I said you'd regret turning us against each other? I just wanted to remind you that with my Ninja Monkey skills and Klax's PR skills, WE set up your trip to the sky. You'd forgotten about our promise, hadn't you?

At any rate... what game are you most looking forward to that is coming out this year? In my case, I can't wait to import Everyone Loves Katamari. How about you?

Steve Monkey
Monkey Keyboardist


Given that TES IV is slated for a Christmas-season release, I would have to make that my choice, because what I saw of it at E3 was just amazing. That said, Everybody Loves Katamari looks somewhat interesting, although I'm not sure it really qualifies as much more than an expansion to the first title (semantics notwithstanding, though, it should still be pretty entertaining.)

And as for your little Ninja theory, let me just tell you something, monkey - I brought that on myself! MYSELF!

Ah, Fire Emblem... We hardly knew thee

I heard that Fire Emblem 6, Sealed Sword was to be released in America for GBA in 2002, but to my knowledge it never was. What happened to it??

Thank you for your time,


Yes... About that. It seems RPGamer did report that FE6 would be released in North America back in 2002, but for whatever reason, Nintendo changed its mind somewhere along the way and quietly pulled the title off its North American roster. It's unclear why Nintendo doesn't seem to think North America will receive Fire Emblem titles well; while the last GBA entry didn't exactly set shelves on fire, the GameCube title that was showing at E3 this year was quite entertaining, and there were lineups at several times during the day that I was mooching about Nintendo's booth (no, I didn't wait in that ungodly lineup to play Twilight Princess, although I did manage to get in, failing to score a t-shirt out of the bargain but still pretty happy at having saved three hours).

Characters I'm missing?

Hey Andrew,

Gilgamesh from FF5 and Young Rydia. Where is the difficulty in that?

-andrew- -kupomogli-


I might accept Young Rydia, but I don't ever recall Gilgamesh being on my side, so you lose on that one. Young Rydia, however, does make 96, so Stu probably won't mind.

Comparison shopping

Wow, ANOTHER one?!? Anyway, I know a lot of FFT purists absolutely loathe FFTA, but I see a lot of people who got attached to one really don't like the other. Personally, I didn't like FFT too much, mostly because, after playing FFTA, the graphics seemed to dark and bland, and the play system was so different. What do you think? Do people who play one game and then go and play a drastically different one in the same series have problems adapting to the new one?

Check out my website at


Having checked out your website, may I offer a humble, probably offensive suggestion: perhaps you liked FFTA because of all the happy little anthropomorphic beasties that FFT so thankfully lacked?

Anyway, to put it simply, yes, nostalgia and familiarity will often conspire to make the first title you play in a series preferable to the second, even if the latter is the better game. Even so, I can't for the life of me think of any reason why a person would like FFTA better than FFT. FFTA's story, gameplay, and battle system are all deeply inferior, and while FFTA certainly is marginally brighter, it's only that way because the game is targeted towards 8-year-olds. Either way, I do apologize if my first suggestion rubs you the wrong way, but it's just about the only reason I can think of for favoring FFTA over FFT.

Finally, on topic!

Hey there Cast,

I'm most looking forward to Makai Kingdom this summer, simply because it seems to be a smooth blend of Disgaea's demon antics and Phantom Brave's weird gameplay

As for a question: Do you know if Lunar: Dragon Song is gonna be a limited print game or if there will be a ample supply of them?

Arros Raikou

See I told you it was short!!


Good job, Arros. Here's a tilde: ~ I can't think of any particular reason why Lunar: Dragon Song would be a limited print; the only reason previous Lunars have been limited in any respect is for special editions that came with extra goodies, and since Working Designs doesn't appear to be playing any part in the release of this title, I don't see there being much of anything in the way of bonuses. I also can't recall UbiSoft ever limiting the release of a game, so pretty much the only factor that might serve to curb the supply of this title is the number of NDS units that have been sold by the time the game is released. As such, I recommend setting your mind at ease, or if that doesn't work, preordering.

Oh dear

Dear Whatsyourface,

I finally caved in and bought Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and am planning on getting a Swap Magic Disc set and Slide tool for my PS2 so it can play imports without messing up the warranty. But lately news of an Original Generation Gundam Seed SRW with full-size cel shaded graphics seems to be coming out according to a magazine article scan I've seen recently. Is there any way RPGamer can confirm this? And if so, how long before Japan's release of it and what would be the likelyhood of SRW finally getting ported over here in some fashion? As it's my observation that its popularity is slowly rising in Japan and not slowing down at all anytime soon. I mean c'mon, who doesn't like Tactical RPGs where you can blow stuff up with a giant robot?


Our local gadfly-on-the-scene in Japan, J Sensei, has indicated that while he has encountered information that indicates a new Gundam Seed RPG is in the works, it has not been confirmed yet as to whether or not it's a Super Robot Wars title. I honestly don't know why a SRW game or two haven't made their way over here yet; the way Fox and the Cartoon Network et al love shows with giant robots, you'd think they would see the marketing possibilities implicit in these games, but I guess for whatever reason that they just don't think it's viable. Who knows - maybe they're too violent to sell to 8-year-olds.

Yeesh... today is like, the day of quelling old rumours

Has Sega officially shelved Shenmue 3? I've been waiting patiently for some time for any news concerning such a great series and I've yet to hear or find anything at all! I need closure!


III is almost certainly toast; it was supposed to end up on the Xbox in days of yore, but given the utter lack of anything that has appeared in the last three years or so, I think it's safe to say the game is toast. On the other hand, if you live in Korea or Japan, there will be an online entry in the series, entitled Shenmue Online, which will be released this summer, if estimates are correct. It's doubtful it'll ever make it here, though.


And that, I do believe, is that. The one thing about that is, Googleshng was on yesterday, and apparently a wall that is fairly critical to his online self has yet to be replaced, leading me to believe that you will perhaps be dealing with either a guest host tomorrow or yours truly again. If this is not the case, however, then I wish you a happy week, and may all your difficulties be creamsicle related.
Andrew Long could sure go for a creamsicle right now...

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actually, I could have bought creamsicle-flavoured ice cream yesterday, but it would have melted before I got home, so I decided not to x.x


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