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Crispy Dragon Fossil June 10th, 2005

Andrew Long - 4:14 EST


Most curious indeed

How is it possible in Shadow Hearts that Alice's father was a priest, as far as I've ever known Priests aren't allowed to have children or for that matter any sexual contact at all and if so it should happen they lose their right or job or whatever to be a priest and he was killed while still involved in priesthood. Sorry for my abomination of use of the English language its just been annoying the hell out of me for the whole game.

Thanks much


While you are certainly correct that in theory priests should not go around merrily boinking people left and right, doctrine and practice don't always line up. If the Catholic church's recent sex scandal wasn't enough evidence of that for you, there's also plenty of historical evidence that indicates that any number of priests throughout the ages have been involved in all sorts of illicit affairs. It all comes down to human nature; basically, no matter how many rules you make, there will always be someone who is willing to break those rules, and if you're really lucky, some of them will even write bad pop ballads about it. That said, if you're looking for a sanitized method in which this could be possible, you're not totally out of luck; perhaps her father married her mother, impregnated her, her mother died, and then her father entered the priesthood. No muss, no fuss!

Or maybe it's a damned video game, it doesn't have to make sense, and "her father is a priest" sounds cooler in an instruction manual than "her father scoops out sewers".


I hadn't heard the rumors about FFXI on XBOX 360, but, are you kidding? 60 bucks? Though I have to say, it unfortunately doesn't really surprise me, Microsoft's always been somewhat like that. They still charge nearly full price for Windows 98 (why that was in the store I don't know) so asking full price for an old game doesn't sound too odd, considering I heard rumors that they're gonna charge to re-compile the Halo games so they actually work on the new system.

So, questions, I have a couple. What do you think of the upcoming consoles, XBox in particular I guess? I feel the next generation of consoles is being too rushed, and I hate the XBox in general so I'm really up in the air about the upcoming platforms.

I think they're utterly unnecessary and I hope whoever releases a console first gets burned in the face for it. The current generation of consoles should be given at least another year or two to max out its potential before they have to go on to the next damned thing. I just hope Nintendo has better timing this time around, much as their E3 Revolution presentation was mostly unimpressive.

Secondly, what's up with Squeenix lately? They haven't seemed to be able to push a game out the door recently. I've had to go back to playing some of my old favorites (FF1 and 6 ^_^) lately, cause I see nothing from them. Most recent thing of theirs I've seen is FMA, and I picked that up, but really there's almost nothing. I guess that isn't too bad though, let's me save my money for Makai Kingdom.


Squenix has lost many key staff members is all, so it's going to take some time before somebody else steps up to fill the void. Add to that the huge number of titles the company endeavours to produce each year, and it's easy to see why quality has suffered; lots of titles, less experienced staff and a dizzying array of different platforms would be a big challenge for any developer.

And yes, you should definitely save your money for Makai Kingdom, specifically the preorder; I've seen that art book and it will make you drool till you're parched and dry.

So many emoticons ((o.o));;

Dear Q&A person =D! *<3*

Since lately everyone's been playing MMORPGs, or just plain Online RPGs (my brother included, what with his current Runescape obsession), I was wondering how much damage the genre actually does to poor hapless RPG gamers. Okay, cut that; I was looking around videogame shops the other day and saw a copy (a lot actually) of Guild Wars (bad at names.. bad at names). It said playing it online was free, which resulted in much squee-age for me though the same can't be said for my wallet (which was empty ._.). I was wondering; is that too good to be true or what? Or is it just some silly short-time marketing thing that will lure people into playing it because they know the game will turn them into complete GuildWar!zombies so when they finally make it like all the other good MMORPGs out there... they can't resist but to shell out money? And if I ever get this game, will it be worth it or should I just buy a new computer and get myself a happy Final Fantasy XI copy? ._.

From what I understand, Guild Wars is in fact free; it will just have frequent content updates that you'll have to pay to have access to, although gamers will still be able to play unupdated versions for free at their option. I think that all in all, it's a pretty good setup; you won't feel compelled to pay the money, but since you won't be paying a monthly fee, the idea of paying for those updates instead won't seem quite as repugnant as it might otherwise appear to be.

I was reading the Q&A page before this too (I missed the Suikoden discussion O_o) but, anyway, I thought I might as well say it too; I wish they'd remake Suikoden I and II. I seriously do and then, maybe, they can fix it for the better and remove all those extra exclamation and question marks in the script... I used to have the game in happy bootleg glory.. I mean, Suikoden II is not hard to find at all if you go into some Asian country where bootlegging is rampant and English is their choice of language for videogames. It's up there with all the old PS1 classics like Xenogears and Chrono Trigger.. yadda yadda... Why can't companies make use of all these deprived new-school gamers and start re-releasing the good old games? (Square did!) We may be poor but we're willing to shed money for the games we love D:! *sniffles*

Just a few more questions~ Is Suikoden IV any good? Is Xenosaga 2 worth buying/playing? And... Is The Sims an RPG? ._.?

^_^ (I can't wait to feed my brains to Final Fantasy XII, whenever it comes out... ._.)
PS, What do you think of Runescape? ._.?


Umm.. Suikoden II is just plain not hard to find at all. I don't know if you've just got some crazy attraction to bootlegged stuff, but I assure you, I found Suikoden II and I wasn't even looking for it, and I paid all of $23 Canadian, which as the inestimable Samantha Bee has indicated, is worth roughly a quarter pack of Skittles.

Suiko IV, by all accounts, is a big ball of poo. Xenosaga 2, meanwhile, seems to bring people enjoyment, although the general consensus I encountered was that it was a little shorter than people were expecting (which probably just means that instead of the ungodly runtimes usually associated with that series, the game has an approximately normal completion time.) Finally, no, no The Sims isn't.

P.S. Never played it. My only MMO currently is WoW, and I haven't played that much lately at all.

Yes they are

Hey Andrew,

Why the huge apology for not getting the prizes. RPGamer does tons of contests anyway so atleast the fans here are getting stuff. Also my questions aren't as bad as some so I don't think they should be deleted.

One thing I got to ask is about the Nintendo Revolution. It looks like cd's well be put in like they are on car cd players which could scratch them as they slide in. That's how it looks. Is it like that or does it have a tray that slides out and just looks like that from the pictures.

-andrew- -kupomogli-


Why the huge apology? Because we promised something we didn't deliver, that's why. In other news, the Nintendo Revolution will in all likelihood look nothing like the pretty picture released at E3. That was simply a prototype, and prototypes don't usually end up looking quite the same as the finished product, so I wouldn't worry too much about your CDs.

Questioning the veracity of walkthroughs? For shame...

To whomever should choose to answer this,

I think most of us would agree that Final Fantasy Tactics is just an all around spectacular game; well thought out storyline, enjoyable battles, awesome graphics for its time (the spells/summons are still impressive in my opinion), and a ridiculous amount of items/weapons to collect. My question is, in regards to the plethora of weapons that one can aquire (poaching, stealing, or of course randomly finding them lying on the ground in a dark cave) do you think it's possible that there are some not listed in the actual strategy guide/walkthroughs? I've looked through numerous walkthroughs online and haven't really found anything that I don't have already, so it's probably wishful thinking but eh...why not get an opinion.

Hoping to find random weapons lying on the ground in real life,



Official strategy guides are usually pretty thorough, my friend, so I'd have to say you're probably stuck with what you got. As to the online deal, most people who write FAQs have a disturbing amount of free time, and if you've spent a hundred hours playing a game, they've probably spent a thousand, so while it's possible that they might have missed a random sword here or there, the chances of it being useful to you are even slimmer than the remote possibility that they actually missed anything. In short - move on to Disgaea.

A trend is developing here...

Hello Answer-Person!

The Nippon Ichi game for the PSP mentioned in the recent edition was called Makai Wars. I say "was" because it's been cancelled. Rumor has it, Sony didn't want to publish a sprite-based game but I'm not sure I buy that, especially since NIS has stated that they're able to make fully 3D games (they just prefer sprites, which seems a lot like the "I can, I just don't want to" defense). Oh, and there are 2D games on the PSP already. We'll see if they pick it up again once Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana and Makai Kingdom have been released in the US. I'd imagine they're a little busy right now.

By the way, while I'm here, any word on a sequel to Skies of Arcadia? I read somewhere a while back that SEGA was planning one, but nothing else has been said about it since.



You're wrong. The PSP RPG was in fact Generation of Chaos, because NIS just confirmed it for North American release, which suggests to me that it's probably the game that reader was asking about. I should mention, however, that according to IGN, Jack from NIS said the project was not cancelled, but "put aside." Now, as the article there goes on to say, that probably doesn't offer much cause for hope, but Jack is generally a pretty earnest guy, so I've got faith in what he says. Besides, he showed us that sexy art book... Could someone with such great reading material possibly be a liar? I think not!

Aaanyhow, no information has surfaced on that alleged sequel. The closest we ever got was the GC remake, with a few tidbits of information surfacing now and again, but never anything tangible.


...It occurs to me that today's topic seems slightly skewed in favour of NIS. Word of Honor: I have received no payment for my glowing praise. They were the first interview I went to at E3 and by far the nicest, and so I held a special place in my heart for them, especially after roaming through a hall reeking of nerdsweat and worse for ten hours being bombarded by bad music and worse G4 specials.

So anyway, for tomorrow, we shall discuss.. Oh, I know. How about that obscenely overpriced special edition of FFVII: AC? Is there not a certain point after which special edition bonuses just become a pure waste of money? Cuz in my opinion, that $259 exercise in swag gluttony is it, if ever there was something to fit the description. Do you see any value in spending an extra forty bucks on a game for some extra plastic crap and the occasional wallscroll, or do you just stick to the plain vanilla version? Let us discuss this wacky world of "value added products." If the salespeople where I work don't sell a certain percentage of them, they get fired!

Andrew Long thinks you should take that extended warranty, because while he's not trying to badmouth our manufacturers, nobody uses good parts anymore, and think of how you'd regret it if that freezer broke down!

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