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Cut Man and Dr. Wily!

Andrew Long - June 27, 2004 01:35 EDT

MANY APOLOGIES FOR THE LACK of column on Saturday; a number of factors, central among them the fact that I had a scant two letters up until a few hours ago, which was really putting a damper on putting together a column. As it is, I think the email demons have descended upon my inbox again, because not much of anything is getting through currently.

At any rate, I'd like to take a minute to be a little more serious, for it was a year ago today that we lost Tony Green. While the passage of time may heal, I think it is important not to forget those you had the privilege of calling your friends, and as such I now take the time to do so. Other people with more eloquence than myself have already spoken on this matter on that sad day a year ago, and so if you knew Tony, or even if you didn't, I invite you to visit the tribute that we put together for him on that day, just to keep his memory alive.

And now, before I make things entirely too dramatic, here's everyone's favorite Dr, the talented somethingsomething Vaitso.

ASV - June 27, 2004 02:02 EDT

I am known throughout the cosmos by many different names... ASV, Zack, Zachary, Doc, Douglas, Bananas-in-Pajamas... But one name above all has my internet infamy grown under... Doctor Vaitso. I fight for peace, justice, and the destruction of Maverick Reploids the galaxy over. But, since we don't have Mavericks to deal with in Sector RPG of our universe for another few months, I'll just be quiet.



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Street meat, my eternal foe
Oh, why do you beguile me so?
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Street meat, my eternal foe...
Why do you beguile me so

Letters: now not being beaten out of people at kneecappoint!

Heyya Cast, ASV,

I was wondering if I should get Megaman Battle Network 4 or save up and get Command Mission? I'm leaning towards Command Mission since the Battle Networks have been very similar, though I have yet to tire of them. What do you guys think? Hm, I don't really have any other Megaman-related questions at the moment, though I suppose I should ask about the progress of MMAU's rebirth and all of its Megaman goodness?

As I have yet to hear about Command Mission, I highly recommend MMBN 4, although I can't really back that up with any actual playtime... Maybe I'd better just let Zach handle this one...

Command Mission, from what I played in the smallish demos at E3 is action-packed and super-awesome-keen. Battle Network 4, on the otherhand, is basically the same thing, with a couple of new systems, like Soul Unison, which combines Mega Man with another Navi. As to MMAU... It's kinda having some technical issues at the moment, and with my increased divine rights of power here at RPGamer, I'm not spending much time with it right now.

More MM-related MMness... I guess I should be happy

Since it seems that the Saturday column hasn't been put up yet (at 1:10 Sunday morning) I guess it's still safe to ask a question:

Dr Vaitso, what do you think of the new Mega Man collection? I just bought it yesterday (okay, technically two days ago) for PS2, and I'm pretty impressed. All 8 Mega Man games, plus two unreleased in America arcade games? I'm down with that. I'm wondering what both of your opinions on it are, whether you've had a chance to play it yet, or what?

Robust Stu
Gold Reviewer/Swell Guy

I actually have played it today, and I must say that I'm highly irritated by the control issues of the new-fangled analog controllers. The remixed bonus music tracks are nice, too, I suppose, but the collection is largely non-plussing to a guy that owns all of the games beforehand. Now, if only they'll make a Mega Man Legends 3... I won't have to kidnap Keiji Inafune from the convention center at next year's E3.


::Emerges in a blue suit of tech armor::

Castodoctor, and Vaitso!

All right, I decided to get the Compelation Disk per your advice yesterthing. To be honest, I had been heavily leaning on it to begin, but it's always nice to get a second opinion, since, for all I knew, the other Mega Man games might have been less spiffy.

But I digress! To the doctor of Vaitsos everywhere:

Which game should I start with? I had the same problem with the Zelda compelation. I've only played the second game, so I'll probably start at the beginning and working chronologically. Sound good? Is there one I should be wary of/avoid? Thanks in advance!


The hills are alive, with the sound of Blue Bombing!

Whatever else you do... Cleanse your soul of fear and hatred before you play MM7. I am widely acknowledged as the Mega Master in my circle of MMCommunity friends, but I kid you not when I say that Dr. Wily is almost impossible in that game. I only know a handful of people who have defeated him at the end without cheating.

As to where you should start... I'd probably take up with MM4, honestly. After the second game, it's the easiest one, and it introduces you to the Mega Buster, and the herky-jerky version of Rush Jet that you're stuck with for the rest of the series after the third game.

Fried ASV a la mode!

Castobaked and "The Good Doctor" Vaitso,

Comparing our medical histories here for a moment, how would one successfully operate on a Roku's head and sing a beautiful melody about the good old days and whatnot? Granted, Cast has no experience in this field, so I'll let him wallow it out on the sidelines. Speaking of my fried cheese lover... Lesson 3, the approach. Keeping out of sight is good, but you'll just be sitting there. Approach your target very silently. Play romantic music if need be. When comfortable enough in this, over many times, you may knock on window or door when target is near. Stay in sight if the feelings are close and an intimate moment arises. Bring case of beer for fun night! Since the other doctor does indeed like MM.... Name your top 5 games and why. You can't say "they're all great!" cuz I got ya on that one... No hard feelings, eh? Perhaps for tomorrow we can discuss Arc the Lad: Generation or that new FFXI expansion. Either way will be orange and vanilla-licious!

Mmmmm....fried creamsicles,

O' Shrouded One


I suppose I could be something of a prat and mistake your question as not pertaining directly to Mega Man... But, since I'm the good twin, I'll answer to the best of my ability.

1) Mega Man 2 (NES): First game to get the 'formula' down. Copied by every game and it's kid brother. Go look up Krion's Conquest if you don't believe me.

2) Mega Man X2 (SNES): First - and only - good use of the Capcom C4 graphics chip... And getting to kill Zero has always been a far off and wonderful dream of mine.

3) Mega Man Legends 2 (PSX): 3D Mega Man... That doesn't suck... Who knew? To be honest... It's probably based largely on a Tron Bonne fetish.

4) Mega Man 4 (NES): A charging weapon, and Capcom's first attempt to 'hide' Dr. Wily's villainy. How can you lose?

5) Mega Man Battle Network: It's a re-envisioning of the original... As an RPG! How can it be a bad thing to combine my two hobbies..? Don't answer that.

Ahh... I was afraid I was going to have to resort to calling someone stupid Lisa garbageface for a minute there

I hate you for being able to watch the EURO 2004 games you Canadian Pig-dog. I am in freaking China and they have them on every night...except in my hotel. Other than that, China is excellent as you can pick up anime for very cheap. I bought all of Trigun and 1-76 of Yu Yu Hakusho for 242 kuai. That's like 30 U.S.D. (so like $8 billion Canadian right?) I need some advice though: when I get back, I will probably have time for like 5 hours a week of gaming. Which game should I buy? I have a GC, GBA, GBA Player, PS2, and about every big system after the NES. I have yet to buy an XBOX but KOTOR and Sudeki look nice and shiny. Any anime that you want me to purchase and then jack the price up horribly when I sell it to you? (I will make sure it has Japanese audio and English subtitles) Anyway, can't wait to be back in North America where I don't get stared at for being foreign, just for being weird.

The Laowai

Hmm... Well, actually, there's a nice mall right near here that has about a zillion stores devoted to the production and dissemination of highly illegal bootleg anime, so if I really want to get some anime cheap, I can just go down there and escape your hefty middlemanning. Since today is MegaMan day, I would be remiss in not telling you to purchase the Mega Man Collection; however, I'm feeling like a good dose of remiss is just what the doctor ordered, so instead I will recommend you purchase La Pucelle, since everyone seems to like it so darned much. On the other hand, if you can manage to stay interested in KotOR, it's also a good bet.

The exciting saga of Kandy

To explained your confusion, and my exasperation. I don't own my own computer and don't even have an E-mail address, it's pre-set to my moms. Which in turn has her name on it, though I thought I deletated that. Again however I appreciate your answer, and I did trust your answer, especially since Googls answer made me think as well. As to why it was sent into googls in the first place, I sent it to him like three times before I sent it to you, he never answered so I asked you. You kindly posted it on the first time. (There are only eight slots, but as he states one hole is always open which is the whole reason I sent this in. Hmm perhaps I should actually LOOK at a strategy guide. I feel so shamed.)

In a more relative note(I'd like to stay on topic but don't know what the topic is.) I don't think I HAVE a moment of gaming bliss. I have a major feeling of nostalgia for at least three games but can't give you a "Moment of gaming bliss". Perhaps when I first got Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger and FFIV but I played them both at one point being to out of it to understand there gaming goodness then played um again later and found them still to my liking just not quite bliss. It's that or when i finally made it through the latter parts of Donkey Kong 2:Diddys Kong quest.

Kit cloud

Ah, Diddy Kong. Those stupid levels with a million bees made me want to murder, especially since I have a secret phobia of bees. As to the dealy with the slots, I always kind of pictured it being like so:




Where X is you, the "always open" slot, and the O's being the slots where you can jam... Whatever it is you jam in Jade Cocoon 2. That's certainly the impression I got from the FAQ, at any rate.

Lyleus returns from the dead

Hey Andrew

Frist off I heard you mention that you're going to a jays game. I'm a huge Jays fan. I live on the east coast (NB) so I can't really buy season tickets if you know what I mean. I did see the Jays vs. Yankees (Jays won!) last summer when I was in the T. Hopefully will get to Toronto this August to watch a game.

If you do, I recommend the left-field bleachers. Not only do the American fans come in and get fabulously smashed off our highly alcoholic Canadian beer, thus resulting in hilarious drunkenness, but there tend to be other groups in as well, generally resulting in a good atmosphere. For instance, the game I went to yesterday had this group of girls in from Scotland, and when they weren't being sexy and from Scotland, they were also making lots of noise.

Anyway, I was wondering what was the lowest lvl you beat FFT? I was level 39 my first way through. Second time, lvl 54. God.. that game is hard if you don't level up.

I've only beaten it once, and I was at level 67.

I've beaten FFT half, half, once, and half a times. Both the first two times I got trapped at Velius and had to start the game completely over. The one time I actually finished it, Ramza was lvl51, and my second playthrough is an on-going project to max my jobs out by the time I get TG Cid.

I bought Hoshigami a few years ago thinking it would be as fun as FFT. I was DEAD wrong. I couldn't even get past the 2nd battle after leveling up for 3 hours!! So I just stopped, and I honestly don't know where the game is located in my house. If it's even there.


Send it to me! I have a special affinity for playing torturous games that cause everyone else to throw their arms up in despair. Just ask Zach...

Hoshigami is the devil, and you know exactly how bad it really is since Mikel actually gave it back to me in a relatively timely manner. I've never been past the fourth map, myself. And Andrew is right... His affinity for finishing such utter crap as Rhapsody, Beyond the Beyond, and Paladin's Quest is rivalled only by the length of time it's taking him to play through my copy of Ogre Battle.


Well... It's been fun kiddies, but I have to get back to the lab and kid some Orc- Err... Maverick Reploids! Yes... No hint of WarCraft III here... No sir... ::flees::

As for me, it seems that entirely too many of my cousins are of marriageable age, so next weekend, there will be a guest weekend columnist while I trundle off to scenic Picton for what I can only assume will be a hellish masquerade of a wedding. If you think I'm kidding, I have five words for you: Theme: Gone with the Wind.
Andrew Long would never let a Sunday pass without mentioning creamsicles somewhere!



So remember, may all your troubles be creamsicle-related!

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