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Three Shutouts

Andrew Long - April 17 '04- 3:01 Eastern Standard Time

SO TODAY, I MET A MAN, and that man was a disgruntled postal worker. Actually, to provide some fabulous context, I was walking down Spadina Blvd, one of the major streets here in Toronto, which cuts through the heart of Chinatown and the always exciting fur district. At any rate, I was actually just at the point where the two converge (Louis Kallinikos Fuuuurs, if you must know) and this postal death van was sitting across this sidestreet from me looking vaguely dangerous. Actually, not only was I there, but in a fantastic cameo appearance (to go with the fabulous context) was Rob Parton of Japandemonium fame. Or perhaps I was the cameo superstar, depending upon whose life story more concerns you.

At any rate, we both kind of noticed this deadly wagon of doom kind of tooling there, and I waited at the curb for a few seconds just to see what he intended to do. Being an insane postal worker, he chose to careen towards us slightly, and I glanced at him to see if perhaps there wasn't some sort of ape escape in effect to explain this vehicular homicide waiting to happen, but no, it was merely a postal worker, who promptly fixed me with an unearthly glare and swerved all the more crazily in his efforts to get out onto the street. At this point, he started screaming at us incoherently for no apparent reason, apparently operating on the theory that by occupying the space at the curb we were obstructing his access to some sort of moon diamonds on display in the highly successful and exciting Precision Enterprise Building behind us. And then he was gone, just like that.

The moral of the story? Well, for one thing, moon diamonds are a precious resource which must never be squandered (or obstructed from postal workers!) and for another, Rob should by all rights be here guest-hosting, but since was all tired and spouting wimpy concerns like "staying up for 24 hours straight" and "walking all day after a long bus ride" and "collapsed lungs" I am left to strive forth on my own, content in the knowledge that my life is one step closer to complete fulfillment now that I've met a disgruntled postal worker. Ain't it grand?



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Mmm... turnover...

Iím just curious, what do you think the turnover rate of Q&A readers is. Do you think that you keep adding MORE AND MORE readers, or that as many quit reading as begin reading, etc. Iíve been reading Q&A since waaay back in the day (Thor? Was he the first? It all runs together to me). I wondered if most people who read are like me, or if they are mostly newbies. This question isnít important at all is it?

Actually, this question is very important to me, because I'd be interested to know just how many people have stuck around through thick and thin. The thing is, I really don't think a lot of people have, just because throughout the years, there have been a dozen or so of us in this chair, and when you take that number of people and expose them to any one person, there's bound to be one or two that guy just doesn't like. I'd wager, therefore, that there probably aren't all that many people descending in an unbroken line like yourself, just because I've talked to so many on IRC who say "I never read Q&A anymore... except yours, of course <.< >.> <.<" Then I glare at them some, and I get booted from the channel. It's a bad scene all around.

But uh... Yeah. If you guys feel like sharing, I'd be interested to see how many people have hung on all the way from Thor, and more importantly, from before Thor. That's right, biatches... I been reading dis shiznit since QA&K!

A real RPG Question: What did you think of Suikoden 3? The Suikoden series is my favorite of all time, but I canít bring myself to buy a new generations system (except the GBA if that counts). I want to play 3 before 4 comes out thoughÖÖ.


To be honest, my copy of Suikoden 3 remains shrink wrapped as I try desperately to summon up the interest to play through the original. Yes, I made the mistake of completing Suikoden 2 before I touched the first game, and while it does have its charms (like that accursed wheel of fortune which for some reason they opted to put in the room with the worst music in the game) there's just something about playing through the exact same game in slightly lousier form that doesn't get my bells ringing.

Why would anyone want... to be released in limited quantities like that? Especially games like La Pucelle, because if it's it's even half as good as Disgaea, more people need to experience just how fun it all was.

I see no logical reason why anyone would want a game to have a limited run, unless they plan on selling it later. I collect games just as much as the next guy, but when someone would rather have a game be worth more than have other people have fun with the damn thing.

I agree wholeheartedly. As such, I find you to be eminently intelligent.

That said, La Pucelle looks really good. I'm betting it's going to be one of those marathon-play-session games like Disgaea was. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who found themselves playing Disgaea deep into the night instead of sleeping, eating, or studying for exams.

Yeah, I'll admit to that one. It was quite unsettling still being awake the next morning when my sister left for school, wandering out the door haranguing me as my dad gave me dubious glances all the way. So I left the music on horribly loud... What can I say, I'm deaf.

Crazy Calgarians

Howdy to ya in Hogtown,

How's the weather out there? Hehe. Right. 'Cause we're so cocky and arrogant and smug in Calgary, having +24 Celcius in Marh/April, and our Chinooks and all, and we started thinking we were, like, Vancouver, and then wham!--10 to 15 cm over night. Toppled by our own hubris. Hubris, I tell you!

Hubris or not, you have the poor old Canucks on the brink. Good show :)

Um...yeah. Have you played an imported version of La Pucelle? Is it any good, good being subjective and all that? I ask because I just got rid of Disgaea for being unneccessarily complicated and repetitive/unchallenging (too much micromanagement, and that Item World was killing me--not literally or in-game, but metaphorically). Now, comparing the two is like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges. But, they were made by the same company, and ideas do tend to transmigrate. What I really want to know is: is there a frickin' Item World in La Pucelle; and is the game, um, let's say, somewhat more 'user friendly' than Disgaea, and worth picking up on May 11th?

I'm pretty sure the overall concept of La Pucelle is somewhat different from Disgaea, but I mean, most TRPGs have some form of random battles, so I'm sure there will be something similar in La Pucelle. Look at it this way - the only one I can think of that realistically didn't was Onimusha Tactics, and nobody in their right mind considers that to be a real game, since games should involve some sort of challenge, or at least enjoyment.

Oddly enough, I'm hanging onto HM:AWL, even though its 10 to nth times more repetitive than Disgaea...and yet I just can't seem to put it down. Urgh! Must...leech...self...away...from... controller. No.

Well, there's good repetitive and bad repetitive. You're right about Disgaea - every fight in the Item World is the same, and while as I said yesterday, those are the battles I enjoy, I don't enjoy them enough to finish playing through the game right now.

I've got ask you, is FFXI really worth the >= (that's supposed to be a 'greater than, equal to sign') $300 CDN inital investment you make, plus the additional $30 CDN a month that comes off your credit card? 'Cause, ouch.

$30? I think your conversion rates are messed up, dude. $13 US is $17.48 CDN by current exchange rates, so it's not all that bad. As for the $300 hit, well, I spent $100 and got a free month thrown in, so you crazy folks in Calgary must do everything in triplicate or something.

So how 'bout that sports team in your region, eh? No offence, but everyone know the Leafs are famous for not quite winning, so I'd be shocked if they made it to the quarter finals. Not that the Flames ar emuch better, mind you. There's a chance they'll make it past the first round, but I seriously doubt they'll make it past the second round, where they'll end up facing some high-caliber team. If they did make it past, I'd strip down, paint myself the team colours, and streak down 7th Avenue. I'm sure everyone'd enjoy that.



Hey, if they ride Kiprusoff, there's no telling how far they'll go. Besides, I hear people like riding horses in that town, and since that's everyone's favourite goalie metaphor, it works out quite well, all in all. Gosh I'm clever. As for the Leafs, well... If they can get past Ottawa and somehow avoid Philadelphia for a while, I think they could make it through. Then again, I am an incurable optimist, and my optimism had two conditions, so I guess that's not all that great. Still, they won tonight, so I'm-a mappin' the ol' parade route as we speak.

Boingy, boingy!

I made this because I was bored/like RPGamer.

God of Gambling

Thanks awfully, God of Gambling.

::Emerges to read yesterday's invisible text::


You have nothing worth saying? Nothing at all? Then respond to this: Smiling Tuna Carpenter Triangle! Bwahahaaa!!

Does this count as a quickie?

HAD nothing worth saying because I was tired. And yes, yes it does.


I really must do these columns slightly earlier so that I'm not looking to pass out by the time I get here. For tomorrow, feel free to write in about anything we've talked about this weekend, including the small production run business from yesterday, the whole Q&A continuity thing, or moon diamonds, my most favorite subject of all.
Andrew Long owns the moon, and will walk upon her fertile surface by 1952.



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