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Mugu mugu?

Andrew Long - April 16 '04- 1:14 Eastern Standard Time

I HAVE THE STRANGEST SENSATION BEHIND MY RIGHT EYE right now. It's like someone's hollowed out my skull or something. Needless to say, this is a rather distracting feeling, but I suppose it's better than feeling nauseous. But enough about me! How about that local sporting concern, or the recent comment I saw on our message boards, which goes something like this (and I quote:)

"Hopefully [La Pucelle] will be produced in microscopically small amounts, so it will be a valuable collecter's item."

Now, I don't see any context to indicate this comment is sarcasm, so I have to ask - are there actually people out there who are so concerned with gouging each other on eBay that they'd rather a company go the Atlus route and make games fabulously difficult to find than to see supply meet demand? More to the point, I know there are in fact those sorts of people out there, but why are they visiting this site? We're about the LOVE here, and something about that comment just rankles me.

Whether or not Mastiff has the resources to print a big run is, of course, another question entirely. I'm not too familiar with the company, so I can't really speculate here, but it seems to me that the frenzy of shopping that surrounded Disgaea's release (funny how that coincided with flu shot season...) is reason to expect that there will be sufficient numbers of people who want to buy this game to warrant taking the risk.

Perhaps I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here. I don't know. I just can't understand why a gamer would be so interested in being the only person to have a game (and bear in mind, if you're in it for the collecting, you don't ever get to actually PLAY the damned thing). Personally, when I have games, I want lots of other people to have them, just so that there's lots of other people to talk to about them. rage is spent!



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A perilous choice

Hey Cast,

If I remember correctly the current quote on the homepage is from the original Breath of Fire, the first boss to be exact (a big frog too unimportant for me to remember its name).

Anyways, after this 'RPG lull' ends what game(s) are you looking forward to the most? I personally can't wait to get ahold of Star Ocean 3, because I think the battle system in SO2 has been the best RPG battle system so far. Although I wonder who came up with Ashton's fascination for barrels? Tales of Symphonia and La Pucelle also look interesting, but I only have money to get one game before my birthday in October (curse college's effects on my cash flow).

Watcher *teaching people that weird is normal and normal is nonexistent*

Hmm. Well, I guess you're not going to let me hedge my bets like you did, so if I had to pick just one game to look forward to the most, then it might as well be World of Warcraft. Yes, I've sadly become a slave to the evils of MMORPGs, but beyond that, Blizzard has owned my soul since the moment I touched my first Blizzard title, so that comes first in my heart. Of the three you mention, La Pucelle interests me, in that Disgaea is addictively delicious, but at the same time, I still haven't finished Disgaea, nor do I feel any particular compulsion to. Possibly that's because Square Enix has its fist around my heart, but more than that, I'm just not motivated to finish the storyline when the most enjoyable fighting is in the item world.

That leaves us with SO3 and Tales of Symphonia. As much as I dislike Star Ocean 2, I do think that most of its problems are related to execution rather than the ideas behind the game. Star Ocean 2 could easily be a better game if only the micromanagement was a little more streamlined. As it is, I think it's a fairly ordinary title, and hopefully the years Enix has had to polish SO3 will pay off, so that's gonna be my choice. ToS, you're fired.

And so, I'm off to throw up another phallic symbol in some cityscape somewhere. Boy are delusions of grandeur fun!

Oh, and ~.

Dead horses: now for beating!

Hey Andrew,

Some time ago, there was a little discussion about how Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu tends to rip off of classical pieces for his soundtracks. Adding to this discussion, I should mention that the opening music for FF6 is a clear rip-off of “Thus Spake Zarathustra” (from “2001: A Space Odyssey”), and that some piece from “Swan Lake” is featured in FF2 (*spoiler* when Hilda turns into Lamia *spoiler*). There’s also a piece in FF4 that I can’t name. Anyway, just felt like I had to point this all out.

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

Thanks for sharing, Otterland. I don't remember that discussion, but I'm sure it was in-depth and compelling, and I'll wager it didn't even get old once FFVIII grew stale! Seriously, dude... I think the last time we officially talked about that, Thor was still doing this job, and besides, you haven't really brought much to the table, since the FFVI opening theme's resemblance to Thus Spake Zarathustra is limited at best, and "Some piece from Swan Lake" is entirely unhelpful, which pales in comparison to "a piece in FF4 I can't name". I don't mean to fall on you like a brick house, but please, if you're gonna write in, have something to say.

Now how did that sneak in there...

Hey Andrew,

Read your column today, and what is today, I don't know. But you wrote down the Konami code and like almost every person their is, you got it wrong, because it's not; Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start. You don't even have to press start, you could press the entire code to select, and then hit select, then you could hit select about 130 times and finally hit start and you'd still complete the code, because start only chooses 1player or 2player on the Contra games, and you have to hit select an extra time for 2 player, since right when you hit select it skips right to the screen.

So, the Konami code is actually, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, and you can try it yourself if you dont believe me.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Sure thing, giant beer.

Are we dribbling off the edge of readable? You bet we are!


With a very, special "100th Q&A" adventure behind us, let us now look towards the upcoming events that so shape our lives. E3?! Is it May already?! *looks at the calendar, which is hidden in the closet of kidnapped people* Ya got me scared for a minute. In terms of tidbits I'd like to hear more about...FFVII:AC and FFXII are issues that I would like to know more about. Granted, we have some info here and there, but dammit, I want some more delicious announcements and media-related-articles of happiness! Ehh, a nice bottle of cognac would work for now, but as we all know so well...the effects are temporary. So *hic* merrily moving along this delightful soul train ride of....uhhh.... Where was I? Ah yes, it seems that yahoo's spam-filter isn't doing a good job, leaving my mailbox to the breaking point of fullness, (I hit 100%, go me!!) and allowing bodies with links to the nether-region of Michael Jackson's "toy" closet and offers to increase my debt with a miracle discount up to 255% (no joke) on stocks. So, to my dismay, my inbox has gotten more attention and activity than my lazy self. This leads to my question. According to your personal knowledge, and other resources, is OCAD a good college to go to? If you were going to major in art and graphic arts, would this be a college you'd put on your list? You know, I just don't want to jump on the next train to Toronto (unless it's to your house) without knowing what I'm getting myself into. There is University of Advancing Technology down in the SW, but my heart seems set on the "Land of the Castomel" + tui, of course. With this in hand, I must flee before I accidently drive this train into a soup factory.


O' Shrouded One

OCAD is indeed a good college, although people seem to be even more agog with Sheridan College, which has some sort of internationally recognized animation program. Still, you won't go wrong getting an art degree at a university devoted to it, although I must once again remind you you'll be going to school in a giant shoebox supported by rusty pencils. Don't say you weren't warned!

Unfit for Print

In the Fire temple the room with the fire curtain that fallows you there is a block that looks like a gorons face what do I do to it? I am stuck because theres no where to go after I get the goron that is under the crack that I blow up with a bomb. I then got the key by pressing the switch and then Im stuck.

Okay, when I asked you to give me more information, I didn't mean to switch your sentences around and then sprinkle them with new and exciting bad grammar. I meant TELL ME THE NAME OF THE FLIPPING GAME YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU OUT WITH.

i wanted to know if
you knew where i could get a turbographix 16 ?

eBay, my good man. There's only one listed though, and it's a Buy it Now for $35.00. I might also add that you'll be hard-pressed to find any games for it, so I hope for your sake that if you're going to get one, an older cousin of some description bequeathed you a shoebox full.

How could you not have foreseen the egg market crash?
I was anticipating it all along. Made 30K selling my eggs, then spent 103gil getting my Happy egg. And I didn’t shoutspam once, you bad, bad person. ;-P

Incidentally, best egg shout ever:
“In Soviet Russia, egg buys you!”

Shortsightedness, and incurable optimism. And yeah, I think I was on when that got shouted, as I seem to recall trading off ridiculous /shouts with a few other people that day.


Yawn. I tire of awakitude. For tomorrow, We shall discuss whatever you please, up to and including Kill Bill, which I hope to see. Oh, right. Games... Um, how about that La Pucelle? Do you now wish to shove a dagger in my eye for even slightly maligning Disgaea? If so, I remind you that I reserve the right to a three-day head start.
Andrew Long has misplaced his pants.



...yeah. I'm out of things worth saying :P

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