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Quite Ugly One Morning

Andrew Long - April 9 '04- 1:38 Eastern Standard Time

MY DAY HAS BEEN RUINED BY AN UNFORTUNATE hockey game, so it's a good thing there aren't very many letters, or else I'd be offending people. With that said, it appears that our new spam filter works marvelously, and also allows me to screen spam before it is deleted. Since this is the case, the address will be good for all mail, and nothing will be deleted by accident. Not that I don't wish I could delete a few things that usually dress in blue and white...



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Traditional PC

What was the last traditional RPG released for the PC? I'm thinking FF8, which was quite a while ago. And I'm thinking that other than the FF ports, the last one might've been Ultima 6, which was nearly a decade ago. Am I missing anything in-between? Cause I vastly prefer traditional RPGs to any other style of game, and the lack of non-homemade ones for the PC bugs me. I hate to be such a fanboy and buy FF7/FF8 for PC when I already have them on PSX, but I really need something good to play late at night when my roommates are asleep.


Sadly, traditional RPGs on PC are few and far between. The Ultima series has seen a few entries since VI, but you're best advised to steer clear of VIII and IX, as they're terribly buggy (not so much VIII; it's playable right up until the end when a collision detection issue makes it impossible to advance, at least in my particular copy.) Beyond that, I can't really think of anything besides Silver, a fairly mediocre offering that came out in 2000 or so and just as quickly vanished from sight. Basically, the thing is, "Traditional" RPG is another way of saying "Japanese" RPG, and Japanese RPG developers tend to churn out their RPGs for consoles, for whatever reason. Perhaps the lean towards convergence in the market will see this tendency shift in the coming years, but for now, you're pretty much stuck with dregsy crap. Or you would be if it wasn't for the magnificent Bioware, which salvages the situation with stuff like NWN, BG, and KotOR.

Bitterness... spilling.. over


2-4!! 2-to-freakin' 4!! It was 2-1in the begining, but nooooo they had to lose it all in an undisputed effort to fail miserably. Why have you tarnished my soul with your horrible suckiness? WHHHYYYY? Eh, maybe it's not THAT dramatic, but oh well. By the way...that particular picture is extremely sexy. Grade A, well done, 100% chuck full o' goodness meat-type product. It would be all meat, but not everything is made with meat these days, are they? Shadow Hearts 2 release date of mayhem?! Will it be revealed in the super-secret uber hidden-text of doom? One never knows with you... God, I hate Tom Golisano. Do you realize that he wanted to cut teaching jobs in NYS? See..that's why Hillary won, because he wanted to cut down on jobs that were already diminishing into nothingness. Mmm...nothingness... I suggest you have a topic where we blame Tom Golisano for all our troubles just because it's not that hard to hate the guy, and hell, he bought the Sabres and they still suck mi serably. Creamsicle binges lately? More later..

Secretly a chimpanzee planning on taking over the universe...or am I?,

O' Shrouded One

But how can you hate Tom Golisano? He supports no special interests at all, which must mean he's completely without a personality! Or maybe he just doesn't support personality, which would go a long way towards explaining those election ads. As for the Sabres, give them about 2 years and they'll be good again, you'll see. They're just in the toughest division in hockey, which doesn't tend to help your record if you're a mediocre team (not that it matters when you're also saddled with referees who get bored with 2-1 leads and decide to turn them into 3-2 deficits... But I digress).


What you said was probably a joke but it's worth a try.

What is the super secret release date for Shadow Hearts 2?

I have a better question. What is your frigging Sixties Sunflowers attachment, and why does its very existence make me apprehensive?


Ugh... I've been eating a lot of salt lately thanks to a deficiency in that particular area of my diet, but I think it's caught up with me, cuz my blood pressure has gone from cadaverlike to Angry CEO. For tomorrow, I therefore beseech you to send me letters of soothing, with many happy thoughts and questions that won't make me cry or burst various arteries. I also notice nobody seems to care about Paper Mario 2, so can I possibly interest you in some chatter about the Matrix Online? Do you think this game has any chance now that critics panned the third movie?
Andrew Long hopes Marc Joannette gets hit by a bus carrying Dan Marouelli, causing it to burst into flames, destroying Ottawa.




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