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Sentinel Campaign

Andrew Long - April 2, 2004 - 0:55 Eastern Standard Time


Fresh from a victory in the original Warcraft III game, you will now be tested with new units, new weapons, and most of all, new enemies. The Naga are a race the Night Elves will soon learn about...

Somewhere along the eastern coast of Ashenvale Forest, the Warden Maiev Shadowsong hunts for signs of Illidan's passing. Maiev Shadowsong finds tracks that split up, and she realises that Illidan must be getting help. The party splits up in a quest to track Illidan down...



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-Follow Illidan's trail
-Maiev must survive

The Path to Victory

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Anywhy, April Fools is upon us! I am saddened by the lack of fake reviews. I should have written one, who cares if I'm a summon/eidolon/GF/cute thing?

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Ted Woolsey makes me cry ;_;

As the mission begins your group is pinned behind an Elven Gate. Attack the gate to move past it, then cautiously patrol the area beyond. Amidst the burning ruins, you'll find several Lesser Mur'guls, a Rune of Lesser Healing, and a secret area that's only accessible with Maeiv's Blink spell!

Note: When you see a Rune, be sure you can actually use it before you touch it, because once a Rune is touched, it's gone forever.

Destroy Northern Naga Base

Hey hey! Ever notice how here in the Great White North some RPGs come with French instruction booklets? Even when the game itself isn't in French? You have to wonder how much someone is going to get out of a game that's entirely in English if they can't even understand enough English to read the instructions. Now that I think about it, why do the instructions have to be in French, but the game doesn't? And why don't ALL games you buy in Canada have the French instructions? Lousy useless second official language, screwing everything up. No, seriously, it's useless. All it does is mess up the packaging of food products because they have to write everything twice and make us the butt of stupid American jokes. And how many French-speaking people do YOU know who don't know enough English to read the back of a cereal box? Me neither.

Hmm, that went off-topic rather quickly. Anyway, do you have a favorite underappreciated RPG? Mine's Okage. The first RPG for the PS2, it was quickly forgotten after the advent of higher-profile titles like FFX. Still, it had a fun, quirky art style, lots of humour, and a story that got surprisingly deep near the end.

Keep up the great work, and say hi to Shroudie for me. I want an invitation to the wedding!


This task is a "must" to complete the mission. The northern Naga base lies in a large, shallow water area. Move your Transport Ships up towards the base and drop at least two groups. One of these teams should include at least four Glaive Throwers. Use the group with Maeiv to deal with the enemy units (Fan of Knives works well in this regard), while the second group moves from one structure to next, destroying them one at a time.

Begin Runner's Quest

The second entrance in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's Pyramid of Power is actually the exit. You use it if you fall off the ledge during the final boss battle. You have to jump to get the heart container piece.


Once the base is fortified and the upgrades are nearly complete, you can begin the Runner's Quest by moving the Runner's group south. You quickly run into some Naga, including a Naga Excavator working at an archaeological site. As you approach these enemies you receive the optional "Naga Excavations" quest.

Lieutenant #2 and the Second Ghost

Being the hopeless Zelda fanatic I am, I knew exactly where the cave was that Mr. Unfit for Print was thinking of. You said jump, but did you mean jumping from the Pyramid of Power itself? The only way to get in that cave is during the final bout with good old Gannie, is to fall throught the cracks. When you do, there is really nothing of note in there except Sahasrahala ranting about the newest tactic on beating the boss. Oh. Why is the title "andrew&andrew" when technically, the amount of Andrews in the column is... you? -Masamune

Proceed south along the passageway until you reach a battle that's raging between the Undead and the Alliance. Keep your troops back and use Flame Strike to wipe out the tightly-grouped fighting units (they are both your enemy), then move in to clean up any remaining opposition.


One of the eggs is located in the northwest corner of the map, the other two are in the east and southeast portions. They are easy to pick up as you move throughout the map to eradicate the 50 enraged Thunder Lizards. Completing the quest yields Drek Thar's Spellbook, an item that grants the ability to portal to your home town. It also reduces spell damage by 1/3 and increases the Hero's mana by 75.
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Okay, so I was bitter I didn't get to do anything for AFD... sue me (except you, Brady Games! I promise I'll ask for permission, just as soon as I get something from my... car. Yes... *flee*)

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