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Throw You In A Lake, Or Feed You Poison Birthday Cake Smarch 11, 2007

Andrew Long - 12:26 EST

I REALLY hate getting cheated out of an hour's sleep by Daylight Savings Time, especially when I have to work the next day, though not quite so much as when it makes last call an hour earlier. As the latter is not the case, you may consider me only slightly pissy.

Ah, superficiality, thy name is Jonathan

The DS seems to have a lot of Rpgs coming out soon, but I'm not sure if I'll want to play them. My question is do rpgs on this system have cut scenes or voice acting. No this doesn't necessarily forbid me from playing them, I loved Zelda TP and it didn't have any real voice acting for the cut scenes (but this was one thing that I think would of made it better especially for the ending), but I really like that aspect of rpgs. My first rpg was Lunar: The Silver Star for the Sega CD. I love that game and still have the PS One Port. What drew me into the game was the story that was told through the beautiful cut scenes; so this is why I've been hesitant to try rpgs on the ds. What games would you recommend for the DS to draw me in the way Lunar did all those years ago?



You know what, Johnny? As I will never understand the likes of you, I can't really say what games you might enjoy. I can tell you, however, that most DS games do come with some sort of fancy intro cut scene, and little else in that direction. So I am going to recommend that instead of getting a DS, you snuggle up to a PSP and its wide selection of crappy RPGs, and hopefully then you'll see why perhaps pretty little movies aren't a very good thing to base your game-buying decisions upon.

Did I mention that I'm extra-cranky? ^_^

Groundhog Day

I have a problem that I hope isn't unique to only me (none of my friends do it). I START OVER every RPG I play. I get into them for a few hours, and then I completely start the game over! My back log is so long, I'll be finishing games well into 2010.

After Katrina wiped out every video game I own, I've been on a quest to find games I lost. I actually have the majority of them back (found FF VII for $60 to finish my collection). Just got Dragon Warrior VII again, so I'm feeling good about myself. I'm still having trouble with my Lunar series though. Star Ocean: The Second Story was a hard find, but I got it a few days ago.

Now, finally a question. Any news on Suikoden? I love that series (if only I could get my hands on 2 again...). I haven't heard anything on them.

I guess that's it. i have a lot more to talk about, but I'll save it for another letter.

Til then...


Ugh. I join you in mourning the loss of your RPG collection, and am glad to hear you've got most of your games back (though why anyone would seek out DWVII a second time is beyond me). As to your question, I have yet to hear anything concerning a possible Suikoden VI. Although Konami held a "big news" press conference recently, it did not mention anything about a new Suiko, so I guess us fans will just have to keep waiting, for now. Be assured, however, that as soon as RPGamer does hear about a new Suiko, we'll post the information right away.

Randomblings: the Return

Hello Q&A Host,

I can never tell what the schedule is for Q&A hosts now that Andrew is substituting and Matt is back and Josh does (or does he anymore?) weekends and such... but anyway, on to the questions...

Well, allow me to clarify: Josh has wandered off into the sunset, by which I mean our Content department, and being an opportunistic sort, I am hereby taking over weekends, cuz I'm just that great. This means I will be updating Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, while Matt will continue on his merry way. The reason I didn't update Saturday this week is because I thought Josh might want to have a grand going-away-party column, but apparently not! So here we are.

Matt commented on the GDC and the PS3/Wii forecast. While I'm looking forward to some games for Wii (Super Paper Mario, Pokemon Battle Revolution) and DS (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl), I'm also looking forward to Persona 3 for the PS2. For consoles I don't own, XBox 360's Bioshock, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon all look good, and PS3's FF XIII, FF XIII Versus and White Knight Story look good (though none will be out in the next few months).

Q&A Host, what games are you most looking forward to, both on consoles you own and the ones you don't own?

Also, the GDC... I was surprised by Miyamoto's toned-down discussion on the Wife-O-Meter, but it was interesting. Though Sony blatantly copied Nintendo and Microsoft with their Home software, I have to say I liked the look and idea behind LittleBigPlanet (nevermind the visual similarities to Animal Crossing). A cute coop game? Tempting, but still not enough for me to shell out for a PS3.

What announcements at GDC floored you, and which bored you?

Catch you on the flipside,
- Waterfiend


I'm looking forward to Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, simply to see what kind of reaction they'll garner on this side of the pond. I'm also bursting at the seams to play the Wii Smash Brothers, pretty much above all else. As to the Home software, I am indeed amused to see that Sony has once again decided to shamelessly steal Nintendo's ideas. I'm also somewhat irked to see that it seems to be working for them, as PS3 sales numbers have increased rather markedly in Japan last week. As for GDC announcements, I wasn't really floored by anything, but I am intrigued by the fact that a Star Trek MMO is apparently in the works.

The long-forgotten index quote game


I'm really sorry if you're not the person to ask, but you're the only email I found on rpgamer, and I couldn't find a FAQ list. I love the quotes that appear on the title of rpgamer (currently it's about earth fire and water) but they're never credited or archived. I would love to see if there's a list of quotes that have been featured on the homepage, or if you could tell me where the current quote is from. Thanks for your time, Connie -- -


The notion of archiving those has come up from time to time, but alas, nobody has gotten around to it of late, though I believe there was one once upon a time. Basically, those quotes are chosen at random from games during a timeframe of our choosing. They used to be involved in a game here in Q&A, whereby the first person to get the game from which they came, plus the character who said them, would get a tilde. Since you have not done so, no tilde for you! And yes, I know Matt already answered this. I just thought I would use my incredible elderliness to provide further shades of goodness.

In other news, I am no longer bitter, just tired. Stupid daylight savings time! Always wearing me down ;_;

Update: embittered because Matt gets to sleep. RAR! By which I mean: Unfit for Print

hi! i just want to ask this is about the game final fantasy IV after i treat the illness of rosa which is fever and then go to next mission yhe place of fabol. how con i get there? please answer the complete instruction thanks


Meet the first letter of Daylight Savings Time, and also quite possibly the stupidest! In order to get to Fabul, you need to get the Hovercraft and head for the edge of the world. It doesn't matter which edge; just pick one. Then you need to go around in a circle 256 times, fighting such enemies as may pop up. This will earn you a Paladin's Shield, assuming you have the Antlion Ruby. Finally, you need to admit that maybe you should just play the damned game yourself instead of pestering crotchety, tired Q&A hosts.


Me tired now. Sleep get. For topics for tomorrow, please see the convenient side panel.
Andrew Long usually finds Fabul by you know, actually progressing in the game.

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