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No Preservatives January 22nd, 2006

A Box Of Creemore Springs Premium Lager - 6:03 EST

CREEMORE SPRINGS BREWERY makes its home in a century-old main street store in the Village of Creemore, Ontario. Here we are proudly "A hundred years behind the times." Please enjoy our good old fashioned, pure natural beer.

A hundred years behind the times.


Chrono Trigger and vague(seriously vague, I'm only 30 hours in and I name few names) Dragon Quest 8 Spoilers, If you're in the western hemisphere these aren't spoilers and even if you're still in the eastern they aren't really spoilers either, but if you don't want to hear ANYTHING at all its best not to read I suppose.

I am going to have to disagree with you about Crono being a non-developed silent hero, although he never said a word, he had a lot of character, and his own storyline. His quest started because he just couldn't leave Marle stuck wherever the dimension warp device had sent her. He seemed to be quite taken with Marle as well, you don't just caveman dance, and rescue kitties with anyone. He is a comrade at arms with Frog, best friend to Lucca, the unwilling object of Ayla's crazy cavegirl lust, sacrifices himself to save his comrades, has a mother, and only continues the whole quest when he discovers Lavos. Other characters speak for him all the time, I haven't played the game in a while but I'm sure they often say things like, "You're right Crono, we should or shouldn't do this." He has those crazy expressions when he's excited or upset, and if he's lucky, he can drink more dinosaur soup than even the heartiest of cave girls.

I have also been proven somewhat wrong in DQ8, although I do still feel Crono(my hero's name) Is a bit underdeveloped, but not entirely undeveloped.. There is the Yangus meeting, and also at a certain home castle, there is a brief mentioning if you search hard enough of Crono, and his promotion from housekeeper or something to guard and who has taken an interest in his rise, and some guy does wonder out loud why Crono survived the magic when everyone else didn't leading me to suspect that the story will eventually cover this.

On that same kind of note, don't you like the method of story telling. You start out the game not really knowing what's going on and how Angus joined you, and slowly you go over it, I thought that was really cool. So back to my point, both Crono's may not be as developed as Cloud, Cecil, Terra, Locke, Frog, and I do wish he had more vocal, or any kind of interaction with the other main characters, but they are still developed some what if you are patient and read between the lines and do a little filling in of the blanks.



Creemore Springs Premium Lager is lovingly crafted by a team dedicated to producing the perfect beer. Our unique amber lager is brewed in small batches, and delivered fresh weekly to each of our customers.

Pure Spring Water

Yes, yes, more letters on FFXII...

Actually, having played both segments of the demo, I can't say that the battle system is REALLY all that different. It's not quite 'full-blown action RPG', and choosing 'Attack' is generally the same thing you would do much of the time in the turn-based battle systems present in the games beforehand without having any control over the attack itself, on top of using an item to heal yourself and a spell to do damage and buff or heal yourself. Sure, the other two characters are AI, but they're reasonably good at taking care of themselves and you.

What IS the big difference? You can move around? No loading times between battles? The spells actually have appropriate casting times? The biggest relevant difference is really the AI aspect. If anything, I think the system isn't daring or different enough from the past games on any level with substance to it. You just switch and give your characters the commands you want, and you easily have enough time to casually do this and switch back to the character you were controlling, since there is a bar to determine when you can actually take your next action. Or you can simply let them handle themselves, which they can do.

Don't get me wrong. I don't like the battle system, so it isn't up there with the battle systems I'm more fond of, such as the one present in Shadow Hearts: Covenant or Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, but none of the old Final Fantasy games make it into my favorites for their battle systems, either. People are hating it everywhere, and if not standing in a line on the battlefield or having load times between battles means that it's going to be unbearable, then it's unbearable. I would like a few more well-founded reasons for the chaos caused by the demo.

~Aion Dormitoire

By the way: FF3 was probably the best NES installment of the series, so it's pretty rockin' that we're getting it, even as a remake. If they packaged in a CD with arranged music on it, I would die of sheer happiness. Not happening, but... ehh... that'd be nice.:P


We brew our beer with all the good stuff and lots of tender loving care. Our direct fire process yields a superior-tasting lager.

Premium Malt

Ok, why all the FFXII hate? I personally love the battle system, all it is is a reverse ATB, whereas in previous FF's you had to wait for a bar to fill before you choose and execute a command, in XII you choose the command then wait for the bar to fill before it is executed? Also if it hasn't been mentioned, you can also turn gambits off and control your entire party, and no it isn't that hard, even in Active mode, all it takes is a press of a button and Left or Right to scroll to another character. If it feels hard to select characters in active that's why there is also wait mode since everything will freeze when you're selecting a command. But even then, the Gambits are gonna be customizable in the final product, and are gonna be obtained like items, a gambit only for the Cure spell, Fire spell, etc, sounds great. Anyways I think FF needs a change, and I'm glad that XII is doing what X was supposed to be like in the first place. Also FFXII sorta plays like KOTOR, but w/o all the bugs, what is wrong with that? Anyways do you find yourself overwhelmed by the rpgs that are going to be coming in 2006? FFXII, KH2, Grandia III(Hopefully), Valkyrie Profile prequel/sequel(hopefully), Suikoden V, Wild ARMS 4, Shadow Hearts 3, among the many others? I hardly have time these days to just play DQ8 or Wild ARMS:ACF, next year is gonna be nuts.


Our lager contains only four ingredients - spring water, malted barley, select hops and yeast - in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516.

Select Yeast

Okay, so maybe I'm one of 4 people on the face of this planet actually playing Magna Carta: Tears of Blood, but being as I am and this is the Q&A, I've got a question. (Hopefully you have an answer.)

How in [Deity]'s name do you work Combo mode? I've read the instruction book five or six times. I have tried putting in the moves in the style in order (i.e. X X O, O O O, X X O, O O O). I have tried hitting random buttons. I've tried to track the buttons spinning through the Trinity Circle but if it shows X and I hit X, I get a Miss or a Fail.

Please help, I'd be ever so grateful! Then I can finish this and move on to DQ8, and then to my immense backlog of games (starting with Xenogears, which I've had for years and never played.)


Creemore Springs Brewery is located on the main street in the Village of Creemore, lost in a valley where the air is clean, the birds sing, and time runs slowly.

No Additives, No Preservatives, No Pasteurization


I have been hearing a lot of hype about Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, and how it is supposed to be about Zack. I have seen the trailer for Crisis Core, and the scenes are from Last Order, the animated FFVII short that came with the Japanese Advent Children DVD. From what I’ve heard, the story for Crisis Core sounds like the story from Last Order. Is Crisis Core is really a story about Zack, or are we getting it mixed up with Last Order?



The folks who work here are proud to brew a beer for the discriminating taste of those who appreciate the finer things in life.


Please return your nearest Brewers Retail Store for a refund of your deposit. If you want a real column, send me letters <3
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