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Take With Food February 11th, 2005

Andrew Long - 14:56 EST

I AM TREMENDOUS. After ragging on my sister for her tendency to download crap off of random dodgy sites for months, I went to such a site myself on Tuesday night and managed to infest my computer with no fewer than twenty-five different pieces of spyware. It truly was an amazing site to see the ease with which they overcame my computer, and I can only hope my sister doesn't take too much glee in the whole process.

At any rate, a format is in my immediate future now, and I hate formats. Herego, I will sulk now.

Mmm...crunch patties!


Nostalgia for thought

The one thing I love about games is the connection to my childhood. When you grow up you lose alot of the joy and innocence of life and you forget why you are alive. Games are the factor in my life that remind me that I should enjoy life, it allows me to be a kid and it retains the same entertaining qualities I enjoyed when I was a child, thus reverting me to that same state of thinking. Granted I treat the hobby much differnet in my age, but the concept still stands, I play games, I try to beat them and I anticipate the next one.

Beautiful when you can use a hobby to realease parts of yourself that you tend to lose through the years.


Yeah, it's a little hard for me to totally regress to childhood, but when a truly good game comes out, I do just sit there for hours playing it, and for a while, nothing really matters. Then there's replaying older games, which is another good way to recall the nostalgia. You can't tell me that some of the popularity that FFIV and FFVI and games like that retain isn't because of the fuzzy warm feeling that you get from playing them "just one more time."

On the downside, that can cut both ways; for instance, my most recent playthrough of FFVI has me noticing what a thoroughly awful job Ted Woolsey did of translating it.

Choose wisely... for it shall mean your DOOM if - wait, no it won't

I had FFXII pre-ordered, but since that was pushed back, I face a conundrum: Should I obtain Shining Tears or Atelier Iris in it's stead? I haven't played the Shining series since it was out on the Genesis, and I've never had a chance to even touch the Atelier series. I was wondering if you had any sort of recommendation as to which would be the better choice, or if you knew of any sites that would happen to have a review on them. I plan on doing a google search to find what I can, but I would still like to hear what you have to say. Thanks.


Sadly, I'm in the same boat as you; the last Shining title I played was Shining in the Darkness, and I've never touched an Atelier game. I can tell you, however, that in my opinion Nippon Ichi has been putting out some pretty decent titles in North America so far, and chances are, since this is the first Atelier title that will make it to North America, it's also probably the one with the greatest chance of success in this market.

Either way, I don't think either of those games are slated to come out for a month or two yet, so you've got plenty of time to make your choice. If you're looking for a more educated opinion, I recommend emailing Paws about the Shining series and rudy about Atelier (I'm not sure if he actually has played any of the games in that series, but it's quite possible that he has, as he plays lots of imports. Then again, he also likes Rhapsody...)

More nostalgia ... topicwise, that is!

Andrew my man. I gotta say, long time reader, first time writer. I've been readin this site since I was in 7th grade man! I'm now in my early 20's and still playin mad RPG's and readin this site.

Hmm.. I GUESS that timeline is possible now, but the site has only been up since 1998, so unless you failed grade 7 a couple times, you must be talking about the ol' UOSSHP too.

Biggest let down of 04'?? Well, I would have to say MGS3: Snake Eater. But if we're talking about RPG's, which obviously, we are, then I'm going to throw my vote in for Fable. I had an XBox for two games, Ninja Gaiden, and Panzer Dragoon Orta. And that's all there was for me, because really, non of the games on that console are THAT appealing. I saw the interface for the Halo 2 Xbox Live the other day at my friends house...PC online is so much better than that ever will be. So I was holding out for Fable, thinking that it was really going to be something great, but alas, it was extremely short lived. I can't believe you do nearly everything in that game in 20-24 hours when you could have done so much more. It was so linear and so short. So I ended up selling my Halo Edition Xbox with all of my games.

And my question...

2D or 3D RPG's? Which do you prefer? I'm more a fan of some old school sprites on big screens with high resolutions. By the way ZSnes has a new emulator out the emulates in 32bpp. SNES never looked so good.

Peace Andrew,
Ian William


Geez... I agree that generally speaking, PCs are better equipped to deal with online gaming than the Xbox, but my friend at work made Halo sound at least passably fun. Either way, I think Fable's main problem was the fact that it got overhyped so badly by Microsoft, which got people's expectations up, which led to reviewers getting lynched initially when it became clear that the game, while certainly entertaining, really wasn't the next coming that Microsoft had made it out to be. So I can understand your disappointment, but selling off the Xbox? Come on, man, you should at least have held out for KotOR II, or even picked up the original. Online gaming isn't everything, and while the Xbox certainly has a limited library, it's not totally hopeless.

At any rate, your question: I tend to prefer 2D simply because I am old and grey, and nostalgia does funny things to my brain. That said, BoF V has taken its place as one of my all-time favorites, so I'm not totally immune to the charms of the third dimension. And.. emulators are bad, mmkay?

A mystery for the ages

This question may be... well, half a decade late or so. But still, did we ever figure out if googleshng was male or female? I remember back when this was the comedy question of nearly every day. I never followed up on the answer since then. So which is it? Dave


Check bios.html. All will be made clear. Seriously, folks.. In this day and age, is this kind of thing really necessary? ^^

Unfit for Print

what is the puzzle to the onimusha warlords to get the good guy out of the room that is filling up with water


I don't know, and better yet, I don't care! You see, Onimusha Warlords is a game that I have no interest in playing, and as it's not game that falls under our coverage, I feel no compunction about saying so. That is all.


Tomorrow will be slightly more on time, I think. Until then, please send in letters regarding... well, I guess Valentine's Day is coming up, so what's your most romantic videogame moment? True, the term "romantic videogame moment" is kind of an oxymoron, but I know SOMEONE out there has to defy statistics!
Andrew Long is on assignment.

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