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Ohh, Loneliness and Cheeseburgers are a Dangerous Mix

Andrew Long - March 28 '04- 21:10 Eastern Standard Time

MORE SPECIFICALLY, Final Fantasy XI and a column are a bad mix, and to top it all off I couldn't even get it done in the afternoon because it was my cousin's birthday. Unfortunately, this totally ruins the whole midnight vibe I had going all weekend, so I'm afraid the 15% discount no longer applies.



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T 2-2 vs OTT
Even invoking the name
Of Gilmour
Couldn't bring the Leafs victory
Guess I'd better leave Berezin out of this
The day of my daughter's wedding

Hey, if I wanna go to a Jetsons superworld, then I'm gonna go to a Jetsons superworld!

Uhm..."The Jetsons" kind of isn't a game world. And don't you dare go pulling some semantic nonsense about some ancient Jetsons platformer for the Game Boy or something; it's clear that I meant RPG games, given that this would have to be a world in which you could use your special attack. Seriously, now, Andrew: into what RPG gameworld would you drop yourself and Scar and your Expos Nightcap?

-Jackson Ferrell

Oh, now really... You can't expect me to answer every question exactly to specifications, now can you? At any rate, if I must pick an RPG gameworld, I guess it'd be Ivalice.

...Hey, you're the one who forgot to ask why. AHAHAHA!

Speaking of me, Rob, and the cap...

Hey Log.

For the record, I do not hate your Expos hat. Its hard to hate an inanimate object. I just hate that you would dare to wear it. :P

You know, in three weeks I will be in your fair city. We have to do something! Should we game or something? I mean, its not like we do much else! Since it's probably you, me and tuinte, we need to find something to do as a group.

Well I'm a fan of dragging people to baseball games, but since I've already used up my baseball mulligan with tui, I guess we'll have to settle for something else.

And, what is your thoughts of me getting FFXI? I am torn right now, because I don't have a ton of money, but it does look intriquing. I do need SOMETHING to do until Star Ocean: Till the End of Time comes out.

My thought is, it's worth playing, but only if you're able to conveniently overlook the money it costs regardless of your financial situation. Because it does cost a lot of money, as far as games go.

Finally, what the hell is up with "Jet-son!!"? I don't remember saying that ever, unless I was drunk, or oogling people...

Love, Rob/Scar

Oh, you never said it. I just like putting words in people's mouths.

Fiend follies

Hi, Cast. I got a question about Planescape: Torment. In the Smouldering Corpse Bar, do the two fiends serve any useful purpose in the game? Can you do anything special with them later on? Thanks.

Well, quite frankly, no. Though you can talk to and even get any number of characters from that bar, the fiends are just there to give the place the ambience any house of flaming death needs to attract new clientele.

So... Trailers, eh?

Hiya Cast,

I've found three Shadow Hearts 2 trailers at the gametrailers website. On two of these trailers, in english they say "Shadow Hearts 2, coming this Winter".

Yet everywhere including RPGamer says that the release is ToBeAnnounced.

Explain please :)


Well, to be honest, propaganda doesn't count as an actual announcement of a release date, so until the company actually comes out and explicitly announces it'll be releasing the game this winter, there's no reason to think that it'll necessarily be in your hands this December.

Still Unfit for Print

Near the pyramid of power, there are two caves. One of them can be reached with a super bomb but im not sure how to reach the other one. it is blocked by two statues of agahnim and i can't reach it. How do you reach this cave? thanks.

You know, it's often helpful to specify which game you're talking about when you write a letter like this. Fortunately, you mentioned Agahnim, which pretty much nails it down to LttP, but still, be more explicit next time. As to your cave conundrum: jump, my good sir.

Eh And-y! ???

(I donít get your Q&A column name, but hi.)

To get that title, you'd have to be from around Toronto, unless Maple Leaf fever swept the nation in 1993. At that time, number 93, Doug Gilmour, the titular Doug-ee from that last column (gee, that's a lot of 93s, isn't it? What a coincidence...), was in a series of bad milk commercials, from which that quote is taken.


So apologies for the lateness, and I promise, no more Saturday night FFXI marathons... until next week! Okay, okay. For next week, this particular lack of topicness seems to be reasonably popular, so I guess I'll let topics slide until something worth talking about comes up. Try and keep it games related, though - only I may speak of creamsicles!
Andrew Long drafted Albert Pujols in absentia.. score!



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