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Super Fun Time Medicine

Andrew Long - March 14 '04- 17:37 Eastern Standard Time

SO, FUNNY STORY. Last week I had this cold, and it seems that my fantastic new ineligibility to play Major League Baseball (or indeed, compete in the Olympics) by reason of all the yummy steroids I have to take just to maintain a metabolism makes me highly susceptible to general failure in the absence of bonus steroids to shore up my feeble innards. Needless to say, I failed to fuel any 'roid rage since not one, but two endicronologists failed to mention this dazzling bit of medical genius to me, I guess operating on the crackpot theory that since my immune system is so good at taking out my internal organs, it can surely handle anything else.

Not so much, as it turns out. As such, I landed myself in hospital, again. I was unable to be here and thus to either deflect the giant 400 KB bear that crawled into my inbox(which is to say, email concerning a giant bear that decapitated some hiker somewhere, which is fabulously interesting to any concerned citizen who's tired of following Pakistani troop movements and Spanish politics), and the subsequent failure of my mail has rendered me preciously fewly lettered (to say nothing of a certain forgetful weekday host, who shall remain nameless). Naytheless, we shall press on, with me inventing words at a furious clip as I strive to pretend like there has been anything interesting to speak of in my own little world of nurses, vomiting, and vomiting on nurses.

In entirely unrelated news, it has come to my attention that John Hummel of Gameforms fame has retired. While it would be rather shamful for me to pretend our two sites have ever made any effort to acknowledge the existence of the other, I did personally love his style, so in lieu of providing actual content, I shall herd you to his farewell to make this seem longer. Yes piggybacking my way to unglory! I had a good feeling. That's the way! And so forth. Really, I don't know why I'm degenerating into FFT babble, but it seems like the thing to do, and - wait a minute, I don't have to explain myself! To the cheese factory!



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No, I'm not actually mad
It's not like I would have gotten them anyway
Thanks to the giant bear
And the hiker he mauled
Oh, what a world, what a world
Time to update the spam filter

Crap... I knew I overdid it

Gee, Cast, way to crush my hopes and dreams. Anyway, this time I actually do have something RPG-related to write about: Harvest Moon. I never did get into the Harvest Moon thing either, although my friend Sean certainly did. He drew chibi pictures of the womens from it and worked very hard at getting lots of endings. I never played it myself, but I did watch him play once; in the course of twenty minutes, he picked turnips and walked up a mountain. It was very strange watching him walk up that mountain without any random battles.

Now, what's so terrible about "cringe?" If I cringe, does it make you cringe? Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with it.

-Jackson Ferrell

There's nothing wrong with it, you're right. It's just a personal thing, brought on by an obscure situation you don't want to hear about based upon an anecdote that isn't worth telling. As to your chibi artist friend, it is kind of unsettling going through RPG environments in games without running into trouble. Granted, pretty much any environment is an RPG environment, but mountains in particular have something particularly suited to the genre. Turnips, on the other hand, don't. You were right to be freaked out.

Harvest this!

Heya, Cast.

Mr. Ferrel may or may not be right. I've never heard of begging the question as a logical fallacy, and his example sounds more like circular reasoning to me, but it doesn't matter. This is supposed to be about Harvest Moon...

Harvest Moon is truly something that must be experienced before you can pass judgement. Last year in my dorm (what a wondrous time) I secured a copy of Harvest Moon 64, which I think is the rareest game on the N64. Anyways, I became engrossed in it (and found it far superior to the SNES version, which was great in of itself.) My two roommates watched me play it a lot, and one, a RPGamer who likes action and intrigue in his plots made fun of me every time he was over. Well, one day, he's bored, so he makes his own file and begins to farm his behind off. He played the game for two days straight, breaking only for the occasional soda and slice of pizza. It is that addictive. I don't know what it is about planting crops and talking to people and attending festivals that makes people fall in love with it, but I really haven't seen anyone who hasn't liked playing it.

Ah, the old revenge cycle. I love doing that to my friend who keeps trying to swear off video games. He'll sit there and make fun of me, and then get sucked in to pretty much every GameCube game I buy, affording me the last laugh. Well, that and the spite value of finding ways to make watching me play games annoying, like counting potch after each battle in Suikoden II - but now I'm recycling anecdotes. Bad host! Bad!

So my question to you is, why haven't you tried it? Is it just the subject matter, or you haven't had a chance, or maybe you have a deep rooted fear of all things Natsume? :) I would definately recommend trying Harvest Moon 64, or Back to Nature. Better yet, get Friends of Mineral Town. It's my current GBA addiction, and I've heard it's the same as Back to Nature, only portable. Just...good luck finding a copy of any of them.

Chris R.

To be honest, I really don't know why I haven't tried it. Partially because I never heard of it back in the SNES days, partially because I never had an N64, and partially because my incomplete game stack is tall enough as it is. You have interested me, however, and I may yet lump Harvest Moon among the Suikoden IIIs, Xenosagas, Vandal Heartses, and Wild ARMs titles currently infesting my bedroom like so many rats. Besides, if it's as cutesy as I think it is, it's bound to piss off that friend of mine!

Shadowy doings

Hey Cast,

I know that Shadow Hearts 2 has been released in Japan, at least I think it has. I loved the first Shadow Hearts and was wondering, Is there any word or a whisper of a release date for and US and Europe yet???


Well, it definitely snuck into Japanese stores last month, but as of now there's neither hide nor hair of other localizations. It's still pretty early, but if you don't hear anything for another couple of months, you might be best served trying to import SH2, because I don't really see much indication that it's ever going to make it over here. Of course, now that I've said that, it's practically guaranteed to be announced tomorrow, but just to hedge my bets, here's the Japanese fansite you can console yourself with for now.


So yeah... Due to random circumstances beyond anyone's control, Harvest Moon day was a bust. If you still want to talk about it tomorrow, that's just fine, and on top of that, the lack of Shadow Hearts 2 localizations has me wondering if anyone's looking forward to any games that might not have a hundred percent chance of making it to them. I hunger for your thoughts, people, and not just because I'm trying to stalk Sarah Polley! Now, if you know what's good for you you'll go see Dawn of the Dead, and then send me many letters when you finish feasting on zombie brains. With your eyes! Geez, get out of the gutter...
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