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Andrew Long - March 5 '04- 12:43 Eastern Standard Time

THERE ARE SOME DAYS where I just don't feel like writing an introduction, by which I mean I have nothing of interest to talk about that could fill two to four lines with mildly interesting claptrap. When that happens, I fill it with talking about how I have nothing to say, which is always, I suspect, moderately annoying because it's not like I'm fooling anyone (except possibly the New Jersey Nets starting five, if that is your real name) but I still feel compelled not to be a shortchanging tightwad, regardless of whether or not long introductions are actually good.

The upshot of this all is the fact that the weathermen hereabouts have unleashed dire predictions about the nature of today's upcoming "t-storms". My windows could fog, my vision could be obscured and my basement could flood, leading me to believe that I should go and kidnap a meteorologist to plug all my ground-level windows until the clouds pass. Either way, I'd best get started before the power fails.



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The kupomogli LJ

All is well in Mudville
Well, except for the mud
That will seep into my basement
If the crazy meteorologists can be trusted
Which they can't
Sunny, sunny day

A long-delayed explanation

Hey dude. What's rocking? In response to that person who said that were no benefits to doing what I like to call "fancy kills" in Devil May Cry 2, he was wrong. There are benefits, if I remember correctly, but they aren't in the damage department. It improves your style rating or whatever, which gives you bonuses at the end of the mission (or stage, whatever). Sorry I don't remember exactly, I haven't played that game in a while. It was actually the game I traded in to guest host... speaking of which... I still haven't received any offers for games, and I missed my last guest host thing because I didn't know I was doing it. Someone offered me Dark Cloud 2, which I want, but I never got his email. So, uhh, anyone want to send me Dark Cloud 2 and guest host? It's fun. Tons of fun. Woooot! I wasn't around for NES RPGs when they came out, but I did like this kickass volleyball game for NES. I think it was called "Volleyball". Have you ever played it?

Mr. "I like your mom, and it's no fad! I wanna marry her, and be your dad!" Rebbie

I've played a volleyball game for the NES, but I think it was part of one of those Summer Games collections that parents were always so wild about. Pretty much the only thing I learned from it was the olympic anthem, which I always listen for in the vain hope it'll be played in square and triangle wave. As to your failed game receipt, well, my chain fell apart like a rusty bicycle, so no Dark Cloud for you! From me. Others are welcome to send, although I promise nothing.

I'd put this as UfP, but I don't have the heart

I really like the song simple and clean even though Utada Hikaru wrote it .I've been serching for the soundtrack from kingdom hearts.I was just on the computer and this poped up so I decied to write.

Thanks for sharing, teabag. Carry on!

Boingy, boingy!


Alas, behold the dreaded mail server of doom. You would think that problem had left RPGamer so long ago. While Jake figures out his problem, at least I know that you'll recieve those 12 roses I sent. I signed the concrete with love. Doppler 2000 shows a sunny weekend with a good chance of me! Of course with Friday so close, it'll only be a little while until I take over the mean, beat FFX-2 again. I'm doing quite well on my quest for 100, being at 78 right now and just finishing 2 episode completes. Granted, I think I missed 1-or-2 things, I believe, but oh well. New Game + was the greatest idea evar! Since you liked those past creamsicles, I figured I find some more for you to indulge in. Now since I "should" ask a question, being you the bearer of my answers, did you ever know that you're my heeero?! mmmm... delicous.

Available in 10 tasty, delicous flavors,
O' Shrouded One

Please, never sing that song again... It gives me the terrors.

Concert conundrum

I see that Square-Enix released the ticket prices for the Dear Friend Final Fantasy concert.. Are you or any of the other RPGamer staff planning on going?

If so, are you going to buy any concert memerobilia?

If so, will you snag some for me, too? :) Oh, and for trick, if he's not going.

Former RPGamer Music Guy & Webmaster,

Well, I'm not too sure if I'll be going, but there's a few people who are, so I have informed them of your request. Know, however, that the response I have thus far elicited is not terribly encouraging, ranging from "<.< >.>" to "I see". Nevertheless, I'll do my best to snag you a program if I manage to sneak in.

FFXI Benchmarking

In regards to the questions about FFXI running on the fellows computer have him go here: and download the benchmark program there. It'll tell you how well your computer can run the game. The game does offer lots of settings for displaying the graphics, I only have a GeForce 2 in my computer (but have a AMD Athlon 64-bit Processor and 512 MB of Ram, which prolly help a bit), and can run the game fine as long as I don't turn on all of the lighting effects. My computer also can't do bump mapping for which at least a GeForce 4 is needed, which does make the game look a bit darker and a lot more jaggey than most of the screen shots on-line. But it does indeed run well. =^_^=


I know what you mean, since I have not a GeForce 2, but a GeForce 2 MX severely underpowering my machine currently. It's jaggy, it's lumpy, and it's made of toothpicks and scabs, but it should get both of us -

Hey! I need that to run everything! Anyhow, thanks for sharing, Ripner. I'm sure this will help out.

Here's a question for the Summer Lovers!

Is swimwear considered armor or accessory?
Matt Strittmatter

I have a better question. If I hire someone to break your computer, am I an accessory or justified?

Can u tell me if there are any games like FAble
because i like those games and tell me the ones where u make your own charcter MUST BE 4 GAMECUBE

Well, if you mean RPGs, then yes, there are in fact several available for the GameCube. I think, however, that I'll leave the voyage of discovering their names to you, because frankly, you look like you could use a voyage of discovery.


Grumble. It's official - I shouldn't write this column on an empty stomach. It angries up the blood! For tomorrow, let's talk about the Uematsu concert. Are you excited? Are you going? Do you think this sort of event could become more widespread in North America? Do you even like Uematsu's music? Is there another composer you'd rather hear? I know I'm all ears, so don't be shy with the opinions!
Andrew Long is alive, with the sound of music.



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