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Sawdust and Insect Parts

Andrew Long - March 3 '04- 18:40 Eastern Standard Time

IT SEEMS OUR EMAIL SERVER is either up or back to its old tricks, which basically translates to zero mail for Google. As a result, it looks like that reserve pile I have is going to come in handy. As such, let us proceed forth to discuss my alleged foolishness, for as everyone knows, Lufia precedes Golden Sun, right? Well, actually I happen to disagree with that, and here (and by here, I mean "there", and by there, I mean "in the backyard where that mangy squirrel is trying to play with the transformer box on top of the telephone pole", and by "in the backyard yadablah", I mean "below", which is a registered trademark of Infinium Labs) is why.

Come on people... Follow directions!



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They can have him
As for me?
I'm happy with a sandwich
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You don't make friends with salad

Hmm... FFV Spoilers? They would be if anyone cared...

In response to Tad Ghostal's letter yesterday about heroes dying, despite having survived machine gun fire, dragons and so on, I bring your attention to FF5. Without spoiling too much of the plot for the few who have not played it, one of the characters does indeed die here, even though the others try everything they can think of. Cure3, Life, Phoenix Down, Elixir ... He's dead, Jim.

-- Calydor.

And don't forget Palom and Porom - Tellah did everything in his power to unstone them, but sometimes you just have to let kids learn for themselves. As for that mystery character, I'm not so sure he did die, since his replacement becomes him, for all intents and purposes. I think it was just the first signs of Square pandering - after all, which would you rather have, an old man, or a sexy young blonde sprite who's got smooth lines and a caboose to die for? Fanservice, my friend, fanservice.

A helping hand for these difficult times

Oooh! OOoh! An RM2K3 question! Let me answer!!
*Bashes Mr. X in the head with a really big fish.*
Shut up.
By the way, if this was the forums I worked for, you'd be IP blocked by now.
--Bucket Mouse

Well, just for that, I think I'll IP block YOU!

Aw, I can't stay mad at you... You're a mouse.. in a bucket! It's a tragic scenario and maybe even a tragic flaw, which I hear gets you lots of action in Shakespeare, although it can result in some killer obsessive compulsion. Still, if you're in a bucket you need something to occupy the time. And in case you're wondering, I should be done being endlessly amused by your name sometime in March of 2048. I can't help it - it reminds me of Witches.

Oho... so, a wiseacre, eh?

Lufia came first! So how is Lufia a rip off of Golden Sun? Dragon Quest V and VI are the best for snes.

Lore Master Mamo Rpg gamer since Nintendo Power Gave out free copies of Dragon Warrior.

Ah, you think you have won, but wait! Cast your attention to the following: first, the original Lufia and the original Camelot title, Shining in the Darkness. SitD was released in 1991, a full two years before the first Lufia title. Herego, even if you were taking my statement to mean the original Lufia preceded Golden Sun, it doesn't matter; the mechanics were born in SitD, which is incidentally the only Camelot title that doesn't make me want to descend upon the company's headquarters with a flaming sword and a couple of those goons from the Brother Work Solutions commercials (my Grandma's been making do with the same coffee table for forty years!) Meanwhile, Golden Sun preceded Lufia: Ruins of Lore by almost three years, making me right and you wrong and Atlus a bunch of shameless hacks who should be punished severely for crimes against nature, or at least ordered to recall Rhapsody and issue full refunds to everyone blighted by its existence. And yes, I know Golden Sun doesn't precisely count as a Shining title, but let's be honest: GS is just Beyond the Beyond in shiny, jelly bean drag.

Of course, none of this answers the most pressing question: why on earth would anyone want to follow in the footsteps of such execrable fare?

Why must everyone question my word? I AM SUPREME! Or at least, The Supremes. Or maybe just a Whopper Supreme. Mmmm... bur-ger...

I'm assuming that you just picked up the Lufia game for GBA and...

To quote you, "I also picked up Lufia, and I'm struck by how totally the game ripped off Golden Sun, from its battle theme to its mechanics to its freaking interface art."

I must point out that, having played all of the lufia games in It's four game series, the battle mechanics, which I am assuming you are refering too, are far more similar to Lufia 2's game system than to Golden Sun. Now if you were refering to the puzzle mechanics, I say that Golden Sun must've ripped off Lufia 2's mechanics. then again most RPGs with Puzzle elements, WIlD Arms Lufia Golden Sun, seem to *borrow* mechanics and sometimes even Puzzles from other puzzle rpgs.

You are very correct on the battle theme though They are WAY to similar.

The Interface art, yeah they look similar but come on this is the GBA it's not like you can get the art to look like it is from Disgaea.

Granted, I'm sure Atlus is probably liable to take material from titles it holds the rights to than to go skipping off to Camelot for guidance. It was just a little too much for me when the first phrase of the battle theme was identical, that's all.

On to my recomendation, I would strongly urge you to pick up Lufia 2 for the Super Nintendo. It is a whole lot better than either of the portable Lufias. Neither of them have as good play mechanics, music, characters, or story as the two super Nintendo games. The reason why I recomend Lufia 2 over Lufia and the Fortress of Doom is because Lufia 2 is a direct prequal to Lufia 1. *and this is not really a spoiler but I'll put it in spoiler marking anyways*


The end of the second game is an updated version of the prologue of the first game. *

Thanks for sharing, nameless hero. Perhaps I will wander on over to eBay and see what I can dredge up in the Lufia department - after all, this SNES isn't going to super itself, especially if I don't go see that guy who hangs out behind the eBay shack.

Some long-awaited answers

On the screenshots page of Final Fantasy XI there are a lot of screenshots. Are any of them from the PS2 version, because im debating on gettting the PS2 version becasuse I'm no sure if I have seen any that are from the PS2 version for sure. I wish I had the PC version, I was supposed to get it for Christmas, but it never happened. If I did I would have bought a really good graphic card and I would have been on my way. But now I dont want to buy the game for $50 and then a graphic card for about $100. Im only 14, I dont got that kind of money. Also I dont know if Final Fantasy XI would work on a Intel Celeron Processor. Do you know if it would?

Thank you

Sorry I took so long to answer this letter, Joe. Anyway, I'm fairly certain the bulk of them are PC shots, for the simple fact that it's easier to get in-game shots from a platform on which people are actually playing. If you would like to find some PS2 shots, you can probably find them somewhere at the spiky maze deathtrap that is PlayOnline.

As to whether it would work on a Celeron processor, well, that all depends on the speed of your Celeron processor. I will tell you that video card is a much more important consideration; there's very little difference between my P4 1.6G and my dad's P4 2.4G because we both have fairly crappy video cards, so as long as your processor speed meets the minimum requirements, you should be okay. If you already have a PS2, take my advice and just go that route - Square Enix has a comparatively lousy online staff as far as interface design vs their console work goes, and I'm hoping against hope that the PS2 interface will be a little bit easier to manouver around (not that it'll do me any good; I'm not about to drop another $80 CDN just so I can play it anywhere).

My friend said today that Squaresoft is bringing Final Fantasy to the xbox.

Have I missed something or is my friend on crack and trying to make the xbox look better then it really is?
-Mythril Phoenix

Your friend is in fact on crack, since Square only performs hussy maneuvers when sexy new systems come along. Once it's locked in, it's loyal, baby! Well, except for that whole Crystal Chronicles bit. Seriously though, the Xbox has actually won me over with its wide assortment of redundant titles that, while generally available on PC and elsewhere, are nevertheless just good enough to make me glad I have one.

Hey andrew
you know ffcc i know it is multiplayer but what i want to know is that is it only multiplayer if you have 3 other gameboy advance sps please help me i really want to know. before i buy myself a gamecube.


Hello Andrewski,
I was thinking the other day, and I've decided that Kefka is just totally bitchin'. Who do you think gets more girls... Kefka, or Celes? I think the answer is quite obvious. And delicious. Mmmm... munchies... snacks so good. Red bag.. Mr.Rebbie

If you're trying to imply I should eat badgers, it's not going to work, mister. As to your sexiness quiz, I think you're overlooking the obvious chick magnet in this equation: Chupon! Once you get past the constant sneezing, he's just a lovable hunk of scales and fire! And besides, you'd never have to pay for airfare again.

Hey Andrew,

The title page quote is said by an old man in the first Shining Force game.
-Lord Otterland

As I have somehow misplaced my answer key (read: deleted Zack's email) I will take your word for it and offer you this conditional tilde: ~*


Okay, so until we get this email mess sorted out, it might be a bit of a challenge to get email to Google. He's going to try and get it fixed asap, so hopefully there will be a column tomorrow. In the meantime, and this is very important, any email you send for Friday should go to, because it looks like my @rpgamer addy is fux0red too.
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