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Sacks and Sacks of Turnips

Andrew Long - February 13 '04- 2:27 Eastern Standard Time

IT SEEMS I HAVE FINALLY MANAGED TO FREE MYSELF from the clutches of Dr. Sickeon, the deadly monster I made up to explain all those times I got the flu or bronchitis or acute pharyngitis, whatever the heck that is. This did not come without some tribulation, of course, but then, what good is anything if it doesn't involve a little tribulation? Granted, it's a lot less trying, but as that crazy old man on TV once said, "there ain't nothin' worth doin' that didn't take tryin'." What an insaniac!

So grounded in the fine arts of science and adage, let us now breeze through this sickly little clutch of letters and mourn, for while I was gone, my inbox got jammed to the gills with virus-infested emails. Curse you, Mydoom!



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Hi Andrew! I'm a newbie to the gaming world and for Christmas I got "Final Fantasy X-2"! For a newbie, I've been doing surpringly well, but I've reached a point where I'm really stuck and was wondering if you could help me? I'm at the point where you're in Macalania forest and you're looking for the musicians. I've found all of them but the one by the spring and I can't figure out how to get there. Do you by any chance know? I would really apreciate the help, most people haven't been too friendly when I've asked, but you're site is so comprehensive, I figured it would be worth a shot. Thank you so very much for you time!!!~kilala
"Le noir, ce mot désigne depuis une époque lointaine le nom du destin. Les deux vierges règnent sur la mort. Les mains noires protègent la paix des nouveaux-nés."

To be honest, my inclination is to be not so friendly as well, since our comprehensive site contains a number of FAQs, but since I don't want to drive you away from here thinking we're all a pack of jerks, I will do my best to answer. It seems, however, that what you're trying to do is an optional quest, and moreover, most FAQs don't have a particularly detailed description of how to get there. Having never played X-2, I can't really tell you from personal experience, either- it just says "go to the pond where Yuna and Tidus were in FFX". That was fairly easy in the original. All I can offer is one FAQ that said you need a letter from a Hypello to get a bridge to appear so you can get there.

The long-awaited encore

Hey Andrew,

Is there any way you could post that clip of the kid playing the battle theme from FFVI that everyone's been talking about? I must have missed it when you did the last time. I'd like to see this guy wail.

Get well soon,

Your wish is my command, on both scores. Not only am I well(ish), but here is your rockout as requested: *riff*

Uh oh

Castomay, With the week coming to an end, and many enjoyable moments behind us, we can now focus on that trip to the Bahamas. Are you still sick? Mmmm... It seems only the power of corruptedness and uber-magicophelia could solve this perdictament, Shroudie style of course. Tomorrow, being Valentine's Day, I was thinking of shipping myself in a large crate in the cargo hold of a plane to you. Seeing as though my past attempts were successful, I was thinking of then having UPS send me right to your doorstep. Granted, I could just knock on your door, but that would ruin the weeks of preperation I put into this little side project...of love. Ski-club-season has officially ended, that means that I will not be getting any injuries, that is until tennis starts up. With this in mind, let us end this letter on a cheerful note. You're getting something special for tomorrow.

Drunk like a monkey,
O' Shrouded One

Why do your declarations of gift-giving always fill my heart with sweet sweet dread?


So maybe, just maybe, I can actually get in three columns this week for once. For tomorrow, I'd like to hear your impressions of FF:CC now that it's out, and also to find out whether the multiplayer aspect is actually as brain-numbingly malevolent as seems to have been the general assumption around here. Also, I know I'm late to the punch, but damn, KotOR actually makes an Xbox worth owning, and then some. As for me? I have to barricade my door in case whatever Shroudie sends bites back.
Andrew Long is battening down the hatches.



Does this rate an "Arrr!"? I think so.

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