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Swinging Doors

Andrew Long - February 6 '04- 13:16 Eastern Standard Time

NOTHING LIKE A BREAK TO CAUSE no end of problems. It seems one bout with the flu just isn't enough for my immune system, so it's decided a return engagement is in order. Bear that in mind as my responses may be slightly irritated.



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The kupomogli LJ

Super defeat!
Sounds familiar
Cursed stomach

Boingy, boingy!

Hey Andrew, What is this crap about some crappy video with Linkin Park in the background? I meant for you to look at the one with Choco Robo singing while featuring characters from many of the Final Fantasy games doing stupid stuff.

To be honest, that particular clip isn't the only one titled "Final Fantasy Tribute". I just grabbed the first one in the list, which happens to suck ultimately.

Also, I love cooperative play in games. If you think they are for sissies, then play something like Streets of Rage or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Arcade. Those games were great. Halo had a really fun cooperative play story mode on it. Bash me will you? I'll give you a gold bar...right through your skull. Ok, sorry about all that, but you just were a little unfair in that last letter when all I wanted to know about was the two-player mode of Kartia.

Unfair? What's unfair about pointing out the fairly ridiculous suggestion of cooperative TRPG gameplay?
I know I am no The Batman, but I deserve a little more respect than that. Maybe if I keep this up I will claim the title of unfit for print. What do you think about the Front Mission series? Front Mission 3 was so much fun, and I can't wait for Front Mission 4 to come out. I do not recall seeing much of a conversation about FM from you or anyone else on this Q&A page. Maybe that would make a suitable topic one day when you can't think of anything else. Uerar

Hate to break it to you, but I tried the FM thing and all I ended up with were FF letters. No dice. As to what I think, having only played a very bad demo, I'm not really qualified to say.

How very odd

Didinet Technologies

samy semmet
phone +##########
Email: ###########

Dear firend We urgently need to buy playstation's 2500 PCS Looking for PSone's brand new target price is $40USD

and customer returns at around $10USD

if you can meet our needs please respond with price FOB,minimum quantity, and phone number


Oh boy! I can sell PlayStations to suspicious sources for a whole $10? I'd be crazy not to send you your PlayStation "PC"s. Just what is that supposed to mean, anyway? That sounds like that rumour about Saddam trying to amass PSX units for supercomputing purposes. For shame, Samy. For shame.

Dragon Warrior...owns?


Just wanted to let you know that Dragon Warrior V is indeed 100 times better than the travesty that was VII. Dragon Warrior VI was even better. Unfortunately, nobody has played either, so people's perceptions are either based on I/II (horrible), III/IV (decent), or VII (just plain boring). And if someone thinks that any Final Fantasy is better than any Dragon Warrior, someone needs to play Final Fantasy II (or, in my opinion, VIII, but that's a long rant). And I realize you probably don't condome emulation, but if Enix is stupid enough not to bring the games to American shores, and fans are dedicated enough to translate these excellent games, play them!

RPGuy96 ~ "Yeah, I stole your site name's pun. Wanna fight about it?"

Not only do I probably not, I definitely don't!

Disappointment looms

Hey Andrew,

I've been out of the loop lately, but did I see correctly in the upcoming releases box that the date for Star Ocean III has been pushed forward AGAIN, or doth mine eyes deceive me? If it's true, then I seriously want to kneecap someone from Square-Enix. At this point, we'd cripes-darn-heck sure as well better be getting the Director's Cut.

"Never hit a man with a family. Hit him with something much heavier."

Oh, it's been pushed forward, with bonus shady allegations of other-game-dodging to boot. As to the Director's Cut, good luck with that one. Square Enix never gives us stuff like that.



You feeling any better? You know, with you weak and bed-ridden to your computer, now is the perfect oppurtunity to take over your control of Q&A. Muahahahaha! seem to be thirsting for some remedy at this point, but be pre-warned, the truth you seek may change your life for the worse. In late breaking news, I have joined the tennis team. Yes, my sick friend, Shroudie is now an official member of Elba's Varsity Tennis team! The unlikeliness of it all. Did you like the card I sent ya? Hmmm....I seem to be out of a topic due to a critical lens due tomorrow. Until then, rest up, will ya?

Everything's connected,
O' Shrouded One

Actually, what with the heavy vomiting, it isn't a good time :(. Even now, I wait to be whisked off to the hospital, hopefully to be pumped full of crazy drugs, and even more hopefully not for an overnight stay. Congratulations on the tennis team, anyway.


Which Final Fantasy (or any RPG, but not many apply in this case save perhaps Xenogears) do you think has the best romantic development? FFVII sucked, with an unfulfilled love triangle, and then an unfulfilled love...line...then again, you could go on a date with Barret...FFVIII we shall never speak of again. FFVI didn't develop much, and there wasn't such thing as a love story before that. The whole Tidus/Yuna thing never caught with me, so I guess it's between FFIX and's been awhile since I played Xeno, and most of the character interaction was overshadowed by their constant cycle of rebirth...yep, FFIX all the way. The fun, flirty, and natural progression of Zidane and Garnet's relationship was just great. And then Vivi and Quina got married in the Rally Ho village, Conde Petie. Yep. FFIX wins for me. Whaddaya think?

- Feep "Rally ho!"

No such thing as a love story before that? What about Cecil and Rosa? Will you deny dozens upon dozens of seamy fanfics their basis? Either way, I'll go with FFVI for spite.

Guitar tabs a go-go

Hey Andrew,

A while back you posted a small kick-ass clip of some kid playing FFVI on his guitar (not the game silly, the battle theme music), a friend of mine who I'm gonna beat up this afternoon (on Mr. Rebbies advice) also plays guitar, so I'm looking for the tabs so he might just get relly really addicted and start playing FFVI again. He was playing a lot, and suddenly he just stopped after about 35 hours into the game, the bastard.... So where can I find the guitar tabs, Google said to search, and I will.... someday.... maybe...


Unfortunately, that video didn't come with tabs. You might try... searching? Yeah, Google knew what he was talking about.


Man kicking kupomogli must be the best thing youv'e ever done I mean if he doesn't like Chrono Trigger what does he like Legend of Legaia ?
The Batman
Why am I talking about old news?

That's a gooooood question.


Apologies for the brevity, but I have to get going. Hopefully I'll be here tomorrow; if not, I'll make sure somebody is able to cover.
Andrew Long doesn't feel so good.




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