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Education Relation Frustration

Andrew Long - January 22 '04- 16:30 Eastern Standard Time

YOU MIGHT THINK THAT FROM THIS TITLE, I'm going to launch into a diatribe about the evils of school, but actually this was just one of several illustrative examples provided by my Literary Criticism professor in regards to some crazy tenet of structuralism, which operates on the theory that words are like atoms just waiting to molecularize. Or something like that - I kind of lost interest halfway through since I have yet to obtain the textbook for the course, so I wasn't really able to follow along. Instead, I half-slept, half-pretended to pay attention, which wouldn't have been necessary except for the fact that the prof was standing right in front of me.

These are the hazards of front-row seats, I guess. Admittedly, I do like the fact that you can pretty much guarantee a quick exit from any classroom from the front row, and if the teacher or professor or interim lecture robot prototype irritates you, you can easily trip him, her, or it by accident, but on the other hand, it does become easily apparent if you aren't paying attention (or if you trip the robot, since they tend to burst into flame and consume your leg with burning power). Like you (no, not the burning robot part)! I bet you nodded off three lines ago, because you're just that bored with this introduction. Well, see if I keep trying to hold your interest then. Seriously, I don't care. Begone from this introduction!

Oh, and how about that Nintendo DS?



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W, 3-2 vs WAS
You've got Capitals
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and Oilers and Blackhawks
But do you recall
The most worthless
Team of them all?
Well, do you?

Serial Dick

What really blows my mind is that (speaking of deadly coincidences) I decide to take a break from my Novel "Minority Report" and check in on your column...while my girlfriend sits on the coach watching her new disney classic "Alice and Wonderland" just approaching the tale of the walrus and the carpenter....that is messed up

Where exactly did you get this crazy novel version of Minority Report? I thought it was a short story, to be honest. In fact, the last time I was in a bookstore, or maybe the time before that, or at any rate around the time when that crazy Tom Cruise flick with the ridiculously Spielbergified (which may in fact have something to do with directorial influence) ending was wowing audiences with its grim chill and visionary gloomdoom and delicious electronic nose candy, during that trip to the bookstore I saw a compilation. It said: "Minority Report and other short stories by PHILLIP DICK ".

Okay, I admit it. I tampered with the title. There's only one "L" in his first name.

Anyways, I dont really have a question seeing as I am the Wise God of RPGS...but perhaps I can muster something... 1. I need a good website with info on Anime tv series and movies, any idears?

Having no prior knowledge of this website and being swayed only by the fact that it contains the terms "anime" and "nation" in its name, may I humbly suggest Anime Nation? Granted, you're almost sure to get about twenty other responses from anime fans tomorrow or next Wednesday, but choice is always nice, right?
2. Wheres the remake of FF6? ffx2, advent children...nothing for 6 except that measly PS remake (if you wanna call it that). Squeenix, release a friggin movie, a sequel, something...dont beat a dead horse with FF7movie (sorry to offend all of you FF7 lovers, most of jumped on the FFbandwagon, me? Im old school FF, hard core since the 80s)

.....and shoes and ships and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings...


That's a nice idea and all, but they kind of killed off magic and left the world at one with itself. No dramatic tension means no story, and no story means no game, unless you'd like something involving Locke farming Crawlers and Adamanchyts. While they are pretty sweet for pre-WoR levelling, I doubt they'd make a particularly compelling game, unless that "Slimer" ability somehow involves a Ghostbusters tie-in. I just can't get enough of that crazy Egon Spangler character!

Overpriced junk at EB? ZOUNDS!

Hey there Andrew... Just so you all know; I saw the Zelda bonus disc for sale at EB, slightly used, for the low low price of NINETY-NINE DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE CENTS! Bastards. I mean, can they really rely on stupid zelda fanboys to shell out 100 bucks for a bunch of games they've already beaten over and over? Fools! Just to clarify: EB = bastards, fanboys = fools.

Well, you can't blame them for trying. Besides, if you go to EB expecting good used prices, you're kidding yourself. The only games you'll get good prices on are the crappy ones and the old ones, and while some old ones have merit, usually the good old games are long gone, which is probably why Xenogears used to fetch such a pretty penny.

Anyhoo, while I guess it doesn't qualify as an RPG, I got Magic: the Gathering - Battlegrounds for the XBox with my first paycheck today, and it's AWESOME! They've taken everything that's cool about magic, sped it up to real-time, and put it online. None of this MtG: Online crap where you pay for each 'e-card' you buy, just awesome online play. Any former or current Magic player with an XBox, especially one with Live, should check this out. Really, it's a refreshing break from all the other games on Live; seeing as how they're all first-person shooters.

Also, "Shut up, hippie... Or I'll KILL you!" - Vyvyan from 'The Young Ones'


The Jumpsuited One

Thanks for the advice. Thus far, my attempts to con my dad into getting Xbox Live so I can play online junk when I'm home for weekends have fallen on deaf ears, because for some reason he continues to delude himself into thinking he can find cheater-free CounterStrike servers on PC. Also, I think he likes the whole keyboard and mouse setup, so even if it's available for the Xbox, he's content not to bother looking.

And uh, I'm not quite sure what that quote pertains to, but thanks for sharing all the same.

Oh great... he's possessive

My lovely Castobell,

No one can ever take you away from me....EVAR! So you don't get that anullment, I'll rent. But then again, you could be forcing me to do such a feat because you want to put fear into my deranged soul. You know...if Friday doesn't work out...we can always *wink, wink*..on our way to superstardom of our own sitcom of course. As for "The Batman", consider his/her/it's own woman's/man's/lion's head already ripped off because she/he/George Bush is trying to take my love away. Yes, a deep love that shall surpass all time and space on it's journey to the Amazon. Not only is geocities working again, but now I can put up our wedding pictures. In related news of complaining, my step-father asked me to burn some CD's for him, right? While I was thinking of like 4 or so, he dumps 12 onto me. Not that I mind, but they're MY blank discs that I got from Christmas. Now my stack is missing 1/4 of it's original height, and I'm pissed beyond belief. Don't people realize they can go out and buy their own stuff? As far as gaming goes, I'm now at 38% and on my way in beating FFX-2 for the valuable 100% ending that I want. Yes, I got the bad/normal one, but at least there's new game +. Satan bless Square-Enix for that golden feature. On the topic of said company, I can't wait for FFVIIAC to be released later on. I know your gripes, but I enjoyed FFtSW, and a movie based on a game might not be bad. Now people will actually feel connected to past characters. Actually I'm just excited to see a new CG version of Red XIII. Drakengard, like I've mentioned, looks very promising in the field of action RPGs. Maybe FFXII will be realeased later on this year? As for marketing, I think S-E is coming out as a major company in the main media of entertainment. A FF radio station, which feels better when played on netscape because you're not actually getting into the evil that is AOL, mobile games with Verizon, and actual commercials again are getting the public's attention. Actually, I would go on, but I am unbearably hungry. Maybe I'll send you some left-overs...quicky style!!

Love is a bridge over my heart,

O' Shrouded One

I certainly hope you snuck in a few random songs on those pilfered CDs, just to get him back somehow. As for the FF station, it's pretty limited so far, but I agree; S-E is certainly expanding its aspirations, and consorting with Disney is usually the first step in some sort of übermegainterdynamiconglomorationsuperdyne setup, so who knows. Maybe one day, our children or our children's children or their alien overlords will get FF figurines in their Happy Meals.

Attention Stedmans shoppers: the blue jeans are not acid-washed, but made of acid. We regret the error


Koda Kumi sung on the japanese version of FF X-2, while Jade from Sweetbox sang on the US version. How do I know this? It says so right in the opening credits before the title screen. :)


Crap. I knew I should have paid attention to the surprising preponderence of "Jade" in my Google search, but the one result I cursorily opened led to a lame message board, so I went with the Japanese singer instead. Forgiveness please!

Septerra Core was SO bad.
It ranks up there with Phantom the movie and escargot.
Which is really bad.

- Feep "I don't like bad things"

So what, Phantom the fly-by-night system isn't dodgy enough to rate on your list of bad? How very odd...


So indeed, Cortney will be stealing my chair for tomorrow. Never fear though, I'll be back on Wednesday as usual. For then, if you don't get tired talking about Nintendo's craziness, feel free to yammer stridently about how Japan will get DQ5 PS2 way before us (and since no localization has even been announced yet, they may get it exclusively! Grr.) I'm sure Cortney will enjoy talk of the NDS, as well as any other questions relating to her escapades and general Cortneyness (I hear she grades a mean English essay). Until Monday, then, I shall leave you in the capable hands of my various associates, and hope that if you melt there, you take a few M&M's with you.

Also, Paws has taken me to task for failing to mention her fourth anniversary with the site yesterday. Let's all wish the happy couple many more.
Andrew Long definitely melts in your mouth.



And on that disturbing note, sayonara, suckers!

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