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Keep This To Yourself, O' Shrouded One

Andrew Long - January 9 '04- 15:01 Eastern Standard Time

REMEMBER HOW I WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE COLD a day or two ago? Well, it seems that winter was listening, because the most spiteful season of all has decided to ratchet up the miserable chilliness to a level I like to call "liquid cold", whereby the blowing wind feels like somebody blasting pure ice in your face, which really isn't liquid but then again not much I say ever makes sense, so who really could have expected me to start now?

Yes, I have gone to and I have gone fro, having to walk everywhere as I usually do, and in between I have thawed out, but the connecting element between these little journeys is that my current goal is now to stay indoors until March 2012, when it can safely be assumed that winter will have passed and global warming will have ensured that I live next to the North Atlantic coast, which in those days will become a tropical paradise, if you are able, in your future sensibilities and strange future morality, ignore all the floating corpses of people who couldn't get inland in time.

A chilling and macabre vision of the future, to be sure, but if I have to be chilled you damn well have to be too. On that cheerful note, here's my partner in crime for the day, O' Shrouded One (if that IS his real name).

Shroudie - January 9 '04- 15:06 Eastern Standard Time

Hello, all my adoring, ADORING fans. Shroudie is here, at last. Me and Andrew go waaay back, like way back to August, that is. I, myself, am 16, and a junior in high school no less. Born in Utica, NY and moved to Elba, NY 3 years ago. Elba, by the way, isn't that far from Cast's residence, a few hours give or take. My first experience in RPGs was Legend of Zelda II, the Adventures of Link on the good old NES.

Presently I'm a sucker for the Final Fantasy series. FFIX, X, and VI are my favorites, while the rest do have places in my heart. It is quite exciting getting to actually co-host with Andrew. He's my hero! ^_^ Maybe I'll put in some pictures of me and Cast's day today later on. On to the letters!!

Andrew -

Pictures? Get out of my garden!



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A clarification

You stated in Wednesday's introduction that your summer heat had just ended. Now, if you live in the northern hemisphere, that makes no sense, because it's the middle of winter. And if you live in the southern hemisphere, that still makes no sense, because it's just getting to the hot part of summer. Where then do you live? The southern hemisphere of Mars? I bet release dates for Mars suck even worse than Europe.


Everything you say is true, but you failed to pay full attention to what I said. I was talking about my room at school, which features a unique approach to temperature control in that it is always exactly the opposite of comfortable. Herego, my west-facing wall now serves as a wind-sieve, and my east-facing wall is made out of styrofoam, not the greatest form of insulation you can find. I don't call it the crackhouse for nothing, as you can see. As to the release dates for Mars, I really can't say, although I hear President Bush has decided he wants McCutcheon's moon money after all and has struck up plans to take over the moon and mine it for its sweet sweet cheese, which may eventually lead to a release date of 2012 for FFVII, right around the same time I'm living it up on the coast.

Didn't we have a plan for taking over the moon a while back? The truth of the matter is, Mars is just the opposite of what Andrew's room is. For example, when the it is a blissful 210 degrees F on one is about 10 below on the North-east. See, from outside Andrew's window, it is quite chilly and I can't feel neither my hands nor my sweet cheese that I'm eating. I'll make a clarification for Cast's answer and say that Bush is actually going after Pluto, the dog, so that he can film a lucious, lucious movie about friends, family, and the importance of a teenage girl living in the '80's. Now if Cast would only let me inside...

I bet if I let you inside you'd just stalk me some more, and I can't have you underfoot while I make plans to turn this place into a beach resort!

Two and two is five, two and two is five

"And why is it so difficult for you to believe that a Final Fantasy game could be good, exactly? Say what you will about the series, but I really don't think that there's a bad game to be found anywhere in it."

When did I say that the Final Fantasy series was bad? My top five favorite games of all time are FFVII, FFVI, Chrono Trigger, FFIX, and FFT SoTN, Deus Ex, Ultima VII, Dragon Warrior IV, and Dragon Warrior VII, in that order. It's because of this incredible lineage that FFTA and FFX-2 were letdowns to me, and I have nothing but hope and optimism for the rest of the series...besides, FFX-2 isn't even that bad, I just have trouble motivating myself to play. I don't know why.

- Feep "Get these words out of my mouth!"

"Get words out of my mouth"? Whatever are you talking about? As for those choices, well, i don't see how that's an incredible lineage, but if you really do like DWVII that much, it's your own business, I suppose. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to order some servant monkeys for my upcoming stay in tropical paradise.

Is it ironic that Feep rhymes with sheep? It would be quite ironic to have Andrew put words in a sheep's mouth. In fact...a sheep with a Hawaiian shirt is just hilarious. There's something quite suspicious about the red writing, must me my imagination. Deus make me shudder, dear Feeply. Now excuse me while I teach the sheep how to serve tropical drinks.

My shizzle is on the fazzizzle!


I have noticed that while women's winter-wear looks quite pretty on me, it does NOT keep out the cold to any extent. In fact, I could probably stand naked and be warmer than if I stand wearing the sweater I got from Old Navy. I do wonder how some of the RPG heroines survive in lands where it seems to be perpetual winter. Maybe they're just magic.

S. Netzach

Quote of the Day:
"It was just a fireball."
-Jarlaxle, Servant of the Shard by R.A. Salvatore

More than that, how do RPG anybodies survive wearing the same clothing day after day without getting crotch rot? I mean sure, if you've only got one cool-ass purple jumpsuit of death then I can understand a certain reluctance to take it off, but over the course of months or even years?

I have wondred the same question myself. Every time you play, the character wears the same exact thing. Well, it different for FFT for Delita and Ramza. In FFX-2, Yuna and Rikku have new attire while Lulu, Kimahri and Wakka all have the same clothing. It has been 2 years!! By the way, women's winter-wear looks good on Cast. ^_~


Apparently, somebody missed the "send in letters about nothing" directive and actually followed the topic

So, you decided on a topic today. I've decided that the two games that disappointed me the most last year were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Xenosaga Ep. 1. TMNT was just bland and repetative and if I ever hear the phrase "eat foot" again I'm going to shoot something. Xenosaga was slow and ugly. I just really couldn't get into it.

I'm really excited for Star Ocean 3 though and I'm really hoping that it'll be as good as Star Ocean 2 was. And, well, I suppose that therein lies my question. Will Star Ocean 3 be bomb? And will America be seeing a release of Star Ocean 3: Directors Cut or not? Of course, by Star Ocean 3 I mean Star Ocean Til the End of Time and Star Ocean 2 is Star Ocean the Second Story. Sorry to say I never played the first one, I don't even know what system it's on.

The Pansy of Doom

"Hipsterism is a religion to which you gotta be devout." - MC Frontalot

Well since you are talking about games that I have not yet played...I'll have to say, "whatever you say, Jimbo". Xenosaga has grasped my interest for a while, and if I have money, then I'll have some facts before agreeing or disagreeing with above statement. For your question, Japan usually gets all the good shiny stuff, so you'll just have to wait and see if RPGamer updates any news on the "Director's Cut".

As to Star Ocean 3, I believe it was recently delayed again thanks to a nice stinking case of Blizzard syndrome, or at least by some sort of unholy fear of coinciding its release with something else. In terms of gooditude, I'm not the best person to ask, since Star Ocean 2 doesn't really make me go wild with desire.

Un Un Un Fit for Print, Print Print

Any Idea when LEGEND OF LEGAIA 2 will be released in US, I just noticed it while back but if its been released I havent seen it

Well, you know, just because I haven't seen The Return of the King yet doesn't mean it hasn't been released, because last I checked it had grossed quite the tidy sum. Following the same logic then, why don't you go back to your local store and ask around, assuming you actually went there in the first place? After you find out how many people find playing the Legaia series to be an activity roughly on par with scouring drains smeared with hog fat and cat litter, perhaps the reason as to why a crappy game that was released over a year ago is no longer in stores will come to you.

My first Unfit for Print! Since "Legend of Legaia 2" has not been brought up recently in news, I'd have to go out on a long run and say, it's dead, chief. Yes, it was the Mrs. White, in the library, with the wrench!! There, there, it passed on to RPGheaven now.

Ok quickie for my man Casto.......

Fei Fong Wong in Xenogears and Wakka in FFX. Ummm......dont these names sound a little ridiculous and somewhat of a funny joke? I cant take them seriously. Also are these the original names that were in the japanese releases, do you know? Fong Wong's and Wakka's.....whats the world coming to.

Have I ever mentioned that I don't speak Japanese? Oh. Well, guess what. I don't, although Fei Fong Wong and Wakka both sound like names that probably wouldn't have suffered too much revision.

WHAT?! Not for your man, Shroudie?! The nerve.. Wakka is indeed the same in Japanese, I'm pretty sure, and I'm not too sure about Fei Fong Wong. You'll have to go ask the Japanese translator I have hidden in my closet.

DA LAST GRUMBLE Well, it seems to be Friday, and it seems to be -20 degrees Celsius, which in your crazy Fahrenheit terms comes to roughly -4. Since that sounds much more impressively cold in Celsius, I'll just hug that -20 and hope that nobody calls me out on it, but even if they do, I can always throw wind chill in their face, which brings it to -22. Eat that, imaginary naysayers! Also, if Google happens to throw one of those crazy @rpgamer's in there, ignore it and keep sending me mail at, because my spam hasn't increased noticeably, but the letters have.

The end of my first day.. This was really great, thanks to all you 6 people that sent in letters. Cast does have the link for my shrine to him with the rest of them. There's a link to go home (ie. to my page) at the bottom, so you should check it out. I have a big thanks for Castomel for letting me co-host. Will I be here in the future? You'll just have to let Cast decide. Leave so I can stalk Cast some more.

How does people reading this interfere with your stalking, exactly? I mean, it's not like I could tell them about your surveillance records and AHHH!
Andrew Long doesn't really have fangs...or does he?
Shroudie definitely has fangs.



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