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Jeff Walker - December 23, 2004 - 10:05 CST

SNOWSNOWSNOW! I'm baaack! Yes, everyone's favorite former fan art curator is back to once again answer your questions. Only this time, the holiday is different! Yes, last time I was here you were all outside throwing fireworks at your loved ones. Now, you're wishing you could rip open presents with record-breaking speed. Don't bother, all you have under there is clothes. Oh, and a McDonalds certificate. $5. What a jip.

I will be with you throughout this holiday this weekend. You not only get free heart attacks from your family, but you get a guest host too! Next up, you'll finally get those wisdom teeth in. What can I say, I come in spades. Let's get on to the questioning and answering already. After all, that's what you're here for right? That or you love me. Please, love me. Please? I'll give you a $5 McDonalds certificate!


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Locked Casto Away So I could guest host this thing He will never get out

Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei TOGETHER?!

*one or two Final Fantasy VIII spoilers*

Greetings Andrew/Google,

I've been thinking over my mixed feelings towards Final Fantasy VIII and I think I may have come to a conclusion as to why it wouldn't make my list of top 3 Final Fantasies. Sure the plot made a few stupid turns ("Hey guys! We all grew up together in the same orphanage, ..........except Rinoa") and the junctioning system may only have been good for having woefully underpowered or ridiculously overpowered characters, but these are flaws that can be overlooked. I think the real reason I never quite warmed to FFVIII is that despite its many strengths....... it has no treasure chests.

As far as I remember it's the only bloody title in the series that doesn't have a single chest anywhere. I suppose it's a side effect of having completely cut weapons and armor out of the game, but still, not even a hi-potion to be found in any box-like object. It just made exploring dungeons a less exciting experience, and no matter how many out-of-the-way draw points they stuck in the dungeons it just wasn't the same.

Since this is Q&A I suppose I should throw in a question. Do you think it's worth it for me to buy Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne? As much as I love RPGs I'm not actually very good at them, and I've heard that SMT: Nocturne is ungodly hard. I had enough trouble playing through Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. I just don't know if it's worth laying out the money for a game that I'll need a walkthrough for after the first hour of gameplay.



What, no greeting for us guest hosts? You should include us! You can put something like "Dear AndGoogGuesHost". Then we could all snicker as we say it out loud!

While I may be one of the wrong people to talk FF8, I can say you have some valid points. FF8 gave us one of the first big unexplainable plot twists ever. Like where was Rinoa? Was she pretty enough to not need an orphanage? Did she like aardvarks? Why does she get sucked into the chest of a woman, yet has no icky organs when that same sorceress gets skeward like a ham?

Treasure chests, however, is like complaining because it doesn't have a tree in the right place. I thought the whole treasure chest absence was nice for once. There wasn't need for putting weapons in them, because you made your weapons. You didn't need to find armor, there is no armor. So, practically speaking having treasures for items was a little silly. They could just drop them on maps, and that's what they did. It may have made dungeons boring, but imagine if you went way out of your way for a chest with some supposedly awesome item, and find out you just found a Potion. You'd hate that chest with a passion then.

As for Shin Megami Tensei, I haven't really played it. If the past Shin Megami games are any indication, I'd get it. If you have any question concerning other games in the series, look at our reviews. Shin Megami Tensei series is probably one of the most unique, dark, and awesome series out there. You'll probably need a walkthrough, as MegaTen games are known for stuffing things away. Don't fret about using a FAQ, just ask yourself if you want a dark game where you have demons for friends. If so, I'd give Nocturne a look. Disclaimer, I'm in love with the MegaTen series and think it's poo doesn't smell.

Fire makes for ouchie

In Suikoden III, is there any way to effectly use the Fire Rune? That is, blow your enemies up without blowing yourself up at the same time. As the spells hurt both enemies and friends in the area of effect, and the only movement options are to either stay where you are (defend) or move towards the enemy (attack), I've found it very difficult to use. Even defending doesn't help very much, as by the time the spell goes off, the enemies have moved near the characters to attack them. Is there soe trick to it, besides finding a whole bunch of fire-resisting equipment?

"I'll disgrace your head under the sun!"


Suikoden 3 Spoilers ahead!

Using the fire rune in Suikoden 3 can be a challenge. In fact, I barely used it. Instead, opting to put other runes in characters. When you must use the fire rune, however, you have to use it.

First, we have to take a look at the characters you can use the fire rune with. For these purposes, we'll use the True Fire Rune. You have three characters to choose from with three different Fire Cast Time reduction skills. Chris has C, Hugo has B, and Geddoe has B+ fire cast reduction. This alone suggests we should put it on Geddoe, right? Wrong.

Chris has a B+ water, which makes her a natural choice for water runes. Her fire and thunder are both C, which makes her average at best with fire. Next is Geddoe, who has the highest ability for fire with a B+ skill. A natural pick, right? Nope! Geddoe is one of the best thunder users in the entire game, coming in with a very nice A. Which leaves Hugo, but he has a mediocre casting speed because he can only get B. What do you do?

Simple. Slap on a Wizard Hat, and Hugo now has a B+. Then put on a Fire Magic Ring, and Hugo now has an A in fire magic! At the cost of a helm and an accessory only. In my game, Hugo was just fine with these slots being taken. With the A rating, you now have -75% casting on fire magic. Put on yet another Fire Magic Ring, and you've an A+ which will set you at -80%!

As for negating fire damage, your best bet is FireSealing Rune and FlameCasque. Both will render fire attacks useless against your party. I chose a party of Hugo and Fubar everywhere I went. Throw in a good Water user, slap one piece of fire equip on each one and you should be good. The only other possible advice for the fire rune is to aim for the back row of enemies and hope to goodness your guys are out of range.

Norse me baby

Slim chance this gets answered, since it puts nothing forth to the community discussion, heh. But you are good people, so I figured you might know.

In Valkyrie Profile, I went through the whole deal to get the Dragon Slayer sword, equipped it on the leader, and now a couple Periods ahead and a few levels, I run up against a Zombie Dragon. (Mind you, I haven't payed a lot of attention to my equipment during this time, and I had been doing fine.) A guide I was reading informed me the Dragon Slayer would make quick work of said brain-eating dragon, just as soon as I smacked he/she/it with the weapon. Unfortunately, my leader did no damage and the terrible thing wiped out my party in less than 3 turns.

What my question is, as I have looked through various guides, but lack the owner's manual, is this: Do weapons go away after you use them, or after a period's passed? Or where DO they go? Could I have just futzed up and accidentally morphed it into something else? If it's a glitch, how often does it happen? Thanks.

Oh, and by the way, besides this, the game is friggin' incredible.

--I Eat Time

When you have a Valkyrie Profile fanboy hosting, your chances go boom in a good way. Aren't you a lucky little booger?

Well, weapons themselves do not just disappear after a while, the break sometimes. The problem is, the Dragon Slayer breaks easily when it is used a lot. Many guides, and I as well, advise you only slap the Dragon Slayer on when you're coming up against a dragon. You can also get another Dragon Slayer in Chapter 3, Normal or Hard in the Oddrock Caves. Even another one in the Palace of the Dragon (Normal or Hard only!). Just don't use the Dragon Slayer against everything. Keep it put away until you see a dragon you know you will have a hard time taking on. Otherwise, no more slayer for you!

Ah the age old debate

I would like to point out something about Final Fantasy X. Every boss fight was insanely easy. No, I did not use gameshark. All you have to do is charge up every single Aeon before a major boss fight. This only takes minutes to do. Once all your Aeons are charged up, you can smash any boss to Smithereens.

No, there wasn't a single fight in FFX that was "difficult."

an RPGfan

While this is certainly a very viable (and widely used) exploit, I can't help but notice the irony in the actual comment. You see, you're complaining about it being easy. It is easy because you charge your aeons before the fight. You use the aeons in the fight, the fight becomes easy because of your choice to pre-charge, then you make "complaints" that it is too easy. Here's a very simple idea: stop pre-charging your aeons! Maybe then you'll join the legions of us that wanted to throw our controller at Yunalesca for being a vicious, blood sucking wench from the land of no return.

2004 isn't good enough anymore!

What do we have to look forward to in 2005? Xenosaga Episode II, which has so much potential to suck I want to scream, and some far-off unknown release date of FFXII, which has quite a bit of potential to suck as well. I don't like the DW series or Fire Emblem much, and it just seems like the Release Date list is close to empty. All this is most likely due to the normal drop-off in the industry the year before a new generation of systems comes out, but still, it's pretty depressing. Time to dust off some of those crazy PS1 RPGs...

- Feep "German subtitles rock!"

Well, as you gracefully pointed out there's Xenosaga II and Final Fantasy XII. On top of this comes Suikoden 4, which I played at E3 and wanted badly. There's also FullMetal Alchemist, another one I played at E3 that made me fall in love. There's another Shin MegaTen game, Digital Devil Saga. There's also Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, which had many tails wagging at E3. Harvest Moon: Mineral Town for Girls seems slated for 2005 as well. Don't forget the fact that the Nintendo DS just came out, and has a lot of promise in terms of gameplay. Apparently, Final Fantasy 3 will be coming out on the DS, which will be the first time they've released all the Final Fantasy games overseas. If you remember, we didn't get 2 and 3 because we didn't eat our Wheaties.

If you have any other questions concerning what will be out in 2005, just look at our release dates or even the game pages. Most of those games on "Upcoming" will be coming in 2005 if we're good little boys and girls. And dwarves. As far as the "new generation" goes, the new generation is out for now. N-Gage, Nintendo DS, and Playstation PSP is all that we're going to get this year that we know of. You can just forget the word "Phantom" every existed.

Groundation 101

To the kid wondering about what to tell your mom when she wants you to stop playing after 30 minutes, you could just do what I did:

My mom was also the same way, I could only play for like 30 minutes. Since I wasn't a rabid RPGamer at that point, I didn't mind that so much, but I still wanted to keep playing. My secret to prolonging game time was, when she said "Time to quit!", I'd say, "Ok! Just let me find a save point." The first time I had to explain what those were, but she sort of understood. Anyway, even if I was on the world map, I'd keep playing for at least another 10 minutes, loudly lamenting my inability to find one of those glowing orbs, and when she got steamed I'd usually be around one anyway and I could do the whole scared-kid-"Look! It's right here! I'm quitting! Don't kill me!"-thing. Anyway, since I did that all the time, she eventually just sort of gave up. Life was good.


I just wanted to run this one because it's funny. Plus, if this was my mom I would have been console-less. Keep in mind, kids: You hack mom off, and you're likely to end up so far in the dog house Fido will need a flashlight and a map to find you. Not every mom gives up. Besides, it's better to have a system than you have a controller and Golden Girls as your main party. I hear Blanche makes one heck of a Dragoon.

Gank Gank!

Hey dude!

Whats your favorite RPG of all time?? I haven't really seen you ever say.


Hey, Clay(ton)! Did you know that clay is a mineral? Yeah, wacky stuff there!

I know this question was probably meant for the regulars but I'm stealing it! As for my favorite RPGs, I loved Final Fantasy X. As someone who loves atmospheric stories and subtle emotional nuance Final Fantasy X just made me absolutely fall in love with the series again. I also really enjoy Chrono Trigger, Max Payne 2, BloodRayne, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy 4, the Shin MegaTen series, Suikoden 2, and countless others. Mainly, if the game actually made an attempt at emotional reaction I enjoy it. So few games actually try to get an emotional reaction from the player other than frustration or boredom. Yes, I even like non-RPGs and some of the more violent of video games.


So comes to close another rousing Q&A guest host day. Tomorrow I will be here to answer all of your questiony goodness. I only ask that you shoot your questions over to my personal RPGamer account instead of the normal Q&A account. The e-mail is already plugged in at the top. As for topics, lets get down and dirty tomorrow. Let's talk about video games and modern media. How they're portrayed, what you think about copyright infringment, and what you think about some of the latest trends in video games. Let's get to the meat discussions while I have the Q&A train going choo-choo! That or, you can just send in whatever you want to ask me. Anything at all! Except for Shroudie. He wants to take my soul and use it as a floatation device akin to Dolly Parton on a bad day.

Float Dolly, float!
Jeff Walker needs a heater and mittens. Brr!



I'd so hit it.

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