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Jeff Walker - July 21st, '02 - 7:00pm Central Daylight Time

Yaha! Now it's my turn! For those who don't know me I run a little corner of this website known as fanart. It's a fun job, I promise. Anywho, blurb aside this one is an motley group of letters, so lets get to answering!

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Let it begin!

Hey Cain,
What's going on? I guess I can throw some questions your way...

1)Have you ever had an RPG that was really, REALLY good, but no matter how good it was, you never got around to finishing it?

2)On the flipside, have you ever had an RPG that was so horribly, breathtakingly bad that it made you want to bury it in the backyard, but somehow toughed it out and finished it? *coughbreathoffire3cough*

3)Not really a question, but I live the next town over from Chappaqua, NY...home of Bill and Hillary Clinton! WE STOLE THEM FROM YOU...UH...ARKANSAS PEOPLE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! GYAHAHAHAHAHA!!! FWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well, if it makes you feel any better, you can have Hillary back. But we want Bill. He's cool.

4)Hey, here's a great and all the other guest hosts should all kick in and get a pirate Q&A transmitter, so that when Googleshng and Duff get back, you can break into their signal and do your own Q&A! Come on, you know you want to...

Okay, I gotta go, I have some alcoholic beverages that require my attention.

The best looking, blondest PoV Gold Reviewer In History And All Around Swell Guy

Robust Stu

Cain: Hey, just doing Q&A. How about you?

1) Yes, I am facing that with Persona 2 at the moment. I love it to death but I cannot get back to playing it. Also Valkyrie Profile, I can only bring myself to play the first parts, I love it but I just never finish it.

2) I know I will probably get hatemail for this, but one game I couldn't bare to play but did was Final Fantasy VII. Also I really didn't care for Illusion of Gaia, it just got too long

3)I actually like Hilary. I like her issues and her stance on a lot of economic packages. She may come off as cold or aloof, but the woman is pretty dern good if you ask me. Bill is a pimp, everyone knows that. You can keep them though, and that daughter. She's scary

4)I'm just all starry eyed over getting to host THIS time. I'm so used to the grind that is fanart. Answering questions is pretty fun. Besides, where do you think Goog and Andrew are...*looks at his basement and whistles*

Just about everything and thensome

I don't think I've ever heard of you before... so I checked the bios and am now up to date. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is cool, but after the third season it went downhill until it became bad, and I mitigated over to Angel. Anyway.

Recap from yesterday: Dungeon Siege is good. Dungeon Siege 2 is even better. Anyone who disses CRPGs are idiots with no taste, and are to single minded to realize the potential of computer gaming. Not to say Consoles are bad, there are things you can do on a console that you just can't do on a computer. And vice versa. Anyway, if people want to see the Dungeon Siege 2 trailer, go to or you can wait for this site to host it. I e-mailed the info to Alethea, but it seems perhaps Viper was telling the truth. I wonder what her husband is doing right now without her...

Moving on. For those that didn't know, There is a sequel being made for Battlefield 1942. It will be called Battlefield Vietnam. Pretty cool.

Moving on. I keep hearing people saying how much they love/hate the new character models. Well here's my piece of advice. SHUT UP!!!! I am getting very angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Sure the old models were good, and I would have been fine with them in Ep 2. But the new ones are good two, and I will be fine with those. I mean for gods sakes, we play these games for their plot development, so we know what happens next. If you don't want to know don't play it. If all you care about is how a character looks. I mean perhaps these character models are appropriate to a new direction the series is making. I mean, what makes all of you think you know better than the developers? That's what I thought, so back down, dogs, and allow them to do their work. If the game ends up to be crap, then you can flame it. Until then back down. I'm sorry Cain, I don't like to use my big voice.

So where do you get your name from Diablo? Cause Diablo was cool. especially Cain, I loved his voice it was Sean Connery.

There was a poll at my school a while back (when I still had school, that is) that asked, who was cooler, Sean Connery or Harrison Ford. Well, who do you guys think one? I let you guys talk that one through, and I'll put the results in the next edition of Q&A.

So Cain, what's your Favourite season of Buffy? While we're at it, what's your favourite episode? enquiring minds want to know. Well actually just one mind. but still.

I noticed that some games have reviews, but you can't get to them from their games page, such as Deus Ex. Perhaps you should fix that.

>From WingcommanderIV

The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

Cain: Well, I think models are a very important part of any game. It is not exactly THE thing to have, but if you have ugly graphics the game can and will lack a lot of depth. Sure, story is a huge plus, but if you play something that plays like Beyond the Beyond yet has a story like Xenogears, I doubt it would be a hit.

My name is biblical in meaning, Cain killed his brother Abel. Plus, I just liked the way it looked. Also I was playing Legacy of Kain at the time, so I changed K to C, slapped on the initials of my grandmother who passed away 3-4 years ago from cancer, and came up with a nickname--CainEJW.

Sean Connery is scary, so Harrison Ford. Plus, he uses a whip...that's a winner automatically

Buffy season...easy, I loved season 6, the Big-Bad Willow season. I didn't like how they made it a metaphore for drug addiction, but seeing Willow, as a character, come full-circle and even BEAT Buffy. I was cheering for Willy. Not to mention, Tara's death was so shocking. Favorite episode, of course 'Once More With Feeling' and the season 6 enders. Also love anything with Faith.

Games and Movies ahoy!

Ah... another day, another guest host, another letter! So when is Google coming back, anyways? Oh well, on to more pressing matters!

So which do you prefer, computer or console RPGs? I personally favor console RPGs simply because almost every PC RPG I've ever played has had the exact same story with the exact same look... That and they just generally annoy me.
On a completely random note, have you seen the previews for the new Spy Kids 3D movie? Is it just me, or does the movie miraculously resemble the old Johnny Quest show? Or... am I the only one who actually watched that show?
Ah well, I don't have to see the movie anyways, it's not like the makers are forcing me to... What? No! Corporate brainwashing! AH!!!!


Cain: Well, if he's a good boy he gets out soon, but I hear he's being a little problematic.

I personally like both, I like to play console ON computers. I also play a lot of Ragnarok Online and Diablo 2. Console RPGs vary in terms of story or graphics, but online games can often have multiplayer and playing with someone you consider a friend online is a great experience.

Any 3D movie resemples something or another. It's so corny how they throw things at the screen to get the 3D to look cooler. My little nephew will love it if it ever comes out to video, but I will certainly not think twice. Sadly, I actually liked Spy Kids 1.

It takes abrave man or a psycho to say they must buy Cher

Public Knowledge made extra public!

I bet that this is common knowledge already, but I have some information pertaining to the subtitle of Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose. It roughly translates to "A place where there is good and bad." I'm currently in Germany and had a friend translate it for me, so forgive me if it's mistaken. I was told the phrase is kind of like a German proverb, at which time I made sure my translator knew the definition of "proverb." Sure enough, the phrase is used to describe a situation involving high risk that could turn out for good or for bad, such as during a high-stakes game of poker. I assume that the new Xenosaga will not center around risky card gambles, so I shall leave the subtitle's interpretation up to the fanboys.


Cain: Sounds like 'Rock and a hard place' to me. Silly game makers and their mutlicultural proverbs to look cool.


I've been hearing numerous rumors of a The Legend of Dragoon sequel for the last few years, especially as of late. I was a huge fan of the first (regardless of how some thought it was a ripoff of ffvii), and was wondering if you knew if there was any truth to the rumors. I've heard that it is due out within the next few years, I've seen magazines hint that it is in development, I've even heard that it is too good for the PS2, and that Sony will release it as one of the premiere games on the PS3.

So please help me put this question to rest...or just make poeple ask me more I dunno. But either way, thanks for answering this (if you do). Peace.


Cain: In my 6 or so months here I have never heard a Legend of Dragoon 2 mentioned. That isn't to say one isn't in the works, but I've yet to hear about it. I'm sure when we do it will be plastered on the front page. Oh, and I liked it too. Rose was cool.


Where can I get the FF7 action figures other than eBay? I don't trust eBay, as I've been cheated by someone on there before.


They made a search engine for a reason.

Seriously guys, Smahing Pumpkins.


No, jokingly. Haha! I make with the funny.

End of the road:

Ok, so that is it. Did you get what you expected? No? Damn.

Jeff "6 is a good number" Walker

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