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Now I'm Peg Bundy

Jeff Walker - July 04, 2004 09:25 CDT

OH AL! It looks like yesterday was quite the hit. Considering my last time guest hosting, and being called a personality-less fillerman I must say yay me. Yay me. So this column didn't exactly take full advantage of the very free questioning, but I got a good share of letters. No one asked me about Farenheight 9/11. Thank you all you political eagles for not asking me about that. I would have had to get Joe on you. Oh, and happy fourth of something. I think it has to do with eating pie.

Since this is my last guest host column, I want to thank everyone for the compliments. I want to thank my lord Jesus Chris who, without his great encouragement, I would have never been able to accept this award. I want to thank my manager, my family, and the small crew of makeup people that spend countless hours every day transforming me from a humble Courtney Cox to this glorious person I am today. I promised myself I wouldn--what? This isn't the Oscars? Oh for the love of Jebus. I'll never win!



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Right to the Point

Just wondering on the status of working designs and growlanser generations? Is it still coming out in August? Is working designs still alive? Thnx.

- Ken


What, no wine and dine? Suit yourself, I make a killer date. One quick search of Yahoo turned up not only Working Designs website, but their main page is almost exclusively Growlanser Generations. One more click on release dates and it says that it is in the final process of game development, so one could assume it won't be long at all. So Working Designs seems alive and well, and their Growlanser Generations seems just as happy.

Say my name!

Dear Person,

Since the next column apparently has an ultra-free response topic, I must ask a question pertinent to the future that has been eating at me for some time. When mechanized labor replaces the menial workers of the world, who are the vampires going to feed on? The rich? Don't make me laugh! With the way this world works, the living impaired are in danger of becoming just another statistic. Is there any hope at all?

G. McD.


Well hello G. Instead of making the usual references to the hood, my ride, my crib, or your posse I'm just going to say now I want McDonalds. I hate myself.

Well, it is obvious the vampires will also be robots. That or housekittens ready to suck the blood right out of your ankles with the Vampiric Claws + 10. If they are robots, there could be hope in Will Smith, Robin Williams, or maybe even that guy that can't act...oh, right, Keanu Reeves. Though I don't want my hope residing in the Fresh Prince or some guy that knows kung-fu. I want funny to rule the world, and Robin Williams is that man!

Phantasy Star you say?


Wecome to Q&A! You have a good sense of humor. I have a question about a game shown at E3. I don't have a powerful computer, so I can't check out the information on Phantasy Star Universe. I want to know if this amother MMORPG or is it an offline adventure like the first four? Admittedly from the title, it sounds like a MMORPG, but I'm hoping for the second option. I really don't get into computer games (I don't have enough money to support the systems I own, let alone add a computer and games to buy!) Anyway, if you have any info on this game, I'd appreciate it. I've been asking several websites, but noone seems to want to answer the question. :( Incidentily, I tried logging onto the Phantasy Star Universe website, but my browser doesn't support Flash. I can't get on the site.



I'll just jump right into this one, I love the Phantasy Star games. With a passion. Great games with little appreciation.

From what is known from E3, we know little. It will be an action MMORPG that will basically be like a Phantasy Star Online 2. The console is pretty much a huge question mark, though we can assume the GameCube will be a certainty after the success of the Phantasy Star Online releases. There are rumors of Playstation 2 and possibly PC, but those are pretty much rumors.

To be honest, we know very little to nothing. There are a few trailers out, which I will throw media's way to put up. Otherwise, there's just not enough known yet to even begin to speculate on specifics like story, characters, and engine.

I thought I locked that door...

Hey Cain (x2)

It was not a pity letter, I was curious because it's not something we've talked about before, so tthhhbbtttt.

Here's another question for you, though, and I expect to see it answered!

What do you think of the two upcoming handhelds (Nintendo DS/Sony PSP)? How well do you feel they well succeed, and do you plan on getting either one of them? Do you think the PSP will replace your PS2?

-Paws =^^=


It was too! Don't lie to the kids. I want a divorce! (Funny aside, someone once thought I had a crush on Paws.)

PSP and DS. Oy. Ok, I went to E3. I was supposed to get into Sony's press conference and Nintendo's press conference, but due to road construction I did not get into Sony's. I did get into Nintendo's and I have to say they turned me off on the idea of the DS simply when they started turning gaming into a sort of competition. Now, granted, companies must be able to go head to head; but it almost seemed childish what Nintendo did. With the DS (which means Developer System, not Double Screen) I see a lot of what it has as simple souping up. The idea of a stylus will absolutely destroy some DS'.

Lets run over what the DS has. First, obviously, is the double screen. This idea, in theory, is awesome. No more need to run to your inventory or press to see the map. You can have two screens of an FMV instead of one. In execution? I'm not so sure it'll wow everyone like they think it will. I'm waiting to see a game on it before I decide. The ability to use a stylus or finger, stupid. As an owner of a Wacom, I can tell you it is easy to mark up. You must be, to a degree, gentle with them. These systems are aimed at children that will not know that they cannot press hard on the screen. Your screen just becomes a grease-filled screen telling the tale of leftover pizzas or your latest bout of zits. What fun. The ability to play games is the best part of it all. That is what is making me amazed. As is the case, though, we have to wait to see what they give us. What RPGamer wants to play, say, Metriod as a first person shooter? Not me, that is for sure.

I'll contemplate the PSP, but I'm not huge on handheld for one reason: batteries. The DS will have to show me what it will have before I buy it. I'm skeptical it will provide as much quality as Nintendo hyped us up to believe. Heck, of the entire conference the 3D Zelda is what made my ears perk up.

Will the PSP replace my PS2? I don't know. Though I am loathed to say yes, there is a possibility with it being smaller. However, the size could hinder it some as I love to play games on a TV screen. It could, only because I can then play my favorite games on the PS2 without getting up, turning on the PS2, and sitting in front of a screen for hours.

Now the dorkiness begins

What's up Mr. Fan Art dude guy! Great column today...or yesterday I think. Anyway saw you play D2. What do you think of the 1.10 patch? I haven't played D2 since that came out. It probably has something to do with all the stuff I lost; iths, dupes, etc. So I guess my question is should I start playing some Diablo again? And please tell about all your ýber 1337 $#!...uhhh...stuff...perhaps before and after the patch? Did you lose anything?

"Guy who hates D2 cuz they took my WF Eth Titans and Eth Skullders! Bad Blizz!"



First off, I'm upset with what they did to the Amazon. They basically destroyed every last bit of her power as a character. They took away the guided arrow + pierce glitch. I want to beat them with a Hellforge Hammer for that. I basically went from a .08 uber guided amazon to a whimpering girl with a burrito thrower. Now all the power is in Blizzard Sorceresses and Hammer Paladins. The days of the Nova sorc are over. I am not happy they destroyed some great builds.

Synergies are a great idea, though. They should have gone all out, maybe give Strafe or Multiple Arrow synergies from Frozen Arrow...or Firewall synergies from Inferno. Instead, the only super powerful builds are those above. Necromancers, Amazons, and Barbs are now just stuck to being helper characters to Battle Order, Frozen Arrow, or provide a bunch of shields with skeletons. The Runewords, however, are too overpowered. You have stuff like Enigma, that everyone wants, no one will trade for the lower stuff. My once godly Corpsemourn is now gold fodder for Charsi. All everyone wants is the godly stuff.

Which brings me to yet another tangent in the fact that you should not have duped. If someone gave you duped stuff, ok, but duping has ruined Diablo 2. Screw maphack, forget about D2Loader, duping has destroyed everything about Diablo 2. The economy is now nothing but expensive runes and godly items because everything else has been duped heavily. As a player, I could care less if someone maphacks. Duping, however, is bad.

As for my good equipment, I have full M'avina's on my amazon, full Tal Rasha's, and crafting runes. Windforce, Occulus, a few Lidless Walls, SoJs...basically stuff everyone else has. I didn't lose anything in 1.10 as I didn't dupe.

In Reply to Puzzle RPGs

The first thing that came to mind was the return of Lolo. He was that little blue guy on the nes that pushed around blocks and I think the sequel he had firepower. Someone's gotta remember Lolo and his girlfriend Lala? Anybody?



I saw Lolo and Lala on the street last night. I think Lala was working, she had her expensive shoes on. Lolo wasn't too happy she wasn't getting any Johns.

I never played the game (Adventures of Lolo), but I must say if I was on an acid trip I would pick this game up immediately. In fact, I may just go do that soon. For anyone that would like their own little mind-bending trek back in time, here is a link to ending screenshots of Adventures of Lolo courtesy of VG Museum. Nothing like a blue ball in love with a red ball. It's like my own little STD dream.



My stay in the glorious world of Q&A has finally come to an end. It's been a fun two days, and I hope all of you enjoyed it enough to send in tons of letters to guest hosts next time. We may not be your favorite Andrew (we actually had two Andrews host this thing!) or favorite blob of genderless slime, but we have feelings too. Deep, well-spring, full feelings. In fact, I'm crying right now. I don't want to go! I'll bite your ass, don't you try to take me out of here. You'll draw back a nub, I swear to all that is good, DON'T TAKE ME!

Do I get that Oscar yet? I had my drug-induced fit of homicidal rage like everyone else in Hollywood, where is my freekin' award?!
Jeff Walker will be coming to a screen near you!



I forgot to thank my second cousin's aunt's dog's brother's long lost owner's second brother. I can't believe I did that!

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