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Jeff Walker - July 03, 2004 11:30 CDT

WELCOME TO ANOTHER GUEST HOST! Please, no flash photography, no photography flashing, and no flashing of your photography. Your baby is ugly, your sister needs braces, grandma doesn't like you, and I am not impressed by the photo that came with the wallet that is now known as "Katie, my girlfriend."

For those that don't know me I'm the Fan Art curator, new boards administrator, the guy that does a lot, and generally likes cookies. I like long walks on the beach, talking, and just hanging out with my 50 cats. They're all named "Joe." It saves me time. This Q&A update is full of random question fun including a sharing of the spam I get daily as well as a quickie spam! So pull up your hair, rip off your fake nails, and start screaming murder now because I have no mercy!



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There once was a man
too proud to see
that what he does
no longer makes him free.
Stuck in his anger
Never budging from fear
All he could tell
Was there was just one more beer

Submission Cherry

Hi Jeff,

This is my first submission to rpgamer so nevermind if I say something stupid XD. I am a Portuguese rpgamer and, well, kinda heard that it was announced in the E3 that FFXI wouldn’t come to Europe in it’s ps2 version. Well, then, my question is, is there any hope at all that it will be launched for PC in Europe?
My thanks, KaUs.


Hello there KaU. Welcome to the fun, and zany world of RPGamer submissions. To the left you'll see the staff cages where we keep all staff members until we're ready for their updates. Please do not feed the staff.

It seems there is a beta running around now in Europe and that very well could be a PC beta. I apologize, I haven't really kept up on Final Fantasy XI news, but if other sources are any indication then it does seem the beta going on now is for the PC. It also appears a few websites say that the PC version is coming, so you may now dance the dance of monkey happiness.

Staff Jailbreak!

Hey Cain, here's a question for you:

What is your current favourite video game system, and why? When did it change, and what was it before?

-Paws =^^=


Who let you out of your cage--erm--Hi Paws! Nice of you to write in. (read: this is a pity submission!)

My favorite as of now is a tie between the PC and the PS2. As someone that is a very visual person, I often go where there is graphics power first. After all, what we see first dictates what we think. With the PS2, it has the power and most certainly has the beautiful games as we saw in Final Fantasy X. Next in the line would be stories, and Playstation 2 certainly has a slew of stories that are just choice quality. With the Xbox constantly putting off RPGs and the GameCube not really having the RPGs I like, the Playstation 2 is the obvious console alternative. Sure, 3d Link has my pants in a bunch, but with a focus more on 'fun' over serious stories, GameCube doesn't really deliver for me.

I also prefer the PC simply because of games like Diablo 2. There are some great games on PC, even if they lack stories and amazing graphics they have ability to play with friends that have sense moved on in life. You won't be able to play Final Fantasy V with a friend in Maine or Kansas offline.

Before, it was SNES. Who can ever forget their first defeat of Zeromus in Final Fantasy IV, the first time you saw Kefka succeed, or getting Magus in your party? Forget some pansy guy with white hair burning down a villiage, try dropping a whole floating continent from the sky. Try burning the entire world because you like pretty things going boom. That's evil.

Though I still maintain all Kefka wanted was a hug.

Ritalin, it's a good thing.

::Bounces in bearing creamsicles for all::

Jeff the Walking one:

I hear some complain about lack of "pure" RPGs, purely menu-driven, traditional stats, etc. Lately, all the RPGs released are action RPGs, Sim-RPGs, TRPGs, MMORPGs, ZWMXRPGs... oh, wait, I made that last one up. It seems like RPGs are gaining a lot more popularity nowadays, and formerly action-only licences, like Mario and Mega Man, have been converted into RPG format. What do you think is next in this regard? I'd personally like to see a purely puzzle-RPG. Don't ask me HOW it would work, but... hey, we haven't seen a good puzzle game released in a while, have we?

Anyhow, good luck with the Q & A handling! ::Hands you a creamsicle::


Silly Q&A host, creamsicles are for summons!


Carbuncle the Neo one!

I must admit sometimes I am one of those people that complain for a "pure" RPG. With so many games hitting the market, and every single one trying to revolutionize things, I'm not too happy with some. At E3 I played the Mega Man RPG coming out, and I must say the battle system absolutely confused the heck out of me. Baten Kaitos took many a minute to learn, and even after that I had some confusion on the battle system.

I wouldn't be amazed to see a purely puzzle RPG out there soon. I think many companies are finally starting to realize the RPG section of gameplay is truly a viable vehicle for sales. After all, just look at SquareEnix. They started off with a rather obscure game in the time of Mario and Zelda, and now they're almost in direct competition with their publishers.

I'm sure a puzzle RPG would do well. I remember Lufia 2 being quite heavy on puzzles but being a ton of fun. They certainly could pull it off in an age where just having stats and a storyline is what we call an RPG.

3 Letters? Make that 3 and a spam!

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Since we're low on letters for this one, I wanted to post one of the spam mails I got. As far as spam letter go, this one is unique. Why, you ask? First, it isn't about enlarging my breasts or sending someone my bank account. Second, the spam actually had a joke in it!

Then comes the header and realizing I am apparently named Hipolito Titch. Anyone else thinking "Hippo Itch"? No? Crap.

And a quickie.

Drop the HAMMER on the next chick you see...


...mmm felony murder. Now that's spam!



Well there you go. For those that do not know, Andrew is out of town this weekend to take care of his harem girls. One of them didn't pay up, and he had to catch the earliest flight out. In reality, he's on vacation for the 4th like most of the beloved people in our nation. I'll be filling in tomorrow as well, so feel free to send in questions about anything at all! It can be about games, it can be politics, it can be about beliefs, it can be about your missing socks and the cat in the clothes drier.

For a little bit of a starter, some information on me. I'm a politically moderate southerner with loose roots in Catholicism, though I opt out more for the side of spirituality over literal dictation. By selected trade, and a degree of divine selection, I enjoy doing digital images as well as writing. I am from Arkansas, where I have lived for 21 years. I recently went to LA for E3 and stayed in West Hollywood as well as Riverside. I have been in a online relationship for a year and change, recently taken offline with a meeting. My birthday is in 5 days (8th). I liked Final Fantasy 8, 10, X-2. I play Diablo 2 religiously, loved the .hack anime, and even liked Bouncer. I like all music other than rap and country. I'm a huge fan of FFX, and can talk about it until I'm blue in the fingers.

There you go. Tons of stuff to give you questions to ask. Tomorrow's topic will be a whole bunch of random. Any topic is open season!
Jeff Walker will be here tomorrow!



Thank goodness that's done. I cannot stand those twerps. What...they can see this!? Oh sh--

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