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Invisible Weekend
Ask Zac - September '99- 2:30 PM EDT

Dreamcast was released. Final Fantasy 8 was released. This was one of the biggest weekends in electronic entertainment history. There's no RPGamer letter column, does that startle you? Everyone must be playing, because there were not enough letters to constitute a column.. But now, for your reading pleasure..

A Poem

A day like this is very bad
The news I bring you is very sad
The life of Jeff at this fine site
Will be no more as of this night
We laughed and cried at all his comments
His daily column sure had its moments
His personality touched our hearts
And seeing him go tears me apart
I hope he finds a place in life
A place in life that has no strife
He deserves to land the greatest job
Anything less would make us sob
Yes we've grown close to this question man
He's got a huge base of fans
Why he must go is quite beyond me
But it's accepted to some degree
In life we all must make decisions
While some are good and some are vicious
Let's move on and embrace the future
We'll all miss Jeff for he's so super
But next to come might even be
A question man as great as he

Touching. Really.

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Brad is doing Q&A this week.. The poor lad.

Zac "FF8-less" Gochenour
You all missed your big chance to be posted ;p

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