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- Thor in any post-Woolsey Square RPG.

This again?
I don't know about this, but do two games really make an anthology?

- Mr. Angles

Yes. Basically, if there're more than two, it can be an anthology. According to Merriam-Webster (eat it, Shanwers! EAT IT!), an anthology is "a collection of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art or music", or an assortment.
Multi-part questions! Woo!
Dear Assmonkey (again, it's nothing personal), I got a few questions for ya:

1) Is it true that the backgrounds in Saga Frontier 2 are going to be hand-drawn?

Yup. Check out RPGamer's SGF2 screen shots and see for yourself.
2) Does Star Ocean 2 really have 80 endings?
No. I mean, I'm not 100% positive.... but, no.
3) Are you really Thor, thunder god of Norse mythology, or were you just named after him?


- the Spoony Otaku, a.k.a. D-dawwgg

Hrmph, you aren't that spoony. Anyway, I was named after him. The real Thor ripped off my column, as you can see here. (Note: Even though RPGamer's AT was started two days after Ask The Mighty Thor, I've ran another Ask Thor on a Top Secret Site months before February, '99. Grr! THOR GO SMASH!)
Thor. Thor Antrim. Hell, even "Sexypants".
Hey there RPGu... err, Thorgas.... err, umm, (what's his name again)? Oh yeah, Thor.

Would you happen to know how Final Fantasy 8 scored with Famitsu? I just thought it would be kind of ironic if a group of hard-core Japanese gamers gave a perfect score of 40 to Zelda: OoT but not to FF8. (Them crazy Japs.)

- Anthrax

RACIS...! ahh, nevermind. It's just not fun anymore.

Final Fantasy VIII scored a 37 of 40. One guy gave it a 10, the rest a 9. You know, I have to go on record here, Zelda: OoT didn't deserve a 40. I'm not arguing that it wasn't a good game, because it was, but I think it deserved nines, and not much more. (I just couldn't handle the new focus of Banzo-Kazooey puzzles over combat. I miss entering a room and being jumped by dozens of monsters. Grumble.)

I hear the hero in FFIX'll be named "Peniz"
Hail, oh Sexypants, God of Thunder...

I was looking through the incredibly pathetic FF5 files on RPGamer, my fav FF personally, realizing that I have more than you do on it, and also noticing the name of one of the characters. Kukuru. KUKURU?!? WHAT THE %#$@ KIND OF NAME IS KUKURU??? Yeah, I know, that's how it's correctly translated, but OH MY GOD that's a stupid name! People are gonna be laughing enough about "Butz," everyone I know pronounces it "butts" instead of correctly rhyming with "puts".. But this takes the cake! My emula... I mean completely legal translated copy translated it as "Cara" and it sounded infinitely better. There, I'm done griping, you can either yell insults back at me now, or laugh with me, I don't really care because I have no self-esteem and it doesn't matter if you tell me I should have been aborted.

- LockeZ

Don't "Puts" and "Butts" rhyme? Oh, I get it -- not like a golfer putting, but like you're... yeah, okay. Anyway, this'd be a good example of why I like Working Designs' style of translation better than a direct translation. Heck, even Ted "Woosley" Woolsey used to make a few changes when they were really needed. I don't think I could have taken Final Fantasy 6 seriously if the hero was named "Tina"...
Earth: Above and Beyond

I have had this argument with my friend for the longest time, you settle it your Norse big bad wolf you. In FF7, all people in the game refer to their world as "The Planet" and my friend says that you can't say it is earth. But isn't it implied AND justly justified when Sephiroth does that wicked summon of that supernova or whatever it is... I mean it explicity states Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury and Venus! Then it gets to the planet right after Venus, the FF7 Planet.... Earth I say! So it does take place on earth, right? Thank you.

Yes. But keep in mind, it could just be Earth in an alternate dimention, where the planets are in the same location, and given the same name, but aren't really the same. Or something. Heck, I'd blame it on a bum translation, but the planets aren't just named after ours, they look like ours, too. And although "earth" is mentioned dozens of times in Final Fantasy 7, it's not once capitalized. In other words, they're talkin' dirt, buddy.
Oh yeah, and uh... did you get the US intro of Lunar from the demo?
"Get"? Naw, I never download RPG movies. I just wait for the real thing. Unless there's some big in-joke in the demo, and I'm being asked if I got it. In which case, no, 'cause I haven't seen the sucker yet. Okay then, moving on.
And is Shadow Madness really coming out before Lunar (according to the release dates on RPGamer it seems so) or is it just that way because there isn't a concrete release date on Lunar. I remember waiting for Lunar on April 1st, boy was I a fool.

- NaturalH

Maybe, maybe not -- who cares? Frankly, I'm getting sick of people obsessing over release dates. It's not like the old days when there was Beyond the Beyond and not much else -- we're getting a couple of RPGs a month now, people. If your favorite game doesn't come out right away, there's plenty to tide you over. So to answer your question, I have no idea. Lets just wait and see. Hopefully, Crave and Working Designs won't start releasing games before they're ready, just to meet the release date.
"Parasite Alice" just doesn't have the same ring to it
Hey Thor,

Do you know where I can get a Parasite Eve script? I finish the nomal game, but I really don't get what the endding means. And I got stuck on the Crysler Building in the EX mode (just too hard!)But I really want to know the real endding! I know, I know, I gave up! (hey, I rent the game you know!) Thanks!

- Alice

In my many searches of this great and all powerful Information Super Highway (Buzzwords Suck), I've yet to come across one. But if any of my faithful little poppe readers know of one, by all means, send it in. (And while you're at it, send in any non-Lufia/Final Fantasy script. I collect 'em.)
Not your average "what is an RPG" game.
Dear Thor,

I've heard the game Riven called both an Adventure game and a Role Playing game. I was really sick for a time last year, bedridden, and my sister bought it for me to kill time with. At first I almost hit her over the head with it, being the ungrateful brat I was, especially after remembering what a suckjob Myst turned out to be. But since I had nothing else to do, I put a little (dare I say it?) effort--EEEEK!!--into it and was totally blown away by the whole storyline. It's kind of scary the way it consumes your thoughts when you're not playing it, and the way you typically perceive the world around you after you have to analyze things so critically in the game. Of course, that might've been the lukemia treatment kicking in, but who's to say? I think because of the storyline people say it's an RPG, but because of the lack of level advancement, people say it's an adventure. I kind of lean to the adventure side, since even shoot-em-ups can have epic storylines. What's your take! on it?


- Kedri

No doubt about it, Myst-like games are graphic adventures (as opposed to text adventures, like the original Zork). See, when computer/pen & paper RPGs first came out, you played yourself, or a character of your own creation. Is he an ass? A ladies man? A klutz? Chances were, you could decide throughout the course of the game. There was some storyline, but it was more of a set goal -- slay the dragon, save the princess, get some. Slowly storyline became more of a focus, but you were still, basically, you. Lets not forget that in Dragon Warrior, the first csRPG, your character had no set name, and no history other than the fact that you had some famous relatives.

Slowly, pre-set storylines became more and more popular. They were easier for non-gamers to get into. It gave them a sense of direction. They didn't feel lost all the time. So nowadays, games like Final Fantasy VIII are basically graphic adventures with random battles instead of puzzles!

Some would argue that "roleplay game" means you play the part of a character, like in a play. Well, that's fine and good, but in AD&D, you made up your own character -- the Dungeon Master didn't make one for you. End rant.

Look, just how the hell do you pronounce Suikoden? It driving me nuts! "psycho-den"? "Swee-koden"? "Swukky-Den"? "Suko-deen"? Gimme a clue!
"How do you", you ask? Well, in that case, I pronounce it Sue-ko-den. Is that the correct way? Don't know, don't care.
No witty topic needed
Dear THOR-N,

I apperciate you mentioning Rick Rudes death. My mother was married to him for two years right before he became popular. She met him in Sandstone Minnesota. She is mourning his death also. Once again thanx. (please withhold address of E-mail)

- Ben Thurn

Even though most got into wrestling a little too late to have seen Rick in action, aside from assisting Curt Henning on WCW, you can still see his influence today. The New Age Outlaws wouldn't say "Cut my music", Val Venis would have to, well, invent his own act, etc. Rick'll be missed. Give your mom my condolences.
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Quickies that last all night long
Thorgasm, god of blunder: Check out a back issue of PSM, and you'll find another possible location for where Square got the chocobos from. There was a Japanese candy called Chocoballs, and they had a yellow bird as a mascot. Ultra-popular anime or snack treat... ultra-popular anime or snack treat... ya know, I think I'm going to have to go with the ultra-popular Anime on this one.
Can I have a quickie? Not unless your name rhymes with "catcher", love.
What are you smoking? The graphhic novel by Amano and Gaiman is ALREADY done. It should be out within a few weeks. Get your facts straight. PS- No im not some loser fanboy like that one dictionary-obsessed guy. Something-ers? oh well, dont think of me too lowly Too late.
I said not to call star wars fans geeks now I'm gonna beat you down man. Except that I'm 115 pounds so I couldn't hurt you probably. Oh well, let me go back to my little galaxy far far away. Oh man, that sounded geeky didn't it? Noooo, not at all! Why, it sounded downright... downright macho.... <bursts into an insane bout of giggling>, yeah, you're the man! I fear! Hehe.
ok you say you don't like getting stuff on the weekend, but then every other monday it seems you say you don't have anything to write about. so do you or don't you want emails on the weekend?
- mat
As long as the weekend guy updates on Sunday (so people can click the Ask Thor link), I have plenty of material to work with, most of the time. However, when a certain Michael forgets to update, leaving me with very little to work with, I bust out the Samurai sword and get medieval. Don't worry about Michael, though. They say with any luck he'll be walking in no time.
Thor Stuff: Egotism at its finest

Just another reminder: I know you've all got some pretty strong opinions on the recent videogames-linked-to-school-shooting contraversy, but Ask Thor isn't the place to vent. Mosey on over to RPGamer's editorial section and release thine poison. The editorials page could use some new blood, anyway.

Just in case ya'll didn't notice -- like me -- the archives page is back up. I guess Michael updated it. What a groovy spudster! The bad news is we're still missing the April 5th, 6th and 7th columns. Anyone secretly mirroring Ask Thor an' can give us a hand, here?

Hey, weird. Michael did update yesterday, but the main page wasn't updated due to some technical difficulty. Um... Sorry about the legs, dude.

I am no longer nocturnal. I now sleep at midnight and wake at 7:30am. Pity me.

This Monday didn't really suck. Perhaps because of the evil influence of sunlight, which raises the natural seretonin levels in my brain, which is exactly what prozac does...


Shadow Zero Dancing Attack EX Mega! Thor "god of blunder" Antrim
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