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You guys really like debate, don't you? I ask 'cause I'm receiving around five times the number of "This is what I think!" letters as actual questions. Harumph! New today is the "Unfit for print" section, a somewhat cruel but hopefully helpful lil' bit of public humiliation which will make things better for all of us. Or at least give me something to look forward to after reading the 50th "I NO WHUT 2 DO WITH 11/45th SOLDERZ!" letter. All this debate is driving me a bit insane. Ribbit. Questions, anyone? :D

This guy rules.

Greetz almighty thundergod Thor!I was just wondering if i could borrow that nice magical hammer of yours. You see... I think itęs time we used it to smack some sense into all these people lately. Everybodyęs complaining!! Everything from character names to overworld graphics seems to be bugging the RPG-players lately. Is no-one enjoying the darn games?? I mean... If a game irritates you that much, just dont play it. And just because some of us play that game doesnt mean your opinion is better? I quote: "Opinions are like asses. Everyones got them, but everyone else thinks your stinks". That pretty much sums it up. Letęs loose all those "suck" discussions... they lead nowhere.

Enjoy the great games the companies are giving us and keep them petty complaints to yourself...

-- Neo BahamutZero

Thor: I usually start things off with a question, but I didn't, 'cause frankly, Neo is not only right, he's very right. Even worse than the 'I suck' discussions, though, are the 'nuh huh!' discussions. But more about that later...

If only it were that easy...

Well, to avoid anymore debates, etc. Here is the ONE defining characteristic of an RPG. You can rename the character and/or several elements in the game and the characters in the game refer to those elements by the name you gave them. That's it, plain and simple. That is why Legend of Zelda is an RPG and Metal Gear Solid is not.

-- Philip Wesley

Thor: So Lunar wasn't an RPG, but Quake was? Lets think these "The Solution for all RPG Debate Ever" things over a bit more before making them public next time.

Pokepeeve! Simulate the joy of a pet peeve.

Hey great God with the Big Hammer:

I just wanted to hear your reaction to some of my RPG pet peeves:

1) Too many random battles. Battles are fun when they move the story along or are against a good variety of interesting bad guys, evil monsters, angry drawfs, etc. Battles are necessary while you are learning the battle system. Battles suck when you are lost in a dungeon or trying to solve a puzzle and every time you take one step you have to fight the same monster over again. I would use some Xenogear examples, but you aren't at that point of the game.

Agreed. A way to dodge battles would be most appricated. A few upcoming RPGs have their own ways to do this, though. The cries of us gamers are not falling on deaf ears! So, lets watch what we cry about. :D

2) RPG players who whine that games are too easy, when the only reason that the game was so easy was because the player reads to many newsboards, walkthroughs and FAQs or used a Game Shark. For example..."FF VII sucked because once you got Knights of the Round..." Come on, how many people found Knights of the Round in the course of regular play? Bonus in games are great for the 2nd time through, but don't use them and bitch about it! I would also use a Xenogear example, but you haven't gotten that far in the game.

Um--Jerry Springer Audience Member Head Wiggle--excuse me? The only reason? Thanks a bunch, dude. I am gonna get so many letters bashing you, so I'll do my best to cut that short now: Saying that's the only reason people complain is like saying the only reason we play RPGs is for storyline. The reason people complain is because developers are making easier RPGs with more focus on story than challenge, and I think most everyone can agree with me on that one. Good point, though.

3) When the Q&A host on RPGamer hasn't finished the game most people want to talk about. I've got dumb questions and pointless debates on Xenogears, but the guy would rather spend time fishing in Zelda. If he was trying to finish the game that would be one thing, but a side quest????

Thor: Funny. I always thought my main priority was to entertain while informing, not playing your favorite RPG. Hey, I know, how about I skip updating Ask Thor for the rest of the week and just work on winning Xenogears? After all, that's what the fans really want. Like I said, let's watch what we cry about, heh heh.

Dangnab them youngin's!

Hello, O God of Thunder...

Why does everyone call me such lofty titles? Not that I'm complaining... <grin>

Did you know that you are my FAVE Guru-type guy so far?! (Well, I only say guru since I have NO IDEA what to call it otherwise....) And I hope you will print this, because that will make me the "RPGirl of the Day!!"

Don't get me wrong, the "RPGirl" thing isn't manditory. I just try and print a few good letters from girls--I won't print boring ones just 'cause ya'll look better in heels than I do. Er, not that I know what I look like in heels. Damnit...

Okay, now for my point.... Have you ever noticed that in all Square games so far, all of the main characters are STRICTLY under 30? (The exception being FFIV's Tellah and FFVI's Strago of course!) I was flipping through my Xenogears instruction manual and glanced at the bios when I realized this, and just couldn't help but attempt to kick off the debate list! For example..... Fei and Elly are 18, Bart is 19, Billy is 16, and Citan is the oldest, at 29! (Ooooh, cutting it a little close there aren't we?) Now I'm not complaining, in fact, I think it's kind of cool that Generation-X is mankind's last hope all of a sudden... Out of the way, old man!! The Super-20-Somethings are ready to save the day!! Just let 'em finish that Starbucks coffee first.....(^_^)

P.S- Boo Hoo.... I wanted to be the first to give you a footrub....Oh well..... have a nice big cup of Starbucks coffee!! :-)

-- The Goddess

Thor: Coffee. :D~

Anyway, I bet there are a few more exceptions than that, but it really isn't important. You're right, though, developers do seem to be fond of us kiddies. I see nothing wrong with this (heroes in their prime, and whatnot) as long as it doesn't get cliche... and that's edging close. How about a really old martial arts master? From Sabin, to Tifa, to some wicked old dude, to... super baby? Only time will tell.

Now, the really important thing is that, regardless of age, the character doesn't annoy. Because then, I'd have to point out how annoying said character is, and then people would disagree, and... well, one censored word: "C*abbits". I rest my case.

Man, I've been watching too much WWF. For a second, I thought you said "DeGeneration-X is helping Mankind"--which, um, they are, as of last week. Thanks a ton for the coffee, but I've gotta ask: why would any girl in her right mind wanna give me a footrub? I'm big an' scary an' stuff. Blarg.

Cancerman hates Wild Arms! It's his fault!

Why doesn't RPGamer have any REAL coverage of unpopular games like SaGa Frontier and Wild Arms? I looked at the "information" on them and holy smeg, I didn't believe my eyes. A site that claims to cover all RPGs just has 1 or 2 piddly incomplete FAQs for the Japanese version that are loaded with false information. I doubt you've played SaGa Frontier (great game, IMHO) for more than five minutes, so you wouldn't know how much the information sucks.

Before you go pointing fingers, I'll tell you why: You, and people like you. Apathetic SaGa Frontier fans who spend hours a day defending SaGa instead of writing text files for it. If you notice a lack of information, why not contribute yourself? Us Final Fantasy 3 fans know better--we wax productive and save the arguing for the newbies. And for the record, I won with T240G, but then I got Zelda 64 and Xenogears to distract me... :D

Why do so many people hate SaGa Frontier? I came up with two reasons:

1. Mediocre graphics
Actually, I thought the graphics were great.

2. Bad story (Stories)
The stories were quite good. It's just that they aren't elaborated very much, so at a glance they appear nonexistant.

Those are the only two reasons anyone could hate SaGa Frontier. It may not have the best graphics in the world, but it has gameplay up the wazoo! It also has the most realistic battle system I've ever seen. You use old skills, you get new skills. You don't become more powerful after killing a certain amount of monsters, you become more powerful after almost every fight. There's no doubt that that's realistic.

So everyone should quit whining about how much SaGa Frontier sucks. If you want good graphics or a good story, go play FF7 or Xenogears. But if you want top-notch gameplay, play SaGa Frontier.

-- Soulcleaver

Thor: OK, I'll be swift and brutal, which seems to be today's theme: Those are not the only reasons, people! Quit being so presumptuous! Here's a reason: SaGa Frontier was, for a lot of people, boring. Now, you can tell them why you think they found it was boring until you are blue in the face, but it won't do an ounce of good. You hate people who whine about how much SaGa sucks? Me too. But I also hate people who whine because no one likes their favorite game. Know what my alltime favorite is? Master of Magic. Does anyone agree? No. Do I cope? Yes, quite nicely, too. Sorry to be so curt, dude, but I'd hate for Ask Thor to become a USEnet of "Yuh huh!" and "Nuh huh!" debates.

P.S. I spelled "presumptuous" right my first try. How the hell did that happen?

Well... at least he's not defending anything.

Hey Thor, what is with these people being obsessed with Anime? I mean come on, its a cartoon. Do you get it? Because for god sakes, I can't find one reason on earth how people over the age of 10 can take these cartoons so seriously. And don't even get me started on pro wrestling...

-- Mr. Splat

Thor: <blink>


Well, this was one of the few questions I received today, so I guess I'll handle it:

Hey Splat, what is with these people being obsessed with Videogames? I mean come on, its a game. Do you get it? Because, for god sakes, I can't find one reason on earth how people over the age of 10 can take these videogames so seriously. And don't even get me started on pro... hey! I like pro wrestling. Blah, point given and taken, I hope. It wasn't long ago that playing videogames was something to be ashamed of. Lets not pick on the Anime people, their time of social acceptance among the masses will come.

A what?

Hey Thor,

In the character descriptions for Laguna's two new comrades it says, "Kiros is the youngest of the three, at age 23, and uses a qatar as a weapon."

What the HELL is a "qatar"? It sounds like some sort of waffle iron or maybe a vaccume cleaner. I tried looking it up in he dictionary and it's not there. HELP!

-- Arakin

Thor: Qatar is a country in the middle east. Population? 484,387--just an estimate, made in 1992. The official language is Arabic, and the majority of people are very brown. Qatar has no railroad system, but that didn't stop it from exporting $3.2 billion in 1990. The head of state is named Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and I am way better looking than him. When visiting the capital of Doha, be sure and bring plenty of Riyal, the currency of Qatar--and don't forget the international dialing code! Forget already? That's fine, it's +974. Enjoy your vacation, and thank you for flying Air Antrim.

...something's wrong here. I just know it.

Why do so many girls send multi-part questions?

Various Spoilage

Hi-ya Thor!

ARGGGG Clouded says RPGirls don't exist! I don't exist! Now I'm pissed.

1. How did you get a cold in California? I thought that was impossible.

Just call me "living proof". Actually, call me Thor. Living Proof'll be my surname.

2. I noticed a mistake in your last column and in a letter sent by some guy in another column. This guy said that Palom, Porom, Rydia, Rosa, and Fosoya were the only dedicated magic users in FF2. Has he forgotten about Tellah? The man's regular attacks could barely kill an Imp but many times he's saved my party with his magic. And in the last column on Friday you said not one RPGirl replied to the D.J. thing and I did. Don't worry I forgive you. :D

Forgiveness? Yes! Now I can stop flogging myself. Well, heh, maybe later...

3. Tifa is Sabin's successor? Cool. I always liked an even mix of both the tough girls (Tifa, Ayla, Celes) and the other weaker girls (Terra, Aeris, Rosa, Rydia, Lucca). But my favorite type was always the cute, adorable little kids who just annoyed the other people in the game relentlessly. Such as Porom and Palom, (Though technically Palom's not a girl you can't tell the two apart from looks...) young Rydia, Yuffie, and I must admit Relm was funny at times. (I loved her calling Sabin a puffed up aerobics instructor!)

You know who else those cute young kids annoyed? I'll give you one hint: His name's Thor.

4. I think your theory about Red 13 is flawless except about him making mad whoppe to some lady ... umm ... whatever the heck kinda cat he is. I think that the little ... err ... kittens were just resurrected dead kittens.

Hmm.. could be! But my theory involved mad-whoopie, so it's better. ;D

5. In FF2/4 why'd they take out all that cool stuff like Monster Encyclopedia, Alarm, Dwarf Bread, and the infamous...Porno Mag! That stuff would've rocked in the American version! And I also heard about items to unstone the twins, and other neat stuff in the Japanese version. And is it pathetic that I have owned the game for two years and I still haven't beat it? I think it is (I'm close, just gotta learn Meteo!).

They took it out because it was fun, and Nintendo had strict "no fun" policy back then. That, and they chopped a good deal of FF2 out to make it easier for Americans. Storyline, items, the whole deal. Quite a shame. But at least I, as a dumb America, could understand it. Duh. I like cheese.

6. Has anyone (including yourself) ever cried when someone died in a video game? My friend wanted me to ask this since she doesn't have the Internet and doesn't want to be the only girl to have cried when Aeris, Rufus, and Tseng died (She's a little strange...).

No, can't say I have. The death of that one NPC in Crystalis really made me depressed: first innocent NPC casuality I witnessed, and I was just a lil' Thor, too. OK, fine, so during the last scene of FF7 when Aerith pops up for a moment, I kinda sorta had a little sob thing going... but, uh, I was just upset at how bad FF7's ending was. Yeah, that's it. Really. Seriously. Wasn't sad one bit. Nope, not big ol' tough Thor. Nosirreebob. Nope. Not me.

7. Why do people want to resurrect Aeris so bad? Heck she was my favorite character in FF7 and I don't really care if she's resurrected or not (I haven't finished yet). I think it's a mandatory rule that in every FF game someone must die. Look at the facts. FF2-Tellah, FF3-General Leo, FF7-Aeris (I don't know about FF5). Besides I thought that her death and the funeral were some of the most gorgeous scenes in the game.

I wish more than one player character died. Where's the sense of adventure when a Phoenix Down'll save the day every time? I want blood! Well, that and coffee. Mmm... blood coffee...

8. Will you post your picture somewhere, so all us Ask Thor fans know what you look like?

Aww, you guessed my Thursday Thorsday Madness surprise! Now I have to think of another. Don't worry, you'll all see me soon enough. I can't list specifics now, though. Have patience, adoring female fans! Hey... stop laughing.

9. Jon Stewart does suck and Craig Kilborn's new show (He's taking over the Late Late Show, but I'm not sure if he has already) comes on opposite Conan O'Brien. What's a girl to do? *sigh*

I know, I really do feel for you ladies. Did you know I'll soon be updating right before Conan O'Brien and Craig Kilborn's shows start? "Eenie meenie miney mo, pick a blonde hunk by his toe..."

Okay that's all and pretty, pretty, please with a cherry on top post this letter?

-RPGirl FlashJAZ

Thor: Yeah, but only if you write back and riddle me this: Why is it only girls write these long, multi-part letters? At most, guys'll ask 3, 4, maybe a rare 6 or 7 questions per letter... but nine? Nine? Lordy! Oh, yeah. I was kidding about that "blonde hunk" comment... Everyone knows Conan isn't a hunk. (Wasn't that unexpected? That's comedy for ya!)


"I Garland will knock you all down"

-- RPGarland

Thor: Bite me.

Usurping RPGamer?

Hey, Thor. The name's Evan, and I just had a couple quick questions:

1) How did you get this job as an RPGuru? Were you 2nd place in the applications way back when?

Yeah. I didn't win 'cause the RPGamer crew thought Josh's application was funnier, though. Josh's application was funnier than mine. I'll chalk it off to temporary insanity.

2) Would you need a part-time, no-pay guy to do the weekend column instead of the Circle of Sages (uh oh, Evan...he isn't going to let you, throw in an added benefit quickly...before it's too late...)...uh, okay, okay...hmm...I'll update the archive for you! (Doh, Evan, something else, too difficult of a task!), seriously, I will, if ya hire me. Okay?


-- Evan "Q&A Hopeful" Jones

Thor: Sorry, dude. The Sages are quite happy with their work. Well, not this particular weekend, but, uh, I'm pretty sure they're happy with the current setup. Personally, I could care less--I have no preferances. Unless there's a chance we could get Teri Hatcher to do it. Mhhmm... Teri...

I received these on the same day. Groovy!

If you want a hysterical RPG, then just imagine what MST3K: The Video Game could be like. Three players could build their comedic experience by telling different types of jokes based upon what's happening on another game's screen. Of course, the only feasible way of having Mike (or Joel) and the 'Bots ridicule another game would be to have a 64DD (wah!) and a compatable cart, the potential is there. For a more elaborate description, please check out the SOL Post archives on my MST website.

--MSTies Anonymous Poobah


With all the RPG hype that has been stirring up over the past year, and the major industry of Wrestling building an enormous following, I had a stroke of genius. A Wrestling RPG. I know it sounds kind of weird, but hear me out. First you pick your favorite wrestler out of the (WCW or WWF, which ever one the game is made for). Then you start the game. Since the wrestling on TV is like watching a movie, the wrestlers acting out their roles, the game would be much the same. You have to go on tour all over the country like the real wrestlers and you make enemies and friends and join whichever organization you want (NWO, Degeneration X, LWO). You can build a whole wrestling show of your own. The idea just came to me while I was watching Monday Nitro. What do you think?


Thor: The first suggestion made me smile; the second think--which is, I admit, somewhat of a rarity. Wrestling has lots in common with RPGs. Storylines, battles, Good Vs Evil, etc. They were also pretty much underground until '97, and suddently became very mainstream. I'm not sure if I'd like a traditional RPG based on wrestling--too few characters in battles, no shops, etc. A wrestling game with RPG elements, however, would rule. Imagine randomly created angles (storyline, for you marks out there); an expanded WWF Warzone experience system; run-ins based on who the enemy of your current enemy is, etc. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Time to wipe my chin and move on to the next letter:

Wild ARMs' storyline explained!

(Wild ARMs spoilers. Naturally.)

Okay, it doesn't bother me that people don't like the game, for the main reason that it's a game and everyone's entitled to their opinion. But people areon't liking it for some rather strange reasons. I'm also gonna go into the "complicated" story, but in a moment.

First, some complain that you only get three characters. These same people complain that RPGs don't develop ALL the main characters enough.

Not necessarily. Can we please try and cut down on the wild generalizations? I'm just going to skip past the "Why Wild Arms Didn't Suck" stuff and get to the good parts. Today's column is getting long as it is, and I doubt that many people want to endure yet more Wild ARMs debate...

As for the battles, the characters DID have "limitbreak" type techniques - not that limitbreaks make a game.. it's sad when games released BEFORE FF7 are judged by that benchmark. Anyhoo, they were called force techniques and like limitbreak level, force rose when someone incurred damage or simply did a lot of attacking, and depending on your force level, you could use a specialized technique, summon a guardian, or something else cool. Nya. ;)

True, I totally forgot that Wild ARMs had all that. I bow to your Wild ARM skillz.

Now for the moment that some guy named Bob in Wisconsin's been waiting for, the story.

See, it works like this. The important bits of the story are in two sections, Pre-Game and Game, from now on abbreviated as PG and G, respectively. In the PG era, the world was populated by Men and Elws, and there was the race of Guardians that stood watch over the world. The Guardians were something much like the ancient Greek or Roman gods, in that there were a whole bunch of them, each for different things. And there were three High Guardians which ruled over them all.

Anyhoo, during this nice happy time of peace and prosperity, Men and Elws lived together in harmony and whatnot, and constructed all sorts of nifty things and technology. Smart kids, those. Well, one day, the Metal Demons land from another planet and wreak havoc, and ignite the 100 year's war, I think it's called. Men, Elws, and Guardians fight together against the Demons, but begin losing the war.

In a last ditch effort to save the world, certain artifacts such as the Guardian Blade and the tower of Ka Dingel were created to seal the Demons away. The world was safe, but at a huge cost.

The planet was ravaged, and scarred from the horrors of the war. Most of the guardians were dead, which was bad news for the people of the world, since the world's welfare was linked to that of the Guardians. To preserve life on the planet, the Guardians sealed themselves in the statues and linked themselves in a network called the Rayline, a connection of the guardian's power. After a time, the humans grew distrustful of the Elws and their intellect, for whatever reason, and the earth began dying, so the Elws packed up and headed to a paralell dimension where they were safe from the rest of the problems on Filgaia.

As the years went by, the land continued to rot, the water became unsafe, and all that other rubbish. The Guardian's power was beginning to fade.

Closer to the Game era, we can get into the character's backgrounds. Cecilia is the princess of Adelhyde, and apparently it's a family tradition to send the women to study at Curan Abbey until they come of age. The game begins on Cecilia's 17th birthday, when she is to return home.

Rudy, at the end of the pre-game era, was created by a scientist who was working on a project to replicate the anatomy of the Metal Demons, in an experiment called the "Holmcross Project". Rudy was the only functioning model, who was activated thinking that the Elw scientist who created him was his grandfather. When his 'grandfather' died, Rudy began to wander, becoming a Dream Chaser.

Jack was formerly a member of the knights of Arctica, under his real name, Garett. He was proud to have been admitted, his lover, an equally skilled swordsman, was a knight and to serve with her was a joy. On his first day as a knight, Demons attacked Arctica to recover the cocoon of the Mother, and killed everyone except for Jack, who escaped into the cold northern night, mourning the loss of his comrades. Somehow, he happened upon Hanpan and took a new name, Jack, and used for a surname his nickname as a knight - van Burace, Arctican for "the Guard". He then began to travel the world, searching for the ultimate power he could use to destroy the demons and get his revenge.

Game begins, blah blah blah, Demons attack Adelhyde, kill king, yadda yadda yadda. Guardians contact Cecilia, they go save the three guardian statues where the parts of Mother are sealed. It don't work, Mother is revived. Woo. They go kill Mother.

More game, bla bla bla, yakkety schmackedy, the gang discovers the rest of the guardians, and the fact that their power is based on the faith of the people, which is fading. Dun dun dun...

More game, stuff happens, they get cool powers, climb Ka Dingel to the space station which the Demons took over, kill the bosses(I won't ruin everything), and save the world.. I think. I haven't beaten it yet.. I'm at the last part and I refuse to look at the walkthroughs. =)

So that's what I've got on WA. I happen to like the game, but the last dungeon IS real tough. Sorry it took so long, but there's quite a bit to it. If there's any more puzzling things, say so - I can't think of anything more puzzling, because it all made sense to me. ;)

-- Doc

Thor: Zzzz...<snort> Huh? What? Oh, OK. Thanks a lot for detailing the story like I asked, it certianly cleared up, um, issues, or something. Like, the thing with the Guardians... and what, with, the, uh, yeah. I know all my questions were answered. :D

Unfit for Print

FF7 Spoiler

in your column on the 15th, someone said that no one in FF7 showed emotions, well let me tell that son of a bitch this: what about when Barret thought his daughter was dead after the slums were destroyed. Oh gee I guess i just imagined him going crazy and shooting everything for a few minutes. please put this on your site for next so that dumbass can read it!!!

Thor: Here we have a classic example of a letter which would normally never be printed by any Q&A Guy for any reason. But if there's one thing I am, it ain't typical, so here goes my list of problems with this single letter alone:

  1. "son of a bitch" and "dumbass"? Someone has aggression issues--they're games, son. Relax. Cussing is generally taboo.
  2. I specificly said the FF7 debate was over, yet here we have yet another opinion. Thanks!
  3. Asking to have your letter printed. It just doesn't work. Not even if you've never, ever, ever had a letter printed. No one wants to read a letter from someone who begged their way into publication.
  4. And finally:

    Your argument is weak. Try giving more than one example. There were way more emotional scenes than just Barret wigging out and embracing the O.J. Simpson inside us all. I hope that'll help ya'll spot a few things to avoid. Just to be fair, if you say you don't want your letter to be elligable for the Unfit for Print section, I'll be more than happy to comply with your wishes.

    So many Quickies you'll beg me to stop:

    Some dude from a heavily french school said: "What is the point of people guessing the quotes at the top of the page. I know about 80% or so of the quotes up there. Maybe people just say where it is from just to get respect from all RPGamers." The point is speed, my good man. It's not if you know it or not, it's how fast you let us know you know it. Then, you win a sack of dead monkeys. Joy! // Second Impact decided to defend Working Designs translations (that was so last week, cha!) saying: "There wouldn't be any miserable Ted Woolsey jokes ('Fire, Fire! Huh huh huh...') if WD translated FF3" You're for enema jokes, but bash Beavis and Butthead referances? Pish. // Rob Emes wonders: "Thor, you stated that out of the 70+ emails you recieved regarding DJ, not one was from a female. Would you mind telling me how you know this?" Sigs, actually. First names, and such. It's not an exact science (see above), and there's lots of room for error (see above... grumble), but it's good for general estimates.

    Thor Stuff:

    Well, as you can see, the number of letters for long Ask Thors far outweighed the letters against. 6/1, in fact. I feel so loved.

    Due to the weekend mail pileup, I moved the "Female fighters/female mages" thing to tomorrow. Look for it.

    Yeah, yeah, send those flames in: I haven't been able to untangle the mess that is archive.html. Look at the source code and see for yourselves!

    The problem isn't so much the fact that it's a series of complex tables, but that they're too jumbled to fix by hand, and no WYSIWIG I have (legal) access to handles 'em very well. I'm giving myself one more week to look for answers, and if I can't find any... well, I'll have to do something drastic, like remake the friggin' thing. Any ideas, guys? Pretty please? With that cherry FlashJAZ gave me on top?

    Resused cherry... eww, gross concept.

    Anyways, hope I wasn't too grumpy today. Mondays, and all.

    I guess that's about it. One last thanks to K. If it wasn't for Alpha, I wouldn't have made it through the night. Many a thanks. <twitch><twitch>

    What's that? Nervous twitching? I think it's time for bed.

    - Thor "Grumpypants" Antrim.
    I have never dressed up like a moogle. I have dressed like Vermillion, though. I looked pretty sexy, too.

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