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Woo! My first mistake! Today's been wild. Still no flames (except for the one, um, printed below), and lots of rad questions/comments. I'm starting to have trouble deciding what letters to go with. Maybe I'll put in a "How to raise your chances of being picked" FAQ, so I receive even more good mail, and it'll be even more difficult. What can I say? I enjoy a little pain now and then.

His friends call him "Nuby"

I've always been a devoted fan of Nobuo Uematsu, who composed the music for Final Fantasy 1-7. This question will probably stump you: What are all the albums (including game soundtracks) that contain music composed by Nobuo Uematsu? I tried to ask him, but his English is poor and he himself probably has lost track. He mentioned "Phantasmagoria." Have you heard this CD? If so, I'd like to know your opinion on it. Finally, do you know if he composed the music in Final Fantasy 8? It sounds very un-Uematsu! Thanks a lot!

Thor: Hrm. I'm afraid I don't know all the soundtracks that contain music composed by Nobuo Uematsu. He's worked on so many, it'd be kinda hard to get any sort of definitive list. I can help you with the last two questions, though: Phantasmagoria is quite good. I've heard a couple of songs from it, and grew very fond of 'em after only a few plays. (The music is dream-like and orchestrated, from what I've heard. For some reason, it reminded me of Vampire Princess Miyu's...) And you can bet your bonnet Nobuo is doing the music for Final Fantasy 8! What are ya, nutz? Square would more likely replace Amando as the character designer than they would replace... er... waitaminute.

[See today's Ask Thor title]

You said Shadowrun was one of your favorite games...And then you put for Genesis in italics, as if to insinuate that the SNES version was less than a perfect personafecation of cyber punk gaming experience ^_^ The SNES version in my opinion was really good...Shadowrun remains one of my all time favorite games on either platform.

Oh and I dunno if this was a mistake on your column or not but you put Shadowrun 64 2 as a blue text header for a letter and reply regarding Shadowgate...

Waits To Froth Like A Rabid Monkey,

-- Ian P.

Thor: I italicified the "Genesis" 'cause it's my favorite game, and not the SNES one. I've nothing against Shadowrun/SNES other than it butchered the Shadowrun mythos. This is something that only ticks you off if you're a fan of the pen 'n paper game, though. The cool thing was Shadowrun/SNES was one of the few adventure games for a console system, in addition to...

Shadowgate! Yes, I know, I said "Shadowrun 64 2". My bad. Call it wishful thinking, call it a typo, call it a mistake or call it a brain fart--just don't call it late for dinner.

"You old !@#$, are you still standing?"

Regarding the changes from FF6j to FFIII, Siegfried had no bigger part. That was rumored to be one of the things they wanted to put in the game, but sadly, had to leave out because of time restrictions. One of the major, really groovy things I'd *love* to see in a rereleased FF6 for the PSX is the fact that in the Japanese version, Relm swore like a sailor. Another thing is that Edward hits on her just like all the rest of the girls. Now don't get me wrong, I don't get my kicks out of the loss of innocence and pedophilia, but for Edgar, it fits the character, and with Relm, it's just f#@$ing hilarious.

Other casualties of time restrictions are the ending of FF4, which was going to contain full-screen drawings of the characters by Amano, and Chrono Trigger, which lost an entire sidestory involving Schala. Guess we'll just have to wait until Chrono Trigger 2.

-- Charon

Thor: Thanks for the info, Charon. Hey, Relm pulled a Cid? Hehe, man, now I want FF6j/PSX translated here... I still can't believe Siegfried didn't have a bigger part. Hey, maybe... I know! I know! Once you revive General Leo using the Super Mega H'tirea Elixer, you go back an' fight Siegfried and, and... *sob* I know, it's useless to make believe, but a guy can hope, can't he?

You know, I remember my first. Heh heh.

Hey Thor,

nothing personal, but I thought someone should fill the role of being your first flame and I thought I'd get on line for the honor. Although.... hmm, I can't find anything to flame you about at the moment. Any suggestions? I'm an expert in the field, an old timer trained at the art. If you want, I'll give you a sample of my work once you give me something about you to flame and I might offer to work as your professional right-hand flamer. I work for free during the first month or 600 hours, whichever comes first and if you like my flames I would appreciate a small donation of $19.78. Although I have many clients at the moment, there's always room for one more. I eagerly await your response.

-- Neoguardian (Michael Greenhut)

Thor: Ack! My first flame! I'm crushed. No thanks Mr. Doesn't Like Me! You've taken my ego, and now you want my money? Waaaah. (Gotta stop crying, it'll ruin my macho image.)

Er... I... uh... uhm...

Here, I have some questions for you...

1) Who is your favorite rpg character... from any game. Not any certain game in particular.

Cecil. No question about it. Cecil kicked maximum rump. Even when he was good, he was still so bad.

2) Who is your favorite character in Xenogears?

Elly, so far. I identify with her. Hang on, I'm not typing this in a bra an' panties or anything--I've just said a little too much a little too often, and the scene where she crushed Fei really got to me, 'cause I've hurt a few friends in my day. Um, I'm going to move on now, this is getting too depressing. :P

3) Who is do you consider to be the hottest female character? (If I look anything like her, I know how much of a chance I have with you :) )

I really like Tifa's hair and red eyes, but the fact that she'd, um, make a great Hooters waitress has kind of lessened the overall effect. (I like my women "Noir", not "ZZ Top video".) Riona's lovely, too. But my favorite, well, sadly, I don't even know her name. All I know is she was a goddess from FF2j.

4) Uh oh! You're not gay or anything, are you? If so, I'm sorry about that last question! Sheesh! You can't be too careful these days, ya know...

I'm as straight as an arrow, baby.

5) Ever played Brigandine? People only have bad things to say about that game, and I sort of like it...

I haven't had the pleasure, but it looks groovy to me. From what I've heard, it's a decent game. You've probably heard bad things 'cause the majority of people don't like heavy war/strategy. (FFT was dissed a good deal, too.)

6) Do you realize the comments that you make are SOOO cute, that I just want to reach through my computer screen to pinch your cheek? ;)

-- Kiki

Thor: ...geez, and I thought Baka made me blush.

"Ask Thor"? Why? He's an idiot!


Just to relax I put a copy of Final Fantasy Adventure in my Gameboy. I noticed, though, that it was made by SunSoft. Then I looked and all the Final Fantasys for Gameboy were made by SunSoft. How come if SquareSoft is known for the Final Fantasy series, the gameboy versions were made by SunSoft. Was that quick? Close enough.

-- Jer

Thor: I... don't... know...! I know I should do a better job of masking my ignorance by not posting questions I can't answer, but I think that's rather rude and whimpy. Therefore, at the risk of people thinking I don't know anything (rather than I don't know everything) I posted this question in the hopes that one of you intelligent readers can send in a nice long letter explaining such oddity.

Guru Schmuru

Dear CyberThor.

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Main Entry: guru
Pronunciation: 'gur-(") also g&-'r
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural gurus
Etymology: Hindi guru, from Sanskrit guru, from guru, adjective,
heavy, venerable -- more at GRIEVE
Date: 1613
1 : a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism
2 a : a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of
fundamental concern b : one who is an acknowledged leader or chief
proponent c : a person with knowledge or expertise : EXPERT

Officially or not you shall be considered a Guru to all of RPGamers Loyal fans. As you can see this is a title of expertise in the RPG world. Since most people come to your column to read your advice and to have their questions answered then it is a fitting title.

-- Big Don

Thor: OK, Mr. Dictonary. Fine, fine! I'll admit it: I've been a spiritual guide in Hinduism for the past 11 years now. There, you happy?


The "three parts" of the quote contest are 1) Who said it 2) Where they said it 3) What game. // Joshua Slone found some Shadowgate Rising info for us. Love him. // Tha Heretic doesn't remember a time of day mentioned for the Day of Lavos. I think it was more of a guesstimate, 'cause the sun was up onscreen. // Tzepish pointed out Lufia 1 and 2 had basic a basic difficulty system, but that it was severely crippled. // Jennstarr DarkBlaze (love that name) wondered why megalomaniacs turn into monsters at the end of RPGs, instead of keeping their human form. The answer is simple: People love having a big ugly monster at the end of a book/movie/rpg. I just saw Blade, and let me tell you: Frost was no "tornado 'turning' everything in his path". I felt jyped. Now I'm going to have to get a DVD player and the directors cut, just to see the original ending with the promised "blood god". Grr.

Thor Stuff:

I know today's column was a little light on the questions.

1) I received way more "usuable" comments and additions/corrections than questions.

2) I'm still working on building my Ultimate RPG Knowledge Referance Library. If you guys know of any good websites, books or anything else, drop me a line. It won't just help me, it will help me help you.

(Think they went for it?)

- Thor "Yes, this is my real name" Antrim
If I turned into a girl every time I came in contact with cold water, I'd never leave Splash Mountain.

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