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Ask Ryan
A fond farewell
Ask Ryan - August 8 - 7:15 pm EST

What's that you say? Yes, this is my last column. Why? Well, after working here for more than a year, I find myself strapped for time, and RPGamer has to take a backseat. I may do some stuff in other areas of the page here and there in the future, but not on any sort of regular basis. It's been great working here, the people (both other staff and readers) totally rock. Yes, I know some of you are celebrating (what? no more missed columns and late updates? Woohoo!) but I really wish I didn't have to quit. And before you all ask in tandem, no, we don't need anyone to replace me. ;) Anyway, I have a last column to do, so...

Snap? Huh?
Why in the name of Kefka is Pokemon Snap on RPGamer? It's not even really a game, let alone an RPG. There is no RPG like attribute to it whatsoever. It has no story, no characters, no dialogue, no advancement, not even a fight for kefka's sakes. Why is it here?

PS Can we call you 'Ar-Pee-Goo-Roo' (RPGuru)? 'Ryan' just isn't interesting.

-Urban Zombie

We asked a poll a while back as to if we should cover it, and it was a landslide saying we should. And so we did. As for the name thing, you can call me anything you want (preferably "hey sexy" if you're a cute female...)


Since FF 8 will be coming out for the PC at some point in the near future, there's one nagging question: Since FF 8 uses the "Pocketstation" for a side quest, how will this be handled on the PC? I'm guessing a small, compact program that can fit on a floppy? Or maybe an extension of the game itself? Suggestions, anyone?


I doubt there will be any sort of PocketStation support in the PC version. That's okay though, the PC version looks so much graphically better than the PSX (as well it should) that the pocketstation support doesn't matter. I don't know when the PC version is coming out, but it may be worth waiting for the PC version if it's not too much longer after the PSX version.. those graphics are sweet.

Seiken Densetsu 3
someone was asking about you playing a seiken densetsu 3 rom and having a 100% translation patch...well, where can i get this patch? thanks.


Okay. Before I tell you where to find it, you must read what I have to say. Please, PLEASE do not bug me or the creators of the patch as to where to find a rom. This is ONLY the patch, you need a copy of the ROM itself before you can play the game in English. The ROM is illegal to download if you do not own a copy of the game. That said, the patch itself is at Note that this is not a link to the rom, nor is there a playable game anywhere on this page.

Actually, American beer has anywhere from 4-6% alcohol, as does Canadian. Canada is allowed, however, to sell certain beers which have up to 12% alcohol or so, whereas Americans are not. Whoever wrote in comparing American and Canadian beer obviously doesn't know anything about it. Kids these days.

Rev. Jack.

Well, if its the alcohol you're after, just grab a bottle of everclear and be done with it...

Neato burrito
Heya Ryan. With all that cool FFVIII merchandise out or coming out can you tell me how I can order some of that stuff? Some of it I must have! :D

-Zap "Woo! 30 days left!"

You should probably try your local Toys R Us or game retailer, they'd most likely be the best place to find stuff like that. If its the Japanese merchandise you're after though.. good luck finding it anywhere. ;)

Wow, a real letter..

what's your opinion on zelda gaiden? i saw the pics and they look exactly the same as the previous zelda except for minor changes. it looks like all they did was throw in some new creatures make a few new locations and slapped gaiden on the end of the name. i figure that if your going to make a sequel, you should at least try to improve it in some way. not that zelda64 was a complete disaster, but there are plenty of improvements that can be made: more bad guys, better music, making the graphics more detailed and creative, and although the whole zelda story is cool, try to come up with an original story that's new but has the same qualities that the nes one did.... and the list goes on and on. i know its early to start bashing the game, but it looks to as if nintendo is only trying to score a buck or two and is not even concerned with the gamers satisfaction. what do u think?

- squarehead

Well, it looks that way because that's exactly what they did. It uses the exact same engine (actually, they're probably going to do the hi-res thing.. which is good) as Ocarina of Time. I'm sure I'll buy it, seeing as I have an N64 and... well, it's Zelda. :) Anyway, Ocarina of Time would have been a great RPG... if they added more plot. As it is, it's probably the best 3D adventure game available. With the high-res graphics, it would only kick that much more ass..
Saturn stuff
I have a problem. I bought a used Saturn really cheap from my friend becauseΚI hear it has some really awesome rpgs. The problem is I can't find anywhere thats sells them! I looked up funcolands webpage and they had two, one of which was in japanese and the other, Virtual Hydlide, wasn't really an rpg. Help me, i've called all around where I live and can't find a single place that has good rpg's!!!! Κ


Well, the first game you should rush out and find at any cost is Panzer Dragoon Saga. It kicks. As for the others, I haven't played them and I'm not a Saturn buff or anything, so JD may be better suited to this question.

Saturn stuff

I am very desperate and you are my last hope. Please utilize the infinite resources of the position of RPGamer Q&A guy to get a movie clip of the female Althena springs in Lunar:SSS. I gotta see Jessica, man! By the time I was strong enough to get through that stupid forest to the spring, the priestess said that the water was no longer pure enough for bathing (boy did I give her a piece of my mind). Jeez, you would think they would keep it cleaned up. Thanks, and I'm glad everything's starting to get back to a semblance of normalcy around here.

- My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, and..... that makes me mad.

You, my friend, are in luck. I happen to have captured those and tiled them into single images for Thor some months ago. Here's Jessica and here's Mia. If only the editor of Hot Girl magazine got ahold of THESE..


Ask JD

Grumble at him.

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Hey, it's not just me.. Weird Al does it too..

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I was wondering if the remake of Tales of Fantasia for the playstation is coming out here.


I wish it was.. but probably not. Tales of Destiny was only a mild hit, probably not enough so to make Namco want to release ToP here. Too bad, too.

Well... It's been great working here. Never been a good one at goodbyes, so, until our paths cross again, farewell.

Ryan "I'm outta here" Amos
Ok, ok.. I'll admit the existance of the hidden text.. Happy?

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