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Another weekend, another column. And the people rejoiced.

Sometimes your friends are your worst enemies..
(Breath of Fire 3/Secret of Mana spoilers)

Hey, quick question.

One of the choices in the poll is "party member is final boss"......while there was A LOT of this in Final Fantasy IV, the FINAL boss wasn't a party member.....I can't really think of ANY games this applies to (except MAYBE for Metal Gear....but not really). Help me remember.

Rich Green

Well, the two games I remember offhand are Secret of Mana (Flammie) and Breath of Fire 3 (Teepo.) I'm sure there are others. And I'm sure you'll all tell me tomorrow, right? Right! :)

Illegal or not..
I noticed in the now playing section you are playing Seiken Densetsu 3. Do you download the ROM and use the 100% translated patch that's recently been posted on the net? I'm sure you've got a copy of the actual cartridge right next to you right?


Well, normally, illegal games are illegal. Sure, SD3 is illegal to download and play as well (no 24 hour BS, any roms/mp3s are totally illegal unless you own an original copy. The "24 hour rule" is something someone someday pulled from their bum.) But, for games such as SD3, which were never released in the US and 99.99% in all likelyhood never will be, I'd rather risk some commando squad coming in and shooting me in my sleep. Which, ironically, has about the same chance of happening as SD3 does of coming out in English. Don't get me wrong, it's still illegal.. Just not as immoral.

New Zeldas
That seems a bit off. Everyone knew Zelda 64 Part 2 was comming, and Nintendo's rereleasing MOST NES games for the GBC, so those two I can understand, but is Nintendo SERIOUSLY planning on releasing 4 NEW GBC Zelda's so close together? I'd much rather finally get Metroid 64 myself.

Oh, and just in case this gets printed, I'm back from my vacation and updating my page again.

-Googleshng, yeah, the slime guy.

Yeah, I could have bet Nintendo would have re-released Zelda 1 on GBC, it's a total classic and most of the copies out there don't work anymore. Zelda 2 is a little puzzling, it wasn't a very good game, it was more like Castlevania meets Final Fantasy (it was a side-scroller with an overhead map.) Not to mention the downthrust skill looked strangely.. phallic.

How come Lunar has an "almost an hour of animation" and it (barley) takes up two disks and FF8 has "almost an hour of CG" (back of packaging), and it takes up four disks?

Well, for one, the Lunar movies were a lot more simple and with less detail than Square's FF8 CG. This results in smaller file sizes. Though probably the biggest reason for the size difference are all the wonderful (but huge) prerendered backgrounds. Lunar used sprite/tiled backgrounds, while FF8 merely uses prerendered backgrounds with walk maps on them. With more space used up on backgrounds, there's less left for movies.

Check this out, I know what the three mystery Zelda games for Game Boy Color are. Zelda Pinball, Zelda Snap (you take pictures of Link and his crew and print them with the Game Boy Printer), and last, but certainly not least, Zelda Yellow. (exactly like the original Zelda: Link's Awakening, only Pikachu follows you around the whole game and is selectable from the beginning...)

--Role-Playing Gamer

Haha, the funniest (and scariest) part of this is he's probably right. I'm betting we see some kind of Pokemon/Zelda crossover game (besides Super Smash Bros. which was like, the ultimate crossover) in the future. Like Pikachu as a final boss in Zelda 64 Gaiden or something. Or some poor helpless girl loses her Pokemon and you have to go collect them.

An RPG or not an RPG?
Alright, I'm sick of this. I'm getting sick and tired of people calling Zelda an RPG. It is NOT an RPG. It's an action/adventure. What does every RPG have in common? Not much, and here is the list:

1) Stats (Not in Zelda)

2) Luck (like how much damage you do when you hit. Once again, not in Zelda)

Now, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Zelda doesn't match up to the quality of a RPG. Now, will you please stop calling it that? I mean, just because people want N64 to have a good RPG (like Zelda...), doesn't mean the best N64 game IS an RPG. Mr. Miyomuto (sp?) said himself Zelda 64 is, and I quote "Zelda 64 is an adventure game". Okay, I've let off a little steam, boy, that feels better...


Well, does the name on it really matter? True, Nintendo tries to use the buzzword "RPG" on anything it can, i.e. Zelda, which is arguably, Hybrid Heaven, which is basically Resident Evil with menu based battles, and StarCraft, which in no way is an RPG. Ogre Battle 3 is looking quite good however, and it is most definately an RPG. Too bad it's being hampered by production delays, when it eventually comes out here, it'll probably sell really well because of everyone wanting N64 RPGs.
Music Tastes
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Yes. You must kneel and pucker to get your letters posted.. And just curious, what are you doing smelling me?

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Wow, this is only like the 500th time I've ever heard that! :)

Welp, short column.. I'm off to beat the beast things in SD3.. Laters!

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