Whew, sorry the update is late (again) but I just started a new job today (don't worry, it's not a replacement for RPGamer) so I'm tired and stuff. Oh well, I can't leave you without letters. :)
Before or after?
I finally won Lunar last night after several hours of walking through evil stronghold after evil stronghold, and there's something I'd like to know.

Is Lunar 2 (or 3) going to be a prequel? All that business with the 4 heros strongly suggests it.

P.S. Am I the only one who was really creeped out by the ending? Maybe I just overanalized it.


Ryan: Nope, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue takes place 1000 years after the original. As for Lunar 3, nobody knows anything about it, so it could very well be a prequel (or could very well not, we'll have to see. :)
Yaoi endings
I recently got Star Ocean 2 and finally got on the second CD.. that game isn't as long as some, and the ongoing plot (thus far) isn't that complicated and great, but the characterization and ideas for some of the specialties are just plain awesome!! I definitely think it's a better value than Lunar. (at least, has a lot more replay value)

My question is whether Claud can end up with Ashton.. I really really wanna see it! They'd make the perfect couple, don't you see?! Imagine the bizarre sexual acts Ashton could perform with three heads!! I've got to know whether Claud can fall in love with Ashton!


Ryan: Am I the only one bothered by this letter? Anyway, I don't think same-sex pairings have love-emotional levels toward eachother. I think there is only the friendship emotions between same sex characters. And yeah, SO2 licks Lunar in the replay department, mainly because there's just so much you can't do once through the game.
(Lunar Spoilers)

I don't know if you've gotten very far in Lunar: SSS, but I guess I'll ask this question anyways... I'm stuck in Myght's tower, where everybody but Nall leaves the party, and Laike joins, and there's that stupid room with the 4 doors and the 4 symbols next to them. I can't figure it out.. This is such an unbelievably stupid and cheap puzzle!! No NPCs in the area I'm in even mention it, not even the guard at the bottom of the tower. I think that puzzles should be in RPGs only if they make sense and/or give hints, like Alundra and Lufia II. Please answer my question, if you know the answer... I hope Lunar doesn't become another game that suddenly sucks halfway through.

Dark Neko

Ryan: I got stuck here too (I literally spent hours trying to figure it out. Don't say I should have looked at an FAQ, when I played the game there were none, as I beat it on a beta copy.) Either WD messed up and forgot to post any clues as to where to go, or they wanted to "build character" by making you figure it out yourself. Anyway, go "Planet, Star, Sun, Moon." WD has posted the page for this area from the official Lunar strategy guide on their web page.
Just a Phantasy?
Hey Ryan the Mayan,

Do you know where I can find a list of what the spells are in Phantasy Star IV? The names are a little.. screwed up. I have no idea what half the spells do, can anyone help? Also, know if there is a game (phantasy star) in the works for Dreamcast? Ok, enough with the questions, bye.

Drew "I'm not a girl (really)" Miazga

Ryan: I dunno either, I don't have a Genesis. I also doubt there will be a Dreamcast Phantasy Star, seeing as there wasn't a Saturn one (there was a collection for Saturn, though it never made the US, seeing how Saturn didn't do well in the US.)
Uh, huh huh huh
About htat guy fighting the water dragon, has anyone heard of this thing called Magic. You see, Alex has magic that makes him attack with his sword. And see, he can use that on thedragon. And when he runs out, you use this thing called a Star Light, which restores Magic. So the moral of this story is Alex is by far the best character in that game play-wise (but Nash is always cooler, I mean, look at his hair!)

Mike "I beat Lunar last week" Dore

Ryan: Heh, about the entire population of China wrote in saying the same thing. And hey, if you still have problems, level up till Ramus maxes out (level 13 or 14, I believe.)
I swear!
hey ryan,

call me cooped up, but i havent played SO2 or Lunar i want to get rent / buy one of them and i dont know which is better . couldhelp my decision and tell me why?

Ryan: This is the last time I post this question, but seeing as it's so popular, I guess I'll post it again one last time. You know, over time, Star Ocean 2 has really grown on me, I've started to like it better than Lunar. Especially at the price, you should be able to find Star Ocean 2 for less than $40 at any decent gaming establishment. Lunar is more like $50 (though I have seen it for $44.95 at a local chain, the same place I got SO2 for $34.95..)
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Hi, Ryan,

Would you care to explain to me if there is such a thing as Ys for the PSX in Japan? My friend told me he could get the PSX version in Japan. Is that true?

Jaguar X

Close.. Actually, it's for Windows 95 and it's called Ys Eternal (it's basically just Ys Book 1 with fancy graphics.) You can actually get the original Ys games (Ys Books 1 and 2) for DOS in English. True, they're about 10 years old, but if you can find them, I bet many people would love you (no, I won't post them on this column because they still are copyrighted software, no matter how old.)


Um... you.. die.. too... you poophead!

Ryan sez:

Well, my first day as a working stiff went about as well as could be asked.. Basically, I sit at an internet provider, answer phone calls, and fix stuff when it breaks. Sound fun? Ah, it pays well. Too bad Uncle Sam takes a lot right off the bat. Blah. I finally caught up the archives for June. Enjoy the oldness.

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