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Yaay, it's Friday! Well, not like I do anything different on the weekends than I do all week (except I don't do the column) so you don't have to listen to my psychotic ramblings (you just have to listen to JD's.)
And then, there were two
So, Star Ocean is a SQUEL?!? It does say: Star Ocean 2: The Second Story, it just says: Star Ocean: The Second Story... Where can I get SO? Does it exist? Whats up Amos?!


Ryan: Wow, you hit the nail on the head. ;) There was a Star Ocean released for Super Famicom in Japan, but it was near the end of the SNES' (and Enix USA's) life and hence never made it to the US. Well, thanks to Sony, the second one did make it over, and I'm glad it did.
Here's your guide!
Mr. Amos I presume, face="MS Sans Serif" size=2>That guy that asked about SO2 guide obviously doesnt take the time to read his instruction manual ( ok so i dont eiether the only reason i read cuz i needed something to read on the can) It says on the back about the Strategy guide from Prima. O_o

  -mog007(apprentice to the lord of blarg Thor Antrim)

Ryan: Doh! I just noticed this yesterday. ;) I went to my local game store today and they had it (I made a special trip just for you guys, how sweet,) so it is out. Anyone who wants it? go get it.
I just read on the Nintendo Offical Home Page about Crystalis. this was a damn good game. but it seems to me that they may have screwed it up. it says they added "human speech and other cinematic effects". voice acting is great, when its done right, which it never is. and boy would that sound great on the little GB color speaker. well, we'll play it anyway. dont kill me.


Ryan: I doubt Nintendo would waste their time adding voice to Crystalis, seeing as it's on GameBoy and most of the places I play mine are so noisy you can't hear that little speaker anyway. Hey, I doubt we'd have to worry about bad dubbing. :)
Hey Ryan,

I beat Lunar (yay!) and I enjoyed every moment of the game.  Now I'm playing Star Ocean 2 and it's pretty darn fun in its own right. But now I hunger for some new Lunar action, so my questions are: When does Lunar 2 come out for PSX and is it a lot like Lunar 1? (I hope) Or do you even know? Thanks for the great column.


Ryan: Lunar 2 comes out this winter (or so says WD, which means it could be as late as March.) It's supposedly better than the first, it's certainly longer, and if you happen to have a Sega CD, you can amazingly still buy it direct from WD for $62.99. Interested? Check out their web site. They can't have many copies left though, so you may want to act fast.
Guides are your friend

For the person who asked about strategy guides, I buy them too. Not just for the strategy (since, as you said, you can get the FAQ for free on the web), buit also for the pictures. Strategy guides (well, good ones at least) often have a lot of artwork that you can't see anywhere else; if the art's in the manual, it's usually in black and white, as well as very small. (Yeah, you can see the art for free on the internet, too, butit's nice to have it *right there*, instead of having to look it up when you want to see it.)

Oftentimes, as well, FAQ's lack specifics, or have much different areas of detail then the guides do. For example, item lists or such might have different details. (One tells you where to find it and how much it costs, while another tells you its effect, that kind of thing.)

And the final reason why my subject line is "In Praise of Strategy Guides": when I play an RPG, I like to be immersed in it, and, for me, that includes having as much info as possible. Just enhances the experience for me. I'm sure others view it differently. Some want to go into the game cold, and I don't even mind spoilers that much. Plus, I want to get all the secrets the first time, in case the game's really long and I don't want to have to play through it again to get the full experience. (Xenogears, anyone?) Hey, "really long"... reminds me of this letter. Which I shall end here.

Just my point of view,

Mala the Magnifcent

Ryan: Yeah, I like the art too, and since art books are often expensive and very very hard to find, the next best thing is to that would be a strategy guide. It's a lot easier to find a strategy guide than it is to find an artbook which was printed in numbers in the low thousands and usually sell for the price of several games. :)
Wild west.. yeah, uh huh
Dear "Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm addicted to SO2" Amos,

Star Ocean 2 sounds good and everyone seems to like it thus far, but it sounds a bit too much like Saga Frontier (and I don't think we need to go over how bad that game was... again). But because everyone seems to have fallen head over heels. perhaps I should consider impulsively buying it (everyone knows an impulsive buy is just more fun), but I think I'll rent it inorder to avoid any major let downs, I think Saga Frontier shattered a lot of peoples view on nonlinear gaming, but we shall see, oh yeah, does the translation look like something out of hell, or is it really good, or are you still on too much of a graphics high too notice :D


Ryan: Hey, the graphics rock, don't knock them (actually, IMO they're better than FF8.) The thing I like most are the battles, they're real time adventure type, not some menu system. Well, there's a menu for magic, but most of the magic is cast by the computer anyway (you only control one character during combat.) The story is pretty good, though not great, but I really like all the side quests you can do. Finding all the Private Actions is really hard. :)
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