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Everyone keeps asking me about some invisible text not being there.. Uh, duh, it's invisible, it won't be there. :) Sheesh, some people.. Anyway, we have to do that bothersome letter thing, so here we go.
Once a day keeps the doctor away
I can't get Star Ocean 2 off my mind! I'm about 10 hours into the game and it's really good. I have to agree with you, this game is addictive! And it's so in depth!! I just beat Lunar:SSS and so far SO2 kicks the tortillas out of it. Don't get me wrong, I like old-school gaming (I even have the Sega CD version of Lunar). But, SO2 is just so original that it gives the game so much more replay value.

Oh, right, the question. Does SO2 start off were the last one ends? I've never heard of Star Ocean before this game.

Ryan: I guess this is my daily praise of SO2. I wouldn't say it's a ton better than Lunar, but it's really good. I'm kinda mad because I missed a lot of Private Events, so I'll probably get a crappy ending. Oh well, something to look forward to next time I go through the game.
Here's your guide!
I saw the thing about the guy wanting to know about the Star Ocean Guide.

Prima is making it and it should be in stores by Friday (so my friend at Software Etc. told me).

Ryan: Wow, I was right for once. Okay, here you go, buy it and live happily ever after. :)
I just wanna say that the artwork of Alex and Luna kissing was also on the back of the Sega CD manual, and it wasn't in that game either. So it's just a nice piece of art, and while it may symbolize the love story in the game, it wasn't used.


Ryan: Cool, thanks. See, they really didn't shaft us! : )
Hey,Ryan, do you know about the new modclip (game enhancher kinda stuff that allow you to play even anti piracy games like ff8)? Is that a good thing to buy?
Ryan: In a word, yes. They work well, I have one and I love it. They go by many names, modclip, Pro Action Replay, Game Enhancer, among others. All are the same thing. Just make sure you buy it from someone you can trust, a lot of people who claim unbelievably low prices are just scam artists. Whatever you do, don't buy off Ebay.
Too many games, too little time
hey Amos,

I just got my playstation resently, and i have bought lots of rpgs. But the problem is new and bettewr rpgs keep comeing out and i buy them, but there i don't have enough time to beat the ones i already have. What should i do?

Ryan: The answer to this, my friend, is cloning. Just think, you could have a clone or two to play games for you/go to school while you lounge around on your arse and get chicks and drink smoothies. Sounds like a plan to me.
Wild west.. yeah, uh huh
Hey Ryan, nice to have ya back!
Okay, enough with formalities, down to the bulk of this e-mail.=)

1) Which games' music will be on the soundtrack that is supposed to come with the Final Fantasy Anthology (or whatever it's called...I get confused)? Will it include music from FF4, or will it only have songs from 5 and 6?

2) My Playstation is about to kick the bucket (It's over three years old now; I guess it's about time). Is there anything I can do to crank some more time out of it? I tried flipping it upside down, but then it doesn't read at all. It also makes a strange scratching sound when I do that, so I guess it's not that healthy for it.

3) Do you know if Nintendo will develop Final Fantasy 1 for the GBC?

There you go. A lovely combination of Square, Sony, and Nintendo in a situation where they can't hurt each other.=)


Ryan: 1) Just FFV and FFVI.

2) You can buy a new laser assembly and install it yourself for about $30. It totally voids your warranty but I doubt yours is active anyway.

3) I very very highly doubt it. Unless they decide to sell the rights to the game to someone else, it won't come. Too bad.

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Where did the hidden text go?!?!?! I really have no idea what you're talking about.
If someone gave you million dollars to stand on top of the empire state building naked on national television would you.

just wondering, P-Chan

Yes, I am confident in my manhood (plus the Empire State Building is so tall, nobody could see you anyway.)

It is clear you are the Anti-Thor and must be vanquished. I had a good feeling! Thor fought the battle with faith. As a result, we were able to succeed. This job was a great success! This is the way! Die, you spoony bard! Die!

Life is short.. Bury! Steady Sword!
about the Full House RPG, I'm working on it, thanks for the idea. God help us all if I find out where you live.

Ryan sez:

You guys must really hate me, I update late every day now. Well, like I ever updated before 5 pm anyway.. Oh well, at least I update daily.. Better late than never. :)

Ryan "Couldn't think of a nickname" Amos
Scared ya, didn't I?

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