I was so addicted to Star Ocean: Second Story I forgot I had a column to do. Whoopsie. Pardon me if the column sucks today. :) I'm also stopping the nudity debate because it's out of control. I got about a hundred letters today, 95 of them were on the same issue. That's what editorials/message boards are for. :) I hate seeing columns turn into public debate forums, so this one won't.
Hey Ryan, I am thinking about importing Legend of Mana when it is released in Japan, but I don't have a mod chip, and I don't plan on getting one.  I remember reading about a cheat device that also allows you to play imported games, but I can't find any information on it.  Do you know what it is or where I could find one?  Thanks.
Ryan: Yeah, they go by a lot of names (Game Enhancer, Game Wizard, ModPlug, or Pro Action Replay) but they all do essentially the same thing; they freeze the PlayStation and make swapping a lot easier. Swapping is unphased by regional lockouts, so this method is too. I have one, they rock. :)
Make RPG Maker
Hey Ryan

You know the company that made/making fighter maker that will/should be out this month well I heard that if that does really good they will bring out RPG maker is that true if it is I'm getting Fighter Maker so RPG maker can come here and everybody that likes rpgs should buy it too but can you verify this for me so I won't just spend my money then find out it was for nothing

Ryan: I don't know, but it would make sense. Personally, I don't see the appeal in RPG maker, but a lot of people seem to want it.
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To the guy having problems with S02 freezing up:

Star Ocean 2 froze up on me once between two areas.. what I mean... is normally when you go from say... the overworld into a town, you see the overworld, then it blacks out, then your in the town... well it blacked out on me.. and no town popped up :)  I figured out what the problem was though, it registered me as out of the overworld, but not in the town.. you see?  I was just in some "void" between them :) hehe well all I had to do to fix the problem was hit left!  If your game is freezing up in other places, I don't know how to help you! sorry..


P.S.  That game ROCKS huh????

Ryan: Yeah, apparently this problem isn't isolated to the early PSXes. It seems to happen whenever going to or from the world map, either when entering or exiting a town or entering or leaving a battle. And yeah, I love the game. It's keeping me occupied, for sure.
Shadow Anger
Hey Ryan

Everybody's complaining about how short Lunar was , well alot of great games are short.

A. I remember the day when everybody bashed Parisite Eve, and that , at least in my and all my freindss opinions is a great game.

B. Final Fantasy 2, oops 4 ( I still think of the game I played whenI was younger)- I beat that in 10 hours, so did about 50 other people I know or should I say knew( back when first released)

C. Phantasy Star 1,2 and 4 , 3 was long and horrable, or was that the constant battles?

D. BOF2, short yet adictivly fun

Ryan: He has a point. When games get too long, either they're really good (like Xenogears) or they just get boring (like Breath of Fire 3.)
Maybe not so Funco

I have a comment for you. I have noticed that you guys often recommend Funcoland to people who are looking for copies of older games or used games. I understand why; Funcoland has lots of locations and most people can probably get to one. There are, however, lots of independent game stores out there. These folks are working hard to compete against the corporate buying and advertising power of chain giants like Funcoland or Babbages/Software Etc., and many of them are doing a great job! Recently, I was looking for a copy of Suikoden. I went first to Funcoland, but they didn't even have it in stock. I checked the yellow pages, and it turned out there was another game store about 10 minutes' drive away. They had three copies of Suikoden even though the owner admitted to not being an RPG fan. (They were also selling GranTourismo new for the same price Funcoland was selling it used.) Anyway, my point is that if people are looking for older games, check the yellow pages and give your local store owners a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Ryan: Yeah, that's my biggest gripe about Funcoland.. they charge WAY too much ($70 for FF6? I liked it, but not that much.) If you can find a local game store, they usually have a smaller selection of older games, but if it's a PSX or Saturn game you want, they'll probably have them. As a bonus, most local small stores like that stock imports, so you don't have to dig everywhere looking for them.
Count yerself lucky
Hey there Ryan!!

Here's a question. Notice how lately companies are leaving the "traditional" RPG setting (fantasy/anime) for other original ideas? Shen Mue, Racing Lagoon, even the newer Final Fantasies. Do you think that the traditional style is dead and overdone? Are these new "original" ideas going to be popular with hard-core RPGamers? After all, a "racing" RPG? Too complicated for a NFS or GT fan, but too wierd for a RPGamer. I personally think the newer games are fun, but I will always keep them in a separate category from traditional-style RPGs.

Ryan: Yeah, apparently a more techno-realistic setting is becoming more popular. And yeah, some of these games are just downright weird. Hybrids are all the rage in Japan though, and that's why a lot of those type of games will never make it to the US. The basic reality is that they don't sell a lot of copies.
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