Okay. Yup. Righty-o.
Whee. I guess I forgot to say this, but I'm going to be gone all next week on vacation to California. Alex will fill in for me Monday through Friday while you should send all your mail to JD tomorrow and Sunday. Righty-o.
Finally, an answer
Bromides are a fairly popular type of trading cards in Japan, they are printed on better quality paper stock and are slightly wider than regular trading cards. These cards are made for very popular anime series and usually consist of singular characters, like portaits and the like. The images featured on these cards are of very high quality as well.


Ryan: Alright, maybe this burning question will finally be answered. Almost every mail I've gotten these past few days have been on this subject, but nobody really knew exactly what they are. Well, I hope you're all happy. :)
Yes, he's crazy.
Hi there!

OK, someone has to do it, and it looks like it's gonna be me. Fine. No problem.

I hereby defend Beyond the Beyond as being a Non-Sucky Game! Yes, you read right. I don't think it sucks. Am IĘthe only one who thinks so? If not, I encourage other people to stand up and say, "I (like/love/married) Beyond the Beyond and I am not ashamed!" (Well, maybe you can skip the "I am not ashamed!" part if you say you married it....) If I am the only one who likes it, well kudos to me! I'm unique! Well, I'm off to play Saga Frontier! Er, wait... I meant to say burn, not play. Even I have some taste. :D

Ryan: Okay, this letter certifies this person as clinically insane. It's not often I make fun of people, but this guy seems to be asking for it, so I oblige. Sir, you are off your rocker, you've lost your marbles, etc. I couldn't rate BtB because we don't give negative numbers on reviews. Happy? I know you are. I only ridiculed him because he was saying this just to sound cool and rebellious. Happy? ;)
Philosophy 101
I have a question for you, Ryan-chan (is that a nickname? I don't know, hmm...). If you had $100 dollars to spend on ANY GAME YOU WANTED, what game would you buy? We're talking about the games you already own. If you had the chance, what game would you buy again, and what game would you avoid like Richard Simmons? Final Fantasy 7(3, 2, 5)? Lunar? Breath of Fire 3(2, 1)? Chrono Trigger? What do you think are the true classics of video games???? ^_^ Sorry, I got all philisophcal. Eeeee, just answer the Q, if you want.

~Katt "Ahhh!! I'm running out of funny quotes!!" Chuan

Ryan: I'd probably have to go with FF Tactics here. IMO, the true classics (just a very short list) would be DQ (the original,) FF 1, 4 and 6, Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. Odd how 5/6 of those are from the same company, and the other one from a company that no longer has an office in North America. Crap, now I'M getting philosophical...
PPC? *scoff*
Do you think N2000 is gonna suck, or is Nintendo gonna remain forever stupid? I mean, a PowerPC processor? Hahahahahahaaaaa! (laughs at Nintendo) N64 mostly sucks, except for a few good games (Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, Goldeneye, SW:Podracer, and maybe Perfect Dark). I know this is gonna get me bashed by all the (few) N64 freaks out there but I really don't care, I'm just expressing my opinion.
Ryan: Dude, the PPC is a wicked chip (I know, I use one all the time. ;) And the N64 has a ton of good games, just none of them are RPGs. 1080 is the most badass snowboarding game ever, Rogue Squadron is the best Star Wars game ever (not just because of the graphics, the fighters handle like a dream ;) and lest we forget Zelda, while not the titanic ultimate game of all time as Nintendo bills it, it still kicks ass. I could keep going, but why? :)
Shen huh?
hello Ryan! (sorry, no nickname)

I have a quick question, for all those people who like to hunt down "old" rpgs (meaning NES/SNES/Genesis). I know that you can buy by auction at places like EBAY games that are normally really hard to find. Now, the other day I was in the local Walmart looking for bargain games (our walmart seems to have loads of old unplayed games), and lo-and-behold... I find a brand new Secret of Evermore cartridge. Now I was curious, do you think any of our fellow rpgfans that read your column would be interested in it? I always hear about people who want to pick up old games... so do you think should pick it up and see if anyone wants it? What do you think?

Bryan the Drunken Incoherent Moogle

Ryan: Well, Secret of Evermore, not really, that game wasn't all that great. I know there are people out there looking for old copies of FF 4 and 6 (usually FF4) and others like Lufia, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Ogre Battle, etc. FuncoLand usually has some, and while they run the biggest scam on earth (any of the titles mentioned above will run you at least $50 used.)
Count yerself lucky
Ryan!! Ryyyyyan!! Over here!! Hey!! Ę Now that I've got your attention, I have a few questions to ask you:

1. If Cait Sith's a robot, why do cure spells work on him?? I mean, he's a robot!

Maybe he's like Arnold in Terminator 2. Something like that.
2. For that matter, why does he have an MP meter?? Are robots innately magical on 'The Planet?'
Ok, he's like a magical Arnold from Terminator 2.
3. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Answer letters. :D

Gracias, Imp Mayhem

Ryan: They're freaking everywhere.. There's actually a bug where you can get as many as you want. I read about it in an NP, basically, kill a Skulltula, throw a boomerang at the token and run out of the room. You'll get a token and it'll be back there when you return. I haven't tried this, be reminded (my copy of Zelda is actually RPGamer's copy, so it's floating around out there somewhere.
It's the weekend
Ask JD
He's the weekend guy!
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I think that Thor sounds like a stagename for a male stripper or gigolo.

--Big Bad Monkey

I'll be sure to pass on the word. :)
The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

The Snoremaster of Trafalgamore

Most definately.

Ryan sez:

Bleah, a real short column today, sorry about that.. I've been busy packing and playing with my new stuff (Super Mario Bros DX :D) I leave tomorrow, so seeya in a few weeks. :) Hasta la vista. baby

Ryan "Just call me Tex" Amos
Roses are red, violets are blue. If you're good looking, I love you too! ;D

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